Jordan Baseman: Raceway Queen l'ntil Stiii 33 Jul. Jordan Baseinan's recent y ideo work takes place during a demolition derby race meeting in Barrow in l'urness. leatui‘ing Adam. a tilt drag queen clad in a short pink sequined mini-dress.


tl‘ornierly (iallcry Jl i. 4] l)undas Street. 5.57 456‘). Mott l't‘t

lllfltlani 5.30pm; Sat lll..‘stlani 5pm. Oscar Goodall l'l'l 20 Jul Sal l I Aug. Scottish landscapes.


at Marie (‘urie House. 3‘) Albany Street. .173 7050. Mon Sat ltlain 5pm; Stiii

l 5pm.

Lewis Grassic Gibbon Centenary Exhibition Sat 2.x

Jul Sat I Sep. Paintings by Scottish artists based on the work ol one ol' Scotland's greatest 30th century writers. Lewis (irassic (iibbon t l‘)t)l I‘H5t. author (it the classic Simer Sung. During the exhibition. there will be daily recitals including Scot/mill In Lure. stories with harp and yoice

t l3 IS Aug) and a cappella group The ()xlot‘d Belles (30 3.5 Aug J.


liellord Road. 63-1 (i300 (recorded inl'oriitatioii 333 33(ibl. Mon Sat

Illam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

0 Roland Penrose l'ntil Sun 0 Sep. £4 (£3.50) Joint admission witlt Lee Miller lixhibition at the National (iallery ol' Modern Art. ()ne ol~ the key ligures in the development of modern art in Britain was Roland l’enrose t l‘)()() IUSJJ. 'l’his major exhibition which coincides with the publication of Roland I’t'nmyr'.‘ 'I'lie I’l'ieml/y Surrealist a biography by his son Antony l’enrose. rey'eals his work as a surrealist artist. exhibition organiser. collector and w ritei‘. l’cnrose was lrieiids with a number ol' sui'realists including lirnst. Miro and Picasso and was responsible for the lirst surrealist exhibition to come to London in two. To complement the exhibition. the National (iallery ol‘ Modern .-\rt is hosting art exhibition ol photographs by l’etit‘ose's wile. Lee Miller. See llitlist. Paolozzi And Music l'ntil Sun 28 ()ct. As part oli a series of displays l'roni the (iallery's collection ol' liduardo l’aoloui's work. a suite of nine sct‘ecnprints entitled ('it/(‘ilmi lie/It Night inspired by the work ol ititioy‘aliye American composer. ('harles lyes.


37 Queenslerry' Street. 33() 4 l 50. Mon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm; Sun

noon 4pm.

Recent Acquisitions .-\ changing display til. the gallery is recent purchases.

DOGGERFISHER l l (iaylield Square. 558 7| It). 'l‘hu Sat 1 lam (ipni; Stiii 3 5pm or by

a ipointiiient.

éJanice McNab l‘nnt Sun 2‘) Jul. Recently returned from a S.-\(‘ Residency in Amsterdam. a solo show of oil paintings by lidinburgh-lxised artist Janice .\lcT\'ab. 'l'aken l'rom photographs ol' y ictiiiis w ho are permanently al'l‘ected by oyct'e\posut‘c to chemicals. these documentary paintings look at issues oli alienation and isolation in society. See reyiew and llitlist.


8 Ady'ocate's (Jose. 33.5 937 l. l)aily

l l.3()ani 5.30pm (closed Wedt.

The New Wave Of Primitivism Dom is an arts project established in l‘Nb by a group of international artists working in Scotland. With a constantly changing exhibition of artworks. the gallery liotises sculpture. stained glass and paintings by artists w ho practice primitive art.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART l.auriston Place. 331 (Mill \lon 'lue

lttani .Spin. l-ri Stilt lttani 5pm

Masako Yasuki t not l n In .lut \n installation ol work by .\lasako itisuki which appear to be aerial city scapes taken at night.

Chris Cunningham tn 3“ Jul Sun In .-\tt:—‘. ('reator and director oi lllll\lc y ideos lor lliork. Madonna and .v\phe\ lw in. (‘hiis ('unniiighani began working lot the liist time last year in the context ol ; it. (in show is his \ ideo [In i3tltltti which was one ol the highlights ot the Royal Academy ’s Apocalypse exhibition. His new work. .l/oiikm [Hum/net t3lllll t was pt’citiict'ed .it the 40th Venice liieniiale and leatures an automaton ol multiple limbs and head ot a monkey. Ni 8H1

Persistence Of Vision ill 3" Jul Sun 30 .'\tlg. J'ttl'llltllg part ol the lzdinburgh International l'lllll l'e\ll\;ll. this exhibition proliles the grow ing inl'luence ol artists inyolycd in the rise ot film and y ideo. l’eatured artists include ls'eri'y l.aitala. Beyerly llood. l’hillipe Klia/aiian and Michelle .\'aisniith. Nl ‘.'. St ll


lSa l)tindas Street. 553 .533". Mon in Haiti 5piii1Sat ltlam lpm.

Summer Exhibition that Jim 30 Jul. Housed in the lidiiibiirgh (iallery and .'\rt lidinburgh. a summer selection ol paintings including works by Sheila Macmillan. Josephine (iraham. Brendan ls'elly. Jade Stout. Jacqueline .\larr. ('olin Park and James 'l'w eedie.


33 l‘nion Street. 557 347‘). The Sat

[0am (rpm.

Artists’ Books l'uill Sat 3s Jul. .'\l'list books by ;||‘lis[s who make work spccilically in book l'orni l'eattiring (‘alliini lnncs. Bruce .\lcl.ean and Mel (iooditig.


(’orstorphine Road. 3.1 ‘)l7 1. Daily

0am 5pm.

Living Colour til 27 Jul Hi 7 Sep, New work by artist-iii-residence .-\||ison Young.


SS l.othian Road. 33‘) 5033. Sun ‘l‘hu ltlain l l.3()pm; l-ri ck Sat Illani |3.3(lain. A Place Called Home that Sui 2.x Jul. Photographs by Jamie (irant.


35 William Street. 335 3l‘)(i. 'l‘tic lit

1 lam 5pm; Sat llani 3pm. Uncomfortable Skin t'nilt Sat 4 .-\ug. Mixed media works it} lt'\ inc large.


3 Warrender Park Road. (to? 5 l 53.

Mon Sat lttani (ipttt.

Scottish Craft Exhibition .\ w ule yariety ol‘ crafts and applied arts by tip-and- coming cral'tniakers and designers working iii Scotland.


4.5 Market Street. 335 35S5, .\loii Sal

l lam (ipttl; Stiii noon 5pm.

QJeff Koons: Easyfun - Ethereal Sat 3S Jtil Wed l3 Sep. £3 t£l.5tli: under 5s lree. The [is pl‘c‘ttllc‘l‘c‘ til large-scale paintings by the world lamotis American artist Jel'li Koons. Sell-taught artist Room is widely known l'or his three—dimensional sculptures ol' kitsch ornaments and commercial souyenii's. but his new paintings retain much ol' the consumer niotil's central to his work. See l'eature and llitlist.

Beck’s Futures 2 that Sat 31 Jul. 'l‘he second Beck's l5utures award lotlt's lt‘oltl London's l(‘:\ with the work ol' the ten shortlisted artists. l’eaturing painting. sculpture. photography. installation and

\ ideo. the w inning paintings by Tim Stoner are shown alongside works by Dan lloldsworth. Day id Burrows. (ieninia lles. Simon Bill. l)J Simpson. ('lare Woods. liibienne .-\udeoud ck John Riissell. Shalun .-\l'rassiabi and Brian (irit‘tiths. LBS" CHANCE TO SEE.



. .7 I" x; THE LIST 89