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Abandoned Interior II by Willie Doherty on show at the DCA

photography competition organised by ltlf(' Il'r'li/li/i' niaga/inc and the Natural History Miisciiiii fcattti'cs entries by both professional and amateur photographers worldw idc. 'I'Iic w inning entry by Martin Shah captures the image of a female orang-titan with her young infant.


l.ady Stair's Ilotisc. l.ady Si;iii"s ('Iosc. 529 490l. Mon Sal Illam 5pm. Free. Spirit Of Greatness t‘riiil Sat 3 Nov. A documentary exhibition looking at

w ritcrs from Dumfrics and (ialloway botli past and present.


l'nivcrsity of Dundee. I3 I’ci‘th Road. (H.332 345330. Mon Fri

9.30am 8.30pm; Sat & Strn

9.30am 4.30pm.

A Private View t‘rrtil Sat 25 Atig il.amb (iallery ). New writing inspired by and including items from the l'niversity til Diindcc .\Itiscttin collections.


I52 Nethergatc. 0| 382 606220. 'I'ue & Wed. Sat & Sun l0.30arn 5.30pm; 'I'liu iv Fri l0.30aiii Spin. Free.

Trauma l'ntil Still 2 Sep. 'I'hc c\pericncc of traumatic events and situations is explored by twelve international artists in this major touring exhibition. Including work in a variety of media from drawing and painting to film and installation. featured artists include Marlin Boyce. \Villic Dohcrty. Kendcll (icci‘s. Maria Lindberg. 'I‘raccy' Moffatt. Ani'i Sala and (‘hristopher Wool. See prev icw aitd llitlist.

Gallery Talk Sal 2| Jul. 2pm. Artist Marlin Boy cc talks about his work featured in the current "I'rauma' exhibition.


25 26 Mid \Vyiid Industrial listatc. (H382 225982. Thu Still I 6pm. Members’ Show t'rriil Sat Zs’ Jul. Mixed media works by (‘renerator‘s members.


Albert Square. (H382 43208-1. Mon-Sat Illam» 5pm; Sun I2.30»-1pin; 'l‘hu l0am~-7prn.

Double Take: Dundee 50 Years Of Change l'ntil Sun 2 Sep. A local history documentary exhibition contrasting a series of w atercolours of Dundee in the 50s and 60s with photographs of the same view s today.

Dundee’s Forgotten Buildings 'I‘hu I9 Jul. 6.30pm. Neil (irieve from the l'niversity of Dundee gives a talk on tlte work of 'l'ayside Building Preservation 'I'i'ust.


West Henderson Wynd. ()I 382 225282. Mon Sat l0am-4pm; Sun I lam 4pm. £2.

Digiface l‘ntil Stin I6 Sep. £2. Digitally manipulated self-portraits by a collaboration of artists from the White 'l‘op ('cntrc and Dudliope Adult Resource (‘entre.

VISUAL RESEARCH CENTRE Dundee (‘ontemporary Arts. I52 Nethergate. 0| 382 348060. 'l‘ue & Wed 10.30am 5.30pm; 'l'hti & Fri

l().30am 8pm; Sat & Sun

l2.3()- 5.30pm.

012: Sol LeWitt Until Sun 2 Sep ((‘entre for Artist Books). A founder of bookstore Printed Matter in New York. internationally recognised artist Sol I.cWitt's work was recently featured in a major retrospective exhibition held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition features a survey of his books. cttrated by collector. curator and critic John Janssen.

Outside The Cities



I0 (ilasgow Vennel. 0] 29-1 275059. Mon & Tue & Thu—Sat l0am Ipm & 2n5an

lomhaighean Ura - Modern Icons Fri 20 Jul—Sat 1 Sep. Alex Flett explores the myths and realities of modern society through the use of iconic images.


FORTH PORTS WAREHOUSE Kirkcaldy' Dock. 0|592 89l270.

The Liquid Room Until Sat l5 Scp. A large-scale installation work by Fife- based artist Iilizabeth ()gilvie on the theme of water and the sea. featuring a vast waterfall and moving text housed in the Forth Ports Warehouse in Kirkcaldy. See Art Beat.

St Andrews

ART ON THE LINKS GALLERY ()ld (‘ourse Hotel. (iolf Resort & Spa. 0133-1 47-137 I.

Mood & Light L'ntil Sun 29 Jul. Recent works by Hamish Macdonald. Nael Hanna. Hugh Brying and Joe McIntyre. and featuring golfing art by Donald M. Shearer.



Touring, check listings

Fye-patches. missing teeth. colourful bandannas. Jolly Rogers. swashbuckling adventures on the high seas and speaking parrots; that's pirates. Isn't it'r’ Their treasure plundering. plank-walking and cutlass Wielding antics are often forgotten in today's more commonplace cutesy images conjured up by the word pirates. Robert Lows Stevenson had none of these romantic notions in his original children's novel. The epic tale of a young cabin boy who sets out onboard the Hispaniola to find buried treasure. but finds hrrnself bound to foil the plans of the murderous Captain

Hook and save the lives of the rest of the crew: Ilris challenging tale is; ltilll‘litiriti wrth suspense. adventure and more than its fair share of blood and guts. and true to form. Wee Stories are attempting to capture the grim essence of

Stevenson's tale in therr stage adaptation.

A mammoth undertaking for most. but one made all the tilt ire .rripressive when you consider there are only two cast members playing all of the characters (to writer. director and star of the play Andy Cannon explains that breaking the t’.li ip,

down into a series of double acts made the task easier: "()i r‘.’iotit;l‘.'

you've got

Silver and his parrot: that was the most obvious one. but actually it's more {lltl rut .Jim Hawkins and Silver and their story. That was our starting point and rt was

guite taxrng working all that out."

Their adaptation begins on a desert island where two men have been stranded With nothing except bananas. chariipagne, boxes and a copy of f/i)i'l.‘5t/r'l.’ Island to keep them company. The adventure unfolds as the rrrerr become so caught up in the novel that they begrrr to act it out. taking on each of the personas.

Divulging the story in an entertaining and thoughtprovoking way is the aim. and according to Cannon. respt—zcting Stevenson's work is pararrrount: ‘I'm very keen that children know that it is a book that is being adapted. and for me. one of the ideal things would be after seeing our 'l‘reasirre lslarrd. children would want to read it or have someone read it to them.‘ (Maureen I Ilrsi

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities And Fun

Egyptian Arts And Storytelling l'ntil Fri 20 Jtll. I0.I5am l2.45pin. Free. Burrell (‘olleclion. 2060 I’ollokshaws Road. 287 2551). Advance booking required. Ages 5- 8. Tales of ligypt come to life at this fun storytelling and arts session.

Paintings At GoMA Thu 19 Jul. Tue 24 Jul. Thu 26 Jul. 'I'ue 3| Jlll. l 3pm. Free. (iallery Of Modern Art. Queen Street. 229 I996. Ang over b'. A series of artist-led workshops exploring the paintings in the gallery and creating an artwork in response.

Summer Art And Craft Workshops Sat 2| Jul & Sat 28 Jul.

2 -1pm. Free. St Mungo Miiseum of Religious Life And Art. 2(‘1istle Street. 553 2557. Advance booking required. Displays in St Mungo‘s museum provide the inspiration for these workshops for children aged 8-- I 2.

Summer 2001 Arts And Drama Camp Mon 23—-Fri 27 Jul. Mon 30»Fri 3 Aug. l.'niversit_v ()f Stralhclyde. Jordanhill Campus. 76 Southbrae Drive. 34] 002-1. Ages 5—l5. Beat the holiday blues with a series of fun weekly workshops in arts and crafts. drama. and

Make A Pyramid Week Mon 23~Fri 27 Jul. Free. Burrell Collection. 2060 l’tilltikshtiw's Road. 287 2550. Ages 544 (‘4; 9- I2. Create your own pyramid at this week-long workshop hosted by the Burrell and Impact Arts.

Children’s Events In The Museum Mon 23 Fri 27 Jul.

Illam noon tv I 2pm. £3. Ilnnterian Mtiscum. l'nivcrsity Avenue. 330 -122I. Ages 5 I4. Morning sessions bombard yoti with information on ancient nationalities. with lots of fun facts and themed fancy dress. their Use your new found knowledge iii the afternoon to make traditional trinkets from that time. Children’s Summer Art Class Mon 30 Jill Fri 3 Atig. l0am noon. £2.25. (ilasgow Botanic (iardcns. 730 (ircal \\'c‘stc‘i‘ii Road. 334 2422. .AtlHtliL‘c booking essential. Ages 8 l2. I’i‘irfessionally-ch arts and crafts

activ itics for the summer holidays. Summer Arts And Crafts .‘vlorr 30Jul Fri 3 Aug. l0am noon a

I v 3pm. £3. Ilunteriaii Mtiseum. l'niversity Avenue. 330 422 l. The museum hosts children's arts and craft activities based on a variety of historical themes.

Mini Beasts ln Zoology Mon 30 Jul Fri 3 Aug. l0am noon & l 3pm. £3. Zoology Mtisetim. (iraham Kerr Building. l'niversity of(ilasgow. 330 2|93. Ages 5 S. Iinter the ama/ing world of creepy crawlies on these fun insect expeditions. On Mon. learn more about the work of Btisy Bees. Design A Rainforcsi on Tue. find out more about the Bugs Life ()ii A 'I‘reeon Wed. there's a storytelling session on Thu. whilst on Fri. it's Mix and Match Day.

Playday Wed I Aug. Free. (ilasgow (ireeit. (ircendyk‘e Street. 2X7 9874. Ages 5- 12. A fun-filled day in (ilasgow (lreen with games. competitions. shows and family entertainment. Sculptures At GoMA Thu 2 Aug.

I -3pm. Free. (iallery Of Modern An. Queen Street. 229 I996. Ages over 8. After considering the sculptures in the gallery. create your own artwork with the help of an expert.

’9 Jul—2 Ant; ZUCT THE LIST 93