co Thursday 2 - Thursday 9 August 2001

The guide to events in central Scotland

The Front

Top five . . . Scottish National Theatre moves one step closer . . . your opinions on Juras/c Park M . . . letters on

fat. phones, gore and gays

Features 6 Robbie Williams

He’s great. No he’s not, he’s rubbish. Oh, we just can’t decide. So we’ve agreed to have it both ways on our

way to Hampden Park.

8 The Reindeer Section

Imagine all the young Scottish bands you’ve ever heard of all rolled into one. Congratulations! You’ve just dreamt up Glasgow‘s very own indie supergroup.


I Robert Lepage‘s Possible Worlds 9

I Jackie Chan‘s Rush Hour ll 9

I Simon Armitage’s Little Green Man 38 I Catatonia’s Paper Scissors Stone 39

How to read The List

Some time back in the spring ~ one of those wet weekends when the

only thing to see was a Gary Numan

tribute band or a Pokemon movie the editor came up with a ludicrous scheme for us to cover every show in every festival in Edinburgh in August. Naturally. we humoured

him. But it turns out he was serious.

And none of our protestations fingers worn to the bone. no sleep for a fortnight. loss of friends and relatives seemed to register.

80 here it is. yOLir regular guide to

what‘s on. plus the biggest. boldest.

most comprehensive independent guide to the Edinburgh Festivals in this Or any other universe now and forever more.

Here's what to do if you‘re in Edinburgh:

Step One Find a bench. sit and breathe deeply. Open your eyes. Step Two Identify your three magazines: this regular edition of The List (1 ). the Festival supplement (21 and the Festival Listings supplementl3).

Step Three Check the date. Check the time. Open the listings supplement and find out what's on. Step Four For information about each show. consult the appropriate section Comedy. Dance. Kids. Music or Theatre in the Festival supplement.

Step Five Make your decision. Leave your bench. Hit the town

FREE INSIDE. 7 —ii.- 1— Can Ceqs ar‘d the DO)S Sill Cut :17

l‘TLEZ‘I'I.‘l.';.-la-Z.L -h’'-‘.. '

Roped Lopooo’o

Simon Anna-90%


llii- ii '-‘\‘.\iU\‘.'ll on cvciy show


material. Pnnted by Scottisrt Comty

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