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[ll llt()|l ll (LllNU IAN O’BRIEN True People at The Renfrew Ferry, Fri 3 Aug.

he long-delayed re-opening of the Sub Club must

be one of the most hotly anticipated events in

Glasgow’s nightclubbing history, not least because it will mean a regular slot for Claude Young’s True People party. To whet the appetites of clubbers straining at the leash after club’s incendiary launch in April, there’s a one-off event at the Renfrew Ferry with special guest DJ, Ian O’Brien.

O’Brien is primarily known as a producer, releasing a stream of techno tracks geared towards musicality and experimentation, but still aimed squarely at the dancefloor, on labels like Ferox and Peacefrog. The True People extended-family approach to booking guests holds true here: the two producers have collaborated in the past, and O’Brien credits Young with kick-starting his career.

‘Claude is the guy that got me into the music business,’ O‘Brien confirms. ‘We met when l was still at the demo stage. I had my ideas, I had my equipment, but I was nowhere near getting anything released, so I gave a tape to Claude, and he gave me a huge list of people to get in touch with which ended up with me getting my

UK (‘rAltAt‘rl Sl {OWCASl GARAGE NATION Destiny‘s, Glasgow, Sun 5 Aug.

Teem player Timmi Magic

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ororr‘ote therr ‘Exterrrleg Plax' H3.

Inspiring Detroit techno from Ian 0’ Brian

first deal. It was a lucky break getting to know him!’

At home in the studio, O’Brien’s stints behind the decks are few and far between when compared to the hectic schedules of most DJs. ‘l’m definitely a producer first and a DJ second,’ he says, ‘but I’m on a roll at the moment. I rarely have fun DJing, but last week I played a party at Fabric and everything went right, I really enjoyed it. I go through phases with clubs and DJing, to be honest, and at the moment I’m really positive about it. It’s interesting me at the moment, I’ve got a lot of interesting new music around so I’m feeling inspired.’

O’Brien may have mixed feelings towards the DJ’s trade, but he can barely contain his enthusiasm for the music that has influenced his production and finds a home in his record box. ‘l’m really into early Detroit techno, and I guess a lot of people at the party will be into that too, so you’ll be hearing a lot of old records, a lot of great old techno records. But I’ve got vocal house tracks I like too, so they’ll be in there. It sounds like True People is a get up and party kind of a night, which is why I’m looking forward to it. Everything’s going to be for the dancefloor. I don’t think people are going to be in the mood to sit around and muse over some jazz record but we’ll see what happens. I’m just going to have a good laugh!’ (Jack Mottram)

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People in Glasgow. as you may

have noticed, rather like house music, and now they have a new night, Urban Grooves, to sate their unquenchable thirst for the deep stuff. Smoothly sliding the crossfader between his two channels, Jack Mottram investigates.

Oh whoopee, another house night! ()r. pal '.r>u rr‘rght srt arr rurrrl strokrrrg gorrr r’lrr'r to the latest lair

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Fair enough, what makes Urban Groove so special? Well, the lJrharr (‘rroex'e garrg have alrearl‘. =,','e|r:orr‘.erl sorzre hrgh r:alrlrre guests to the torrr‘. ot (,‘rrreo (lastellr arrrl X l’ress 7's Ashley l‘ler'rlle, so tlrr-,'re oh‘xrouslr, orr the rrglrl trarlt. \r'Jherr rt (torr‘es to total talerrt. thus tar lllt?‘,".lt rorrerl rrr the lrlxes mt (Lallurrt \"‘.’all«er trorrr l reslr 'rr' l o'.‘.’ arrrl [)eerr Serrsatrorr's (Lolrrr (late.

Come on, you only need a few bob spare and a telephone to book guests. Yes Mr (Lgrrrral. that“. true. hut the rrrrjrorterl talerrt rt, a relr ahle harorrreter et a rtrrin. taste. rro'." Arrrl lJrharr (Moore haze a resrrlerrt .‘rho's hurlt sorrretlrrrrg ot a to!lo.‘.'rrrg, rrarrrel, [)orrtrrrrr, Martrrr rrrrrturerlr. ‘.'.'hose sets take rrr e‘./er,tlrrrrg hour [)8 house and garage. (leer,- house rlrsrtr,_ soul. truth and ja//. plus the orig (rash of l atrrr arrrl Afro heat. You rr‘a, '.'.'eli haye taught nrre ot lrr‘, sets at s.‘.'arrk, rreo/e morrrrAe/ef, (Zorrrrthrarr or liar (Le l orra.

Sounds cool. Anything else of interest? \"Xeil, the elrrl, rf. all set to err irrarge the teleeorr'r‘rrrr:r,atsor.', re'.’olutrr,r‘. .'.':tlr arr Sit/1.“; text sewer;

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‘arrrrr;‘r1rrrgrr‘ the keep the punters harrg or, to date. For the true herrrg, serrrl a .'.ree rrre'. sage tr, hfr'r") Til/X 7/? .'/rth ,our rrarre arr/l e rr‘arl aorlr'ess, arr/l tire Ur‘harr (brother‘s .‘xrll he .r‘. turret hetore tee tr", I Urharr (ire/Hes rurrs lrr at C/rrh [fur/1mm

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