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Evolution (PG) 0. (Ivan Reitman. I'S. 20M ) David Duchovny. Julianne Moore. ()rlando Jonex. l()l minx. Reitman reprixex hix Sflx mega-hit. (iliuvtlmvterv. xubxliluling IiTx for xpookx. Iii'ultilimi'x ‘alienbuxterx‘ are lead by Duchov ny ‘x Mid- Wext xchool teacher (the wild card role that wax previouny Bill Murray ‘x) and Moore'x current government evpert. The plot ix pure high concept: a meteorite craxhex on Iiarth leaking alien goo which kickxtartx billionx of yearx of evolution in a couple of day x. (‘ue ('(il monxtcrx - bugx. fixh. amphibianx. dinoxaurx and apex - a non-xtarter romance between I)uchonvy and Moore and write very lame jokcx and you've got a xummer bliickmbtcr package. (ieneral releaxe.

O Fiddler On The Roof (L') 0000 (Norman Jewixon. LS. 197] ) (‘haim Topol. Norman Crane. Paul .Michael (ilaxer. l8] iiiiiix. Baxed on Sholom Aleichcm‘x play. I'Ttld/(T ix the xtory of Tevyc. a Jewiin milk- man living in pre-Revolutionary Ruxxia. L'nlike the majority of muxicalx. where fixed .xmilex and colourful dance routines are de rigour. thix ix a tnuch more .xombre affair. xet in poverty but filled with dry humour. Tevye'x marriage planx for hix daughterx and tficir rebellion agaiiixt the all- lk'rvaxive ‘traditionx' form the core of the film. Jewixon'x direction ix .xlick and hix pacing even. but it ix Topol ax chye who carriex the film with a role he xeemx to have been born for. See review. l‘ilmhouxc. Iidinburgh.

Galaxy Quest l (’(i) 0000 (Dean I’arixot. LS. 2000) Sigourncy Weaver. Tiiii Allen. Alan Rickman. 102 minx. In the film. (iulutv‘ Qiu'vl ix a Slur 'I'I'ek-xty'le .xeriex which ran for a xhort time ycarx ago and has .xubxequently developed cult .xtattix. To earn a cruxt the mixerable caxt make perxonal appearanccx at conventionx and .xhopping mall openingx. But a naive bunch of alienx mistake them for real heroex and enlixt the

caxt'x help in battling a real-life evil enemy. What follow x ix. on the .xurface. an entertaining dixplay of xtraightforward. fixh- out-of-water comedy. but underlying ll ix a gently xcathing attack on fan culture. and America'x pathological need for heroex. (’arlton. Stirling.

Ginger Snaps ( (8) 0000 (John

Iiavv cett. ('anada. 200i ) Katharine Ixabellc. Iimily I’erkinx. Mimi Rogerx. ltlh‘ minx. Writer-director Faw'cett'x xardomc treatment of the American bourgeoixie giv ex thix horror movie the feeling of an acutely obxervational romp. lxabellc'x I‘lttxxtillilllg nymph xproutx a tail after a werewolf attack. but after much perplexity beginx to bear II with fortitude xpreading her infection with her xexual favourx. Ax her xlav ixhly devoted .xixter triex to intervene. Ginger tranxformx from empowered teen to tragic monxter. Dexpite Hollywood'x long flirtation with lycanthropy. Fawcett'x funny. tragic film xtill contriv ex to be original. Selected releaxe. Glrlflght ( IS) 0... (Karyn Ktixama. LS. 200] ) Michelle Rodriguel. Santiago Douglax. Jaime Tirelli I I3 minx. Puerto Rican-American teenager Diana (axtonixhing new contender Rodriguel) ix rebelling without a cauxe. both at .xchool and at home in her run-down Brooklyn. New York neighbourhood. Btit when .xhe takex over her vv impy'. loving brother'x boxing lexxonx at a local gym Diana fiudx .xomething .xhe never had before: .xelf-worth. What Kuxama'x .xtriking debut .xharex with the bext .xport filmx ix that it'x abotit more than the .xpori itxelf. The fight xcencx are tough. tenxe and dynamic. btit from the get go (hix raw low budget film packx a pow'erliouxe punch that'x more to do with what'x going on inside the protagonixt'x head than what .xhe does in the ring. I-Tll Cinema. Falkirk; Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy.

Le Gout Des Autres ( 15) 000 (Agnax Jaoui. France. 2()()l ) Jean-Pierre Bacri. Anne Alvaro. (ierard Lanvin. I 12

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12 THE LIST 2—9 Aug 2001

mm. Britain doexn't have evcluxive rightx on the prov incial claxx comedy. [.t‘ emit xhow x the w orkingx of a xmall tow n. which are brought into focux when Jacqucx (‘axtcllo (Bacri) fallx for actrexx and Iinglixh tutor ('lara (Alvaro). a bohemian looking for love but hardly cvpecting H from Bacri'x crude factory owner. There are a number of other xub-plotx that xhow x Jaoui borrow mg ax readily from farce ax the prov incial comedy. The xurprixc ix that they 're combined to make for xomething more

w ixtfully winning than either form tixually offerx. Cameo. Iidinburgh.

l-lello Dolly ( l') O... ((ienc Kelly. l'S. l‘lom Barbra Strcixand. Walter Matthau. Michael (‘ravv ford. IZ‘) minx. New York. in the late Nth century. and w idow ed matchmaker (Streixand) makex a play. or rather a muxical. fora well heeled grain merchant (Mattham. Extravagant xetx. epic muxical numberx and a cameo from the late. treat l.ouix Armxtong tnakc thix xtuiiptuoux. if not particularly xenxiblc. v iew mg. (iroxvenor. (ilaxgovv.

High Heels And Low Lites ( 15)

0 (Mel Smith. LR. 2001 ) Minnie Driver. Mary .\Ic(‘ormack. Kevin McNally. So mitts. High Ht't'lv Ami [.UH I.ff¢'.v ix xo lacking in ambition it'x deprexxing. Kim I‘uller‘x .xcreenplay xtartx with an unpromixing idea - two gorgeoux girlx blackmail a gaiig of crookx out of their hard- xtolen doxh - and takex it now here. Mel Smith. who worked with I-‘uller on .\'ni The Nine Ul‘lur‘k .Vi‘u'y. dircctx in a xly Ie lltal‘x bext dexcribed ax cack-handed. Meanvv hilc. Driver and Mc(‘ormack glam it up and act 'kookie' to little effect. The kind of rubbixh that giv ex Brit cinema a bad name. (icneral releaxe.

0 Intimacy ( l8) 0... (Patrice (’hereau. l'K/Iirance. 2001) Kerry l-‘ov. Mark Rylance. Timothy Spall. l2() minx. An erect penix. cellulite. vivid oral .xev. regular but urgent intercourxe in an emotional vacu- um between unhappy xtraugerx iii a grubby London flat on a dirty carpet. ('hereau'x brave Iinglixh-languiage debut (adapted from Hanif Kurexhi'x xhort .xtoriex) jauntily flauntx it all. Intimacy offerx much more than a rezixxtiriiig doxe of voyeurixm. A film composed of momentx. it brilliantly (turn the Ienx upon often overlooked relationxhipx in iiiiddle-age. Mitiiiix in on the tixe of xev ax a powerful anaexthetic and capturex the chf- loathing that often livex iiixide of ltixt. Selected releaxe.

Jurassic Park III (Po) 0.. (Joe Johnxton. l'S. 300] ) Sam Neil. Tea l.eoni. William II. Macy. ()3 minx. The flimxy excuxe to get the caxt over to the Park ix a young lad who hax become xtranded on the dinoxaur i.xland. An unofficial xearch party. headed by hix parentx (Macy and I.cotii ). hoodwink palaeontologixt I)r (irant (Neil. reprixing hix role) into helping them out. ()f courxe. thingx go wrong ax xoon ax they arrive and they are attacked by a Spinoxaur. a new and improved T-rev. From there on in the caxt jump from one periloux .xituation to another. A complete retread of the firxt two moviex with even more dinoxaur attackx. more ridiculoux predicamcntx and bigger monxterx. (ieneral releaxe.

The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie (18).... (John (‘axxavetcx. l'S. l‘)7()) Ben (iauara. Timothy (‘arey. Seymour (‘axxel. Ill‘) minx. (‘axxavetcx uxex hix central plot ~ a bunch of gangxterx try to muxcle in on the owner of a .xlea/y nightclub - ax a metaphor for hix own poxition ax a dedicated filmmaker fighting for hix artixtic independence. Hugely contradictory and convoluted. it'x xtill up there with hix bext work. thankx to the xpace he giv ex hix actorx and the perforiiiancex they give in return. GI’T. (ilaxgow.

The King Is Alive ( 15) .000 (Krixtian Lev ring. l'S/Scandinavia. 300i) Jennifer Jaxon Leigh. Janet McTeer. Romane Bohringer. l()‘) minx. The filmx releaxed under the Danixh manifexto (thix Ix the fourth) have enormoux power in termx of capturing raw. often phyxical emotion. In thix category alone. Lev ring'x film excelx beyond all expectation extablixhing the dirext of circumxtancex: a motley crew of tourixtx are .xtranded in the middle of the

vlL‘\v‘I.llL‘ Namibian vlcyt‘ll. To Illl lIlC company 'x xpiritx while awaiting rexcue. a retired actor xuggcxtx they xtage a production of Shakexpcarc’x moxt bitter tragedy. Kine [((U' \Vhat follovvx ix an imprcxxive and dramatic dcxcent into madncxx .ix thee dexpcrate iiidiv idualx frantically attempt to xtay alive Cameo. Edinburgh.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider( 13)

0.. (Simon \\ext. IS. 3001 ) Angelina Jolie. lain (ilenn. Jon Voight. iiiiiix. Jolie ix ama/mg ax thc globe-trotting adventurer pitted againxt v illaiii Manfred I’ow ell (Glenn) and a wad ctilt known ax The Illuminati. .\lcanvvhile. (‘rott’x xcatch for the ‘clock of agex' ix underpinned by an emotional quext the my xtcry xurrounding the death of her father (Jolie'x real-life father. Voight ). But the film betray x a complete lack of narrative logic. leav mg a ierky. fragmented tale that iumpx from one 'level' to the iievt. Individual imagex. like the xtonc monkey warriorx which xpriiig to life inxide the temple complev at Angkor Wat are xpcctacular. but completely lacking in evcitemcnt. ('oiiipared to the xy nthetic \illinexx of HI" .llimimv. flttx [tixl al‘oul llittIvL‘\ IItC grade. (ictieral l'eIL'.t\C.

Late Night Shopping I IS) 00.. (Saul Met/xtcin. IR. 30”] ) l.iike dc Woolfxooii. Iiii/o ('ilenti. Kate Athield. Jamex lance. Ilcike Makatxch. 0] mmx. Director Met/xteiii and writer Jack I.othiau'x debut ix a romantic comedy filmed in (ilaxgow. though xet iii what could be any large city. about four xlackerx waxtmg their livex working night xliiftx m varioux menial iobx. I,othian hax drawn on liix own llllrlilg'lll xhelf xtackmg evperieucex. turning otit a wordy and witty xcript. Met/xtem bringx to hix creative partiicr'x xcript a fine xenxe of pacing and handxome gloxx fiiiixli courtexy of ace cinematographer Brian 'l'uf'ano ('Ii'umv/mtmie. Iiiin Iv Iiuvt). long live But cinema. (iroxvcnor. (ilaxgovv.

A L’attaque ( IS) 0. (Robert (iuediguian. lirance. Zlitll )Ariaiie Axcaride. (ierald Mcy Ian. lean—Pierre l)arrouxxin. Ul) iiiiiix. Two xcrccnwriterx xtrugglmg with

w riler‘x block hit on the idea of creating a filtn about the (oil of a working claxx family. dexperatcly trying to xtay afloat in the face of dirty capitalixt pigx. But the interxperxion of the w riIL't'x' xct‘lpllng pt‘oL‘L‘xx xeverely detractx from any xerioux mexxage that the film attemptx to convey. That xaid. (itiediguian underclaxx (.llurtuv ('I .lt'lllll'lll’ and .‘l I,” /’/(l(‘(' (/H (in‘ltl‘i. the SC”- appointedchampion of Marxeillex‘ ix poking fun at himxelf. l'lIliiIlolGC. Iidinburgh.

Les Blches ( IS) 0... (('laude ('habrol. I’rancc/Italy. Irma) Jean-I.ouix 'l‘rintignanl. Stephane Audran. Jacqueline Saxxard. 9‘) iiiiiix. An architect fallx in love with both halvex of a lexbian couple. but the emotional crtieltiex which rexult bring about horror and dcxpair. (‘habrol loadx an apparently xuperficial xtory with hix dixtiiictive “if and with a bleak. ohxexxtve darknexx which giv ex it hidden depthx. MacRobert Artx (‘entre. Stirling.

The Little Vampire (1‘) .00 (Hi Iidel. I'K. Zillill) Rollo \Veekx. Richard I'.. (irant. Jonathan l.ipiiicki. 95 minx. Tony (l.ipiiicki ). frcxh from the orange grov ex of California. movex with hix family to beautiful Scotland. He quickly becomex the moxt unpopular kid in hix claxx, but fiiidx a playmate when a ten-year-old vampire conveniently fallx down Iiix chimney. ('an Tony join in the quext for the mixxing amulet and help the fanged Rudolph and hix family become human'.’ I)expite itx lIolly wood re- vamp. Angela Sommer-Bodenburg'x w ell- loved novel emergex with itx xetixe of fun intact. However. while thix film certainly doexn't xuck. ultimately. it Iackx real bite. Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy.

Maybe Baby ( l5) 0.. (Ben Iilton. l'K. 2000) Hugh Laurie. Joely Richardxon. Joanna I.umley. 9t) minx. Sam (Laurie) and Lucy (Richardxon) are happy in love and xuccexxful at work (he'x a BB(' commixxioning editor and xhe'x a theatrical agent). The only blot on thix idyllic London landxcape ix that the couple dexperater want a baby to fulfil their blixxful livex. Written and directed by Iilton. it'x no