Children’s Week Mon 0 Hi In Aug. l0ain noon A; 1 3pm. £41L'3l. (‘ul/ean (‘ountr} l’ark. .\Ia_\bole. 0lo55 884455. Annual \el'le\ oI e\ents tor children aged () l3. l’laeex tittl\t be booked in ad\anee on the morning ot the merit.

Geronimo! Mon o In l0Aug.

I lain Ipm. £7.50 4 £3.50). Regal (‘ominimitx 'l‘heatre. South Bridge Street. liathgate. (0500 433034. Ages H I3. Seienee-related ill'IhIlL‘ aeti\ Ille\ using eraltx. lllllsle and drama.

Big Heids Too Tue 7 Aug. 3 4pm. £3.50. (’hapelhall l,ibrai"\. 3 Honey“ ell ('rexeent. Ali'dll'e. III 330 750W)”. Age\ in er 8. Make a mobile \eulpture thing inspiration Irom l)a\id Maeli's ‘Big lleidx' xeulpture.

Digital Photo Art Wed 8 Aug. I0.30am noon & l 3.30pm. £3. Bellshill ('ultui'al ('entre. John Street. Hellxhill. 0] 330 43] :Ol. Ages o\er l3. Learn the ba\ie\ ot' digital photograph). l’hotoShop and other solituare to ereate photographie qualit} images. Seasonal Surprise Wed 8 Aug. 3.30 4pm. l-ree. l)ean ('axtle ('ountr} I’ark. l)ean Road. Kilinarnoek. 0I5(>3 533703. ()ne ot a \el’ie\ ol~ outdoor eountr) side e\ents tor ehildren. organised by the Dean ('axtle Rangers.


Spy Kids I l') Sun 5 & 'I‘hu ‘) Aug. 3.30pm; Barney’s Great Adventure (1') Tue 7 Aug. I lam. LI50. .\laeRobert. l'ni\er\it_\' oI' Stirling. Stirling. 0l78() 4(il08l. See l’ilm Index.


The Cherry Tree Sat 4 Aug. l.45pin. l‘ree. ('ount} Square. l’;ii\Ie_\. 887 lIlIIl. local children aged 8 l I pt‘l‘ltit'ltt a touehing stoi‘} about a Iainil) tr} ing to eope in the aftermath ol~ \xar using masks and ptlppeh.

The International Purves Puppets Biggai' l’uppet 'l'heatre. Iii‘oughton Road. (080‘) 33003 I. £5 (£4): Iainin tieketx £33 & £30 Book in ad\anee as times are subject to ehange. Reduetions for parties ot' the or more. Shims on otter o\ er the next two \\ eek's

Snow White Thu 3 & Sat 4 Aug. 3pm. Ages over 7. Join Snow White and her dog Sebastian. and the seven dwarfs its they Ii) to escape the clutches ol' the evil queen.

Pips And Panda Meet The Tooth-fairy l‘ri 3 & 'I'hu ‘) Aug. 3pm;

Tue 7 Aug. I Iain. Ages under 7. (‘heeky

monkey I’ips and sill} old Panda embark on another adxenture \\ hen l’anda loses his Iil'st tooth.

Nessie The Loch Ness Monster Mon (3 Aug. 3.30pm. Spike the Hedgehog. .\Iairi (ilengai‘ry and wicked unele Naggie .\Ie( raggie are just some (it the eharaeters \\ ho Nemie Comes across whilst tr} ing to eseape from the _\'eI|o\\ submarine.

Glasgow life



Days Out (it'HHloIHll (Xhlle. ‘lttllet'ov l’al‘lx. 354l‘ \\ell\hol Road. 7“ l8ti3. I30 3 30pm Various .tt'Il\lIlt'\ Hl'g'tlllhetl b} the ('ountr} xide Rangerx


Fashion Flowers Roadshow (it-urge Square. l‘ree. lntertlora are behind Iltl\ touring road\ho\\. presenting Ilo\\el'\ ma \\ hole new light. 'l‘here'll be Ilo\\ er Iit\ltltlll shims. hair and beaut} makeoxerx. danee and llltl\lt‘ pertorinaneex. as \\ ell as tleltltllhll‘dlltlth b} eelebrit} Ilttl'l\l\.

Other events

Evening Showboat Cruise the \Vaxerle). Anderxton Qua}. 343 3334, 7.30pm. U395. Iznio} a great night out as )iiti steam do\\n the (‘I_\de \xhilxt ll\IL'lllll_L‘ to the \ounds oI a traditional eeilidh band.

Saturday 4


Highland Games .\Iu\euin ot' Seottixh (‘ountr_\ l.ile. Kittoehxide. l.a\t Kilbride. (H.355 33~Il8l. lpm. £5 (1.3). A traditional highland games \\ ith eompetitorx l'rom around the \Hll‘ltl. See photo eaption. Rangers v Livingston lbro\ Stadium. lidmiston l)ri\ e. 0870 000 NW. 3pm. [I7 (I; l 3 I. l)iek .-\d\oeaal'\ Iirxt ehanee to parade hi\ iieu summer signingx tor the home \upport in a mateh against Sl’l.

neu L‘Ulltel‘\ l.i\ \ }.

Kilmarnock v Celtic Rugb} l’ark. Rugb} Road. Kilmarnoek. 0I5o3 545300. 5.35pm. Season tieket holderx onl). .\Iartin ()‘Neill'x men go to Rugb} l’ark lor another satellite tele\ ixed game against one ot' the old} learns to take poinl\ ot't‘ them last


Gallery Talk People's l’aliiee a Winter (iardenx. (ilttxgtm (ireen. 554 0333.

3 3pm. l-‘ree. Artist I5rank .\Ie.\'ab talks abotit his temporar) e\hibition 'l'lie .tlun ll‘liu lliixn 'I iii/It’l‘t'.

Other events

Amateur Radio Event Tall Ship iii (ilasgott llarbour. l00 Slttlk‘l'oxx Road. 33‘) 003i 10am 5pm. £4.501L'335l; ehildren £3.50. A weekend M U) ing to eontaet radio users all over the uorld. hopelull} linking up \\ ith people in the countries the (ilenlee sailed to and \\ here the other Iour ('I_\'debuilt sailing ships are berthed. Salomon Boot Fitting Clinic 'l‘ixu. (ilasgott ()utdoor eentre. 50 ('ouper Street. 55‘) 5450. ltlam. l’ree. lI' _\ou are looking Ior ad\ ice on getting the right boots lo \uit )our needs then [hi\ i\ the plaee I0 be. Summer "1 The \ittl‘ioth \enuex. 3873888. Noon 5pm. liree. .\Iu\ie. song

and theatre throughout the da} in and around the ell} eenlre meludmg \ig} le SIIL‘L'I at \It\.\. lllll\ltlL' the ( i.lllel_\ t‘l \lodein \rt. l’i'mtex Square. St l-noeh (‘entie and litiehanan (i.illt'lle\ at llabilat

Further atie d Traquair Fair 'l|tl.tll llouxe. limerleithen. ltlh‘tb S 3033 3. l lam opm, U0 {l3 (£5 £7). l‘.llllll} \xeekend teaturmg llltl\lL'. \tieet perloimeix. puppet \hou \ and more. More mtorination at \\ \\ \\.Iltttlll.tll.\t‘ uk.


Wildflower Walk l oelm iimoeh RSI’R \ature Rewn e. l aigs Road. Ioelmiimoeh. 0l505 843003 l030am 13.30pm ‘3 Join a loeal botanixt to tll\\’tt\ er and learn about the health ot \tildlloueh at l oelm mnoelr A Woodland Wander (ileltlllel that-x ('ountr} l’ark. (ilen lodge. (ilentield Road. I’aixle}. 884 3.704 3pm. I-i‘ee. \Ieet at (ilen lodge and tom the (‘ountrt \ide Rangers in their e\ploiation ol the tiee\ and their magieal. praetieal and ln\torieal ll\t‘\. Walk With A Ranger .\qu\hiel Visitors ('entre. \qu‘xhiel l’ark. near l.oeh\\innoeh. (H.505 843803. 3 3pm. l'lt't‘. linto} the \eener) and e\perienee the eountr}\ide lrom the e\pert \ ieupoint ot a (‘ountrpide Ranger.


Pedalling For Pleasure \lugtloek ('ountr} l’ark. ('raigallian Road. .\Iilnga\ ie. 950 (\lIlIl. l 5pm. l'iree. Join the Ranger Ser\ iee tor a da_\ \ e}eling on the paths and tracks ol' Iiaxt l)unbarlonxhire. The tlhlitllt't‘ is apprmunatel} l4 Illllt‘\ and the minimum age is I3. Booking is exxential. Archery For Beginners \liigiluek ('ountr} l’ark. (‘raigalhan Road. .\Iilnga\ ie. t)5(i MIN). 3 4pm. LI Meet at ('raigend Held and Inn e a \hot at thix aneient \pol‘t

\\ ith e\pert help t‘rom \Vextern Arehei‘x. You earl either much the demonstration at 3pm or join in the Iun at aintiine.

Other events

Amateur Radio Event 'l'all Ship at (Eliot—Rm llarbour. I00 Slttlk'l'tlsx Road. 33‘) 0(13l. l0am 5pm. £4.5(lt£.3.35l; ehildren £3.50. See Sat 4.

Summer in the City Various \enuex. 387 3888. .\'oon 5pm. l‘ree. See Sat 4.

Further afield

Traquair Fair l'raquair llouxe. lnnei‘leithen. 0l8‘)(i 830333. I lam (ipm. {l0 [l3 (£5 £7). See Sat 4.

Monday 6

Other events

Philosophy Cafe \Vaieixiune‘x.

I53 I57 Saueliiehall Street. 333 ‘)I05. 7pm. l-‘i'ee. Regular get-together in (‘oxta ('ot’lee Iol' Iho\e \\ ho \kotlld like to dlxetlxx the philosophical point\ in lite.

Glasgow life

Tuesday 7


Evening Walk Along The West Highland Way Seot liek. 1:40:33 L" \ b mile ualk liom \Iugdoek to lltllllgit}llt' going \ ia (‘iaigallian l oeh and then onto the Reaeli liee lnn llie \\.ilk laxtx 3ltotiix

Pond Dipping \lllll\lllt‘l \ l\lIt\l\ (‘entie. \ltllhltlt‘l park. near loehxxmnoeh. 0l505 84380“ 3 3pm L3 (Ll 50) Ihxeoxei more about pond lite and the ei‘eatuiex under the \\.itei

Wednesday 8


Badger Watch l'.tll\ t )l (‘lxtle \ l\llot ('entie. l'he l)}t‘\\ttll\\. \e\\ lanaik. 0l555 005303 8pm. L5 l'mo} IlIl\ walk u ith the ('ounti)\ide Rangeix and see badgers ll\ mg in their natural emuonment. lhix \\lll m\ol\e a 30 40 minute \talk.

Thursday 9


Bat Night I oehumnoeh RSI’H \atuie Resene.\ Road. l.oeh\\innoeh. Ill5tl5 Sight)? S 3t) Him], (2 .\ member ol the (dee llat (iioup \\ ill go e an lllll\ll';lletl talk on thexe enigmatie ereatui‘e\ lollou ed b_\ a trip to the lt‘\t‘l\t' to it} and loeate them.

A Highland Fling

What fling? ()ka). so it‘s not a thug. bill a traditional llighland games. What happens? ('ompetitoix Iroin around the world u ill be eompetmg in games \ueh as the \ehiele pull. tossing the eaber. putting the stone and Iltl'ti“ ing the hem} hammer.

Anything else? It that'x not enough to keep }oti \u eating there \\ ill alxo be a \ai'iet) ot' stalls. pipe band\ and the Miller Ilighlaiid l)aneer\.

I High/(mil (la/nos, [2417300772 ()f Scott/sh Country latte, Kitt()v,‘/’2‘,/rlu. East Kiln/lilo, 0 73'3") 2.7"] ll-a’ I. Sat {1 Aug. 7pm. 2’ (IE/x.




Gabriel and Me (Billy Connolly stars) Enigma (Dougray Scott stars)

Deadly Attack (Scottish cast & crew)

L.|.E (Brian Cox stars)

Crush (John McKay stars)

Hedwig & the Angry Inch (Scottish Director) Storytelling (Belle & Sebastian soundtrack) As the Beast Sleeps (David Hayman stars)


12-28 AUBUSTW’?£€5