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Scottish writers through the lens of Gordon Wright

1 JUNE - 31 OCTOBER 2001

National Library of Scotland George IV Bridge Edinburgh Telephone: 0131-226 4531

Mon - Fri 10.00 - 17.00 [Festival 10.00 - 20.00] Sat 10.00- 17.00 Sun 14.00-17.00 é\

Admission Free


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Ii.1\.'!t.‘l.(i DICCIIIEITE

S" 'N'J'U'” “NC” Si-bmt-(m Sulfctiu

City Art Centre 2 Marl/ct Strr'm Edinburgh EHI IDE Tel: 0| 3| 529 3993 wwwrarorgull “‘-I’!'§{!‘l’.£'€:t"

92 me LIST 19 Jul—2 Aug 200i

Edinburgh Galleries continued


3b l)undas Sti'cct. 55b b3bb. Mon I'l'l llam bpm; Sat ltl.3tlam 4pm. George Birrell and Kathleen Conboy l'ntil Sat 23 Jul. Rcccnt paintings.


'l‘raycrsc 'l‘hcati‘c. It) ('ambridgc Strcct. 22K 5383.

exhibit A l'ntil 'l‘uc 31 Jul. 'l‘hc \sork oi' cight young photographcrs curi'cntly making in Scotland's photographic industry gocs on display. .-\|| arc mcmhcrs til lhc Association oi» l’hotogi'aphcrs. and includc ('hris (ii'cgoi‘y. lnc (iundcrsyccn. Michacl llughcs. Richard ls'cnncdy. l’aul Krogh. .‘ylichcllc Mcthycii. l’addy Rilcy and .‘\ic ll\ inc.

Place Mon 3t) Jul Sun 9 Scp, Paintings by Ron an l’aton Risby and Nathan llustablc.


lb South I‘ort Sti'cct. 47S 78“). Mon Sat llam H.45me Sun l2.3() ||.-l5pm. Journey Of The Water Of Leith lfntil Sat 28 Jul. In this ncyyly i'ci‘urbishcd hat. an exhibition til photogi‘aphs by

Day id Morrison. documcnting thc ai'cliitccttii'c and landscapc of thc Watcr til I.L'III1.

In Your Face 'l'uc 3| Jul Sat 8 Scp. Paintings by Ian chb.


tioi'mcrly Malcolm lnncs (iallcry). 4 l)undas Sti‘cct. 55S 9544/5. Mon l'i‘i liiam bpm: Sat llam lpm.

Mixed Exhibition An ongoing sclcction oi Scottish landscapcs. sporting paintings. military oils, \yatcrcolours and piints.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh City Life, page 97.


Thc Mound. 52‘) I288. Mon - liri

l 4.45pm. lircc.

Museum On The Mound t'niil Hi 7 Scp. Locatcd within Batik ()l‘ Scotland's Hcad ()ii'icc. this small but unusual muscum is homc to a display oi banking nicmorahilia spanning 3i)() ycars. lixhibiis includc carly Scottish banknotcs. gold coins. i'orgcrics. maps. stall photographs. a Victorian branch tablcau and a l7th ccntury iron kist.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 2X ('harlottc Squarc. Iidinhurgh. 243 9365. Mons-Sat lilani 5pm; Sun noon~5pttL l-‘rcc. Not only thc Ilcad ()i'iicc for thc National Trust l‘or Scotland. 28 (‘harlottc Squarc also houscs a pcrmancnt collcction oi 20th ccntui'y Scottish paintings l‘caturing work by l’cploc. Mania and (‘adcll [)isplaycd in a domcstic sctiing. thc works arc complcmcntcd by a collcction ol' chcncy l'urniturc.

Illustration Extra: The Art Of The Picture Book ch 1 Fri 3! Aug. An cshibition oi~ illustrations irom lanious childi‘cn's picturc books including original \york by Shirlcy llughcs. Babcttc (‘olc and I)cbi (iliori. l’art oi thc lidinburgh lntcrnational Book I'L'Sll\ill


Shorc Road. South ()uccnsi‘crry. 33] 245i. Daily “lam—5.30pm. Reflections Unit Tue 31 Jul. Paintings by Katc Phin i‘caturing still liic and landscapcs oi liast Lothian whilc Sonas Maclcan's work is inspircd by thc changing moods of thc landscapc.

Time For Tea l‘ntil Sun 2" Jul 'l‘uiiiings pi'cscnts an llili‘llll.ill\ c c\hibition Illustrating thc histon oi tcapots and tca thinking iioni thc ari‘i\.i| oi tca in thc l‘ih ccntuiy to prcscnt day. 'l‘lic display inclutlcs .i sclcction oi tcapots tli.i\\ n how AI‘\\II1lll:..!\.killllk'killtill oi cciaiiiic tcapots ithc Iaigcst in thc \\i\lltll and iiiiagcs and .ii‘tclacts iioni thc lyy inings ai‘cliiycs.

MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambcrs Sticct. 215-12!” \lon Sat litaui 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. l'uc lilani Spin.

Relief And Revolution: The St Andrew’s Society Of Philadelphia l'iitil Sun iii .lun 2illl2. .-\n c\hibitioii on Scottish immigration to .\'oi‘ih \iiiciican and thc i’ouiiding oi thc Si y\lltllt‘\\ 's Socicty oi l’hiladclphia. sci up in l2 l“ to t .iic ioi thc sick immigiant Scots

The Millennium Collection Of Silver For Bute House in .‘H Jul Iii 3i .\ug. ()n display to tlic public ioi' thc iirsi timc is ihc collcction ol' contcnipoi‘ai‘y tablc silyci commissioncd by ihc Incoipoiation oi (ioldsniitlis oi thc ( ‘in oi latlinbiiigli. l‘or tisc by Scotland's I'll\l \liiiistci iii his oliicial i'csidcncc. l’iutc llousc


.\'c\\ha\cn llai'boui‘. 551 -l loi

Mon Sun noon 5pm,

Hidden Treasures: Volunteer Work Of Newhaven People Past And Present t‘niii Mon ‘~| I)k‘t'.'lil1t‘I'lllIL‘tlNélllttllsit‘dl oi ilic Voluntccr is cclcbi'atcd in this cshibition \yhich looks at ilic iiadiiion oi \oluiitccriiig in thc .\'c\\lia\cn conununiiy.


53 High Strcct. ()ucciisici'i'y. 33| 55-15 .‘ylon. 'I'hu. l'ri & Sat lilani lpiii t\~ 2.l5 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. I‘l't‘t‘. Food For Thought .-\ look at childrcn's dict and cating habits oyci thc past l5() ycai's.


2 (‘hambcrs Sti'cct. 2.17 -t2 l‘). .\loii Sat lilain 5pm i'l'uc Spin): Sun noon 5pm. I'iI‘L'L‘.

Millennium Clock .-\ chant-t- io \icyy Rtissian mcchanical sculptoi liduard Itcrsudsky 's iiiillcnnium clock. a kinctic sculpturc. mcasut'ing niuc mctrcs high.

The Jackie Stewart Formula l'ntil Sun 30 Scp 2i)i)l. .lackic Sit-\sai't ()Iili and thc National Must-unis ol Scotland hay c ioincd lorccs loi‘ ilic iii’st lllllL' Ill crcatc this tiliiqtlc t‘ccl'catioii Hl thc I‘)‘)‘) Stcyyart I‘ttl'tl l’it (iai'agc, 1\ must i‘or all (Brand l’ris ians. Awesome Insects l‘ntil Sun 2 Scp. Known to most as ci‘ccpy ciays lics. this cxliibition pro\ idcs a balaiicctl pt'tililt‘ till this rich and tliyt‘l‘st‘ gt'iillp oi animals.

Meeting Points: New Works In Fibre l'ntil Sun 23 Scp. 'Ihc lll‘sl in a scrics oi' cshibitions to mark tlic Japan l‘csiiyal 2tlill. :\ collaboration bctysccn six tc\ti|cs artists irom Scotland and si\' l'i'om Japan. thc c\hibiiion aims to highlights th' \ll'iitig lt‘atlilloli oi tcxtilcs skills in botli couiiti‘ics l‘caturing a display ol hanging picccs. tapcstrics. sculpturcs and compuicr imagcs.

George Bain: Master Of Celtic Art l'ntil Sun 2 Scp. Known as thc ‘l‘athcr oli('cltic dcsign' (icoi'gc Ham (IL‘\()lL‘tl his Hit to studying lhc tcchiiiqttcs iiscd by thc ancicnts to crcatc thcir intricatc dcsigns. On loan irom thc (iroamc llousc .\Ill\L‘lllll. thc cxhibition l'caturcs itcms lroin thcir collL‘L‘lion.

BG Wildlife Photographer Of The Year l'ntil Sat 22 Scp. .\'o\\ in its l7th ycar. thc annual \sildlilc