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Thursday 19


Bat Walk l-allx ol (lch \lfllltl' ( ~cnlrc. \cu l.anarl\. 0l555 005303. 8. 30pm. £2.50 lltccl. l'.lt|o_\ llll\ \troll at duxlt \kith lltc opportunit} to lcattt ahotit l‘;1l\ltllllltltllllllt'

Wild Days Out l.tnn l’ark ('ounlr} l’ark. Sunxlull Road. (it? Hi". I30 3.30pm. \at‘ioux actn itch lll'flilllht'tl h) lhc ('trtttttt‘}\ttlt' Rangcrx.

Wild Days Out \thtcr ( iat'dcnx. lollct'ow l’at‘k. 35~lh \\'cll\ltol Road. 703 l8(\3. I30 3. 30pm, 8cc lhu l‘).

Wild Days Out Sprinchurn I’ark. liitlgl';t}lllll Road. :87 5001. I30 3.30pm. l‘rcc. Scc lllll l‘}.


Hamilton Park Racemeeting llarrttlton l’ark Racccourxc. Hothncll Road. Hamilton. lll(r‘)8 283800. 2.l5pm. chular racing utth lamil_\ cntcrtatmncnt.

Other events

Fun Fair (ilmgou (it'ct'll. (it‘c‘t'lltl) lxt‘ Strccl. 387 .1888. .-\|| lhc lun ol thc lair including: l’ltlL‘\. \lallx and arnuxcmcntx. Books At The Botanics (ilaxgou Botanic (iat'dcttx. 730 (ircal \chlcrtt Road. 334 2-132. Illam 5pm. l‘rcc. Pick up a litcrar} bargain at this hook marltct. Robot Wars Live Sli('('. l‘innicxton Qua}. 0870 010 -l000, l3.l5pm & 3.45pm. U5; lamil} tickcl £75. 'l'hc mcchanical \ltu'x ol Bl“ "\ It’ll/m1 llim \\ ill he lit-\ing thcirjointx ax lhc) do hattlc at thc 8H '(' alottgxidc \pccial gucxt ('raig ('harlcx.


Hamilton Park Racemeeting llatnilton l’ark Racccourxc. Botlmcll Road. llamilton. lllo‘)8 283800. ()5th l"ami|_\ night \xith cntcrtaintncnt, muxic. l’un and gamcx in addition to thc ll\ll;ll horxcracing. Kilmarnock v Sheffield Wednesday Rugh} l’arlt. Rugh} Road. Kilmarnock. (H.503 525l8~l. 7.30pm.

£5 t'lll. llohh} \Villiatnxon'x mcn takc on thc l’rcmicrxhip mllllltm\ in (ill\ .\l;tcl’ltct'\ott\ tcxtimonial.

Celtic V Fulham (‘cltic l’ark. Kcrrylalc Slt‘ccl. l’arkltcad. 551 8053. 7.45pm. f l 7 ttllll. .lohn (‘ollinx rclurnx to paradixc \\ ith nc\\ lL';tllt-llt;llc'\ l5ulham.

Other events

Fun Fair (ilaxgmx (iI'L‘L‘It. (it'L‘L‘ntl) kc Strcct. 287 3888. Scc 'l‘hu ll).

Summer Navigation Course rm- (ilthgim ()uldoor ('cntrc. 50 ('oupcr Strccl. 55‘) 5-150. £33.50. Join onc ol Sc‘ollattd\

Permanent '


\.'.’tnntng budding. Clydebuilt Scottish ago. Maritime Museum Braeheati Shopptng Centre. Krngs |n(:h Road. 880 1011-}. Mon—Sat 10am—0pm; Sun

Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvingrove

Argyle Street. 28f 2000. Mon-Thu 8. Sat l0ant~funnt1Fn 8. Sun tlanr-finnt. Free. This line example of late Vt<:tonan arehrtectnre houses; a nennanent collectron of work ht. such nan‘es as Renihrantlt. BOlllCC‘lll. Whistler and Catlell. Burrell Collection

2000 P()ll0l\Sllii‘.'.’S Road. 287 2:350. Mon—Thu & Sat ttlzttrt~5prrt; Fri 8 Sun

ltarn -:">prn. l‘ltfll. Sn erlran‘. Bnrrell's World tarnons; <:o||e<:tton of heatitttttl art ()l)](}(2l5; tron: around the globe. housed Ill a f§l)t}(1|£lll‘,’(l(:f;lt}ll(3(l, a‘.'.'ar<l-

ttarn—Snrn. 515.500: ._'«’:>‘: tarnrly 8‘8. TlllS attractton. srtuated on the Rl‘.'(}l' Clare. hnngs to MD the star, of Glasgow's neu'elonn‘ent fren‘

Fossil Grove Vrrttorta Park. 287 2000. Dart,

tnoxl c’\pc‘l'tc0ct'tl mountain lll\ll'llcltll'\. Stuart .loltthlon. lor llll\ introductor}

nax tgatton cottt'w. Hook tn .td\ancc Books At The Botanics (ilaggou Botanic (iardcnx. ' 30 ( ircal \chtcrn Road. 3 34 2422. lllam 5pm. l'rcc. Scc 'l'hu l‘l.


Emergency First Aid Course Mugdock (‘ountr_\ l’ark. (‘ratgalhan Road. Milngauc. 05!» M00. l0am -1pm. £35 inc lunch. :\d\ancc hooking: cxxcntral. .\ L‘t'l‘llllt'tl courxc lint‘ tttltlll\ lit tlt'H‘lttp \ tl;tl lirxl atd \l\lll\


Rangers v Anderlecht lltro\ Stadium. lidmixton l)rt\ c. 08"0 000 l‘l‘)3. 3pm. U3 U4. .lohn liroutt'x lt‘\llllltllll;ll tnalch.

Motherwell v Norwich City l‘ir l’ark. .\lan\c Road. .\lothcr\\cll. (0008 3.33333. 3pm. £3 H0. l’rc~\ca\on l'ricndl}.

Other events

Fun Fair (il;t\;_'tt\\ (il‘c‘c‘ll. (irccnd) la‘ Strccl. 387 3888. Scc 'l‘hu l‘).

Books At The Botanics (il;t\;_'t)\\ Botanic (iardcnx. 730 ( ircat \chtcrn Road. 33-12432. |0am 5pm. l‘rcc. Scc 'l'hu I‘). Summer Navigation Course 'I‘txo— (ilaxgou ()ttldoot' (‘cttlt‘th 5U ('ollpcl' Strccl. 55‘) 5450. £32.50, Scc Hi 20.

Book events

Des Dillon 'l'ron 'l‘hcalrc. 0.3 'l'rongatc. 552 4267. 5pm. £3. 'l'hc Sunda} .\lu\c prcxcntx pocl. lltt\L'll\l and pla) \\ right l)illon rcading l'rom lll\ \tork.


Queens, Castles And Cairns ('athkin Bracx. ('athkin Road. Ruthcrglcn. lpin. l‘rcc. Mcct at lltc maxi and lcl lhc Rangcrx tcll _\ou :ihoul lhc ltitltlc‘tt lll\l()l"\ olf‘alltkitt Britt‘s. Insect Expedition l-‘allx ol ( ‘lttlc \'i\itot‘('cntrc. .\'c\\ lunark. 01555 (ro52n2. 2pm. £2.50 tl'rccl. .loin thc cxpcrts in thcir \carch tor hultcrllicx. dragonl‘licx. hccllcx and thcir rclatixcx. Mugdock Memories Mugdock ('ountr} l’ark. ('raigallian Road. Milngm ic. 950 (>100. 2 4pm. l‘rcc. lcarn morc ahout thc \aricd hixtor} ol' Mugdock \\ illt local historian Doug Slcuart.


Scottish Cities And Counties Competition Mount \‘crnon Bottling & 'l‘cnnix ('luh. lion ling (irccn Road. 778 5706. “ext \ liaxt hon ling cluhx \cmi-linal compctilion.

Other events

Fun Fair (ilétxgtm (il'L‘L‘ll. (it'L‘L‘lttl)‘l~L‘ Strcct. 387 3888. Scc 'l'hu l‘).

tt()()ttrt')t)ttt. Free. Glasgow's; ()lriefst l()lll'li;l attractton inocules Interpretatwe rln;pl;v,s; anrl the opportunrt/ to examine geologrr:al speennens post war (;()ll‘:(;lI(/ll‘. :n the (latlng from 3:30 lllllll()ll-“,’f:<'il";

Glasgow Botanic Gardens 730 Great Western Road. 313-1 212?. Darly tlarn~-1prn. Free. ‘lhts 10th (:(Bllltll\,' garrlen anrl glasshouses are home to an ‘ttterestrng éi'Kl educatlonal selectron of plants. as well as teatnnng Ill the frlm Jade. Glasgow Cathedral

Z—Sprn. Free. Most of the present hurlrirng gates from the


George Square. Sat 28 Jul.

Glasgow life

Howard Marks addresses the issue of cannabis

The legalisation of cannabis is a topical issue, with everyone from Tory MPs to tabloid newspapers joining in the debate. The most prominent and consistent pro-cannabis supporter is the Scottish Socialist Party which has been campaigning for the decriminalisation of the drug.

The SSP has decided to take its protest to the streets, allowing the people of Glasgow and Scotland to show their support for change and to highlight the ignorance and hypocrisy that surrounds the issue. The obvious comparison is with alcohol and cigarettes which are legal yet can be more harmful and destructive than cannabis. One of the biggest areas of contention is the supposed link between cannabis and hard drugs. The SSP disputes this link, stating that there is no proof of cannabis being a gateway to hard drug use.

To show your support for the decriminalisation of cannabis meet in George Square at 11.30am and join the march through the city to Kelvingrove Park. In the park there will be a host of celebrity speakers, such as Howard Marks and Mark Steel, talking about their feelings on the issue and why they believe the laws should be changed. Another speaker will be Tommy Sheridan who states: ‘I feel strongly when it comes to a government drugs policy based on hypocrisy. Cannabis has been proved to be less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. Why then, should people be criminalised for smoking it?’ (Jane


Books At The Botanics (ilaxgtm Botanic (iardcnx. 730 (ircat \chtcrn Road. 334 3-133. l0am 5pm. l‘rcc. Scc 'l'hu l‘). Scottish Computer Fair 8ti(‘(‘. l‘innicxton Qua}. 0870 0-10 4000.

Want 3pm. £3 (£3). l".\cr_\thing_' compulcr rclalcd at tradc priccx. lrom thc latcxt hardnarc and \olltxat'c to top qualit) \ccond hand cguiptncnl.


Badger Watch l-‘allx ot'(‘l}dc Vixllol' ('cntrc. .\'c\\ l.anark. 0l555 00.5203. 8.30pm. £5. Scc hadgcrx in thcir natural cm ironmcnt on llll\ 30 ~10 minutc \xalk.

Other events Fun Fair (ilttxgim (it‘cc‘li. (il‘L‘cntl) le' Strcct. 287 3888. Scc 'l‘hu l‘).

:ffith or 15.01 ’,(:.".lllrl‘:f,.

or): ll ttr‘,’.

Glasgow School of Art The twlaokrntofgh Caller; ‘llif l'lf:l‘_l.";‘.'.’ Street. Iii”. £7300 Mon—Fn Want—own; Sat Wrath—noon. Glasgon School

of Art 18Cltéirl08RCHHIC lvlaoklntosh's greatest

the tobacco lorrts m the ‘o‘00s Cathedral Street. 8198, workang art school. regnlar right up to the Ztst <:<:nttrr,. Mon—Sat 9.30arn—onm; Sen gtnziert tours let ,"M

most notable exeeptron herng the fatatnerl glam; .‘.’l'l(lf)‘.‘.’,‘>.

renowned as one of the lineal

£1’I.’ll(:‘.’(;'ll‘:lli an't :t ’L’,l‘7.i".1_r‘:‘) to :r‘t'lgm; awl llTTd/‘N: yrstor‘.

trent all o.'er the wor'rt. Strli a

exoerrerme this iéx’l ;

Envrronment POHd Dipping .\lllll'\lllL'l Vixtltrtx ('cnlrc. .\llliI\l‘.lL'l l’ark. ncar larchuinnoclt. (ll 505 812803. 3 3pm. [3. l)i\co\ ct‘ tttnt‘c‘ altottl pond MC and thc crcaturcx undcr thc \xatcr.

Tuesday 24

Book events Alexei Sayle ()ttakar\ Itookxtorc. l'nit (r. Buchanan (iallcric\. lluchanan Slrccl. 353 I500. (r30pnt. l'rcc. l'.lj.'llllt‘\ lL'Htl .'\lL'\L'l 5;!) lL' ll;t\ atna/ingl} l'ound lintc amidst hcing: a coincdian. actor and prcxcntcr to It} lnx hand at \xriting again. The Hut; ('u/r lli'l tSccptrc l." I 2) \cc\ 8a} lc l't‘llll‘lllllj.) to writing: al'tcr hix high!) acclaitncd collcclion ol \ltot‘l \loricx. li’rI/‘u'lrunr

Glasgow Science Centre

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Holmwood House

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