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Drama 8: dance listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


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Glasgow Drama


ll‘) (iorbals Street. 42‘) 0022. IP. H. 'l'l'. W(‘. WA]

The Boyfriend Until Sat 4 Atig. 7.30pm. £7.50 (£3.50). Scottish Youth Theatre present Sandy Wilson‘s 1920s musical comedy. about a group of debutants at a linishing school on the French Riviera. all looking to ‘marry well' but falling for the wrong kind of guys.


um 88] Mill ti:

NEW PLAY PARKING LOT IN PITTSBURGH Byre Theatre, St Andrews, until Sat 11 Aug coo

For theatre to attempt to dissect and portray the spirit of an entire nation is a struggle in itself, demanding the greatest skills of writer and cast to avoid the pitfalls of propaganda and, more importantly, to captivate audiences with story as well as sentiment. With Parking Lot In Pittsburgh, accomplished Scots writer Anne Downie chooses to tackle the most powerful political dilemma facing modern Scotland, the results being a textbook demonstration of that task's perils.

The main plot surrounds the return of Scottish emigrant Maggie Sweeney after a long absence working

in America. her four sisters over the years transformed beyond recognition. Beginning with her funeral, we overhear them bickering over who most deserves to inherit Maggie's considerable assets (including the titular parking lot). the rest of the tale being in retrospect. portraying the sisters‘ often deliciously mercenary attempts to glean the cash.

Apparently, this is a powerful political statement. because the bickering and deceptively caring sisters are an analogy for the Union, whilst exploited. hard-working yet canny old Maggie is Scotland, torn in the middle. They‘re a walking allegory for Union because they regularly speak in unison. which incidentally, is at first amusing, eventually distracting, but never ingenious. The imagery is symbolic because the Saltire is projected on- stage when Maggie finds the strength to resist them (while the four sisters sing ‘Glory Hallelujah’; I kid you not) and because the baffling stage set of coloured windows is eventually fully illuminated to display a fragmented Union Flag. All this is clumsily obvious, fairly vulgar. and at times unintentionally funny. The acting is good, the production values high. the exceptional space offered by the new St Andrews theatre a comfortable and focused environment. But the undeniable merits of the production are sadly eclipsed by writer Downie‘s compulsion to make over-simplified and embarrassingly crude political statements. a misguided obsession that has ultimately cost the first of the new Byre's original commissions a great deal of its potential.

(Olly Lassman)


New Street. 887 I010. Ill. WC. WA] Performancefest! Fri 3 Aug. 7pm. £4 (£2). The culmination of three weeks of drama workshops. PA('li 'l‘heatre (‘oinpany and their budding actors present a devised performance.

24 THE LIST 19 Jul—2 Aug 2001


l2l Renlield Street. 332 ISM). ]P. W('. WA]

Peter Powers Naughty Naughty Hypno Show t’nul Sat ll Aug (liri & Sat only). 7.30pm. £l0. Popular hypnotist Peter Powers returns with a live performance. alter the success of his debut TV show.

Peter Powers Midnight Madness Until Sat l 1 Aug (Sat only). midnight. £l0. As it the early evening show weren't era/y enough. Powers does it twice in one night with this adults only show, complete with his iltlttltlolls ‘haudshake orgasm‘.


I00 Renl‘rew Street. 332 5057. Ill. WC. WA]

Merlin - The Wild Boy l'niil Sat 4 Aug. 7.30pm. £7.50 (£3.50). Scottish Youth Theatre look to the l‘antastical legend of King Arthur and ('o for their 25th Annual Summer l‘estival show.

Central Drama 8. Dance



('arrick Street, 0l2‘)2 ()l I222. Ill. W(‘. WA]

The Gaiety Whirl 2001 l‘niil Sat l5 Sep (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm (Wed mat 2.30pm); Sat (ipm & 8.30pm.

£7 £l2.50. l)eau Park. Russell lane and ()dette ('lark star in the annual variety extravagau/a which includes a in“ supporting cast. big band and cltot'tls.



High Street. (ll 337 357307. Macbeth Wed 8 Sat l l Aug. 7.30pm. ('utting lidge 'l‘heatre ('onipany present their outdoor production ol Sliakespeart"s classic tragedy.



'l‘ay Square. 0l382 223530. Il’. H. W('. WA]

A Wee Bit Of How Do You Do l'ntil Thu 2 Aug. 8pm. £6.75 £7.75 (£3.75 £0.50). liorbes Masson and (ierda Stevenson play the former keepers in an abandoned Institute ol Social Inclusion. in this powerlul intisical comedy staged by mixed- abilin group. Sounds ol Progress.



\Vcsl Bridge Street. (ll 324 5068.50. Il’. w( '. WA]

Fly Right Dance Co, Akimbo, Skye Reynolds and Tracey Altman 'l‘hu ‘) Aug. 7.30pm. £3. Au

Greasepaint # '

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