l’T/J/ (19:, CATATONIA Paper Scissors Stone (Blanca { New” .0.


Cerys and the boys have been keeping therr treads down of late. obvrously trying to get their treads round their phenomenal success of the last few years. As a result Paper SCIHSO/l‘; Stone rs a more contemr)latrv'e album. wrth a distinctly melancholic arr. Ms Matthews' vorce strll sounds like that of a gorgeously horny angel. but sadly Catatonra's strength was always big dalt choruses. whrch are mostly lacking here. Lyr'rcally the band strll have therr uncanny ear for a soundbrte trtle (‘The Mother Of Mrsogyny' and 'Is Everybody Here On Drugs?" for exampler but the overall rmpressron rs ot a pale rrnrtatron ot the old Catatonia. (Doug Johnstoner


Doc Scott Presents: Hidden Rooms Vol.3 (Certrlrcate l8) 0...

It can be hard work keeping up wrth drum 8‘ bass as the genre rs forever shape-shitting rnto stark new realrtres. Fret not though because DOC Scott (the arguable daddy oi drum 8. bassr rs here and he's got a potted hrstory of the last three years of leading label Certificate 18's materral under hrs arm. From lush vocal productions like Klute's ‘Phone Call‘ (Matrix remer to Tee Bee's dirty breakbeat meets tech samplage tinkery. Scott's selectron bears all the hallmarks of (ungle gold.

Tl“:;;€1’,‘rf’/, 8’) fna'ikfufl, tfl/f/l“: extransfed t'acks :rto this ailmfantral 'rs‘i-nrnf; experience. (Catner‘ne Bron‘reyt


ATOMIC KITTEN Right Now (Innocent. O.

‘y‘Jhen Kerry Katona left The Krtten to settle down and have a bat», drd the, call rt gurts’? No way? Instead they recrurted Jenny Frost from botton‘ rung girl group and Eurovrsron tarlures Precious to (ill the Kerry shaped hole. Now they‘re gone and rerecorded the whole album with Jenny's vocals. A brt of a strange notron: pop substitutes don't usually get this kind of treatn:ent. Pure tr//y pop from the all-girl lrro. but Katona took some of therr lerstrness with her when she walked. lt loses yet another mark for berng basically the same album repackaged with a few new tracks (Including hrt srngle 'Eternal lilame'l. (Henry Northmorel

Ell;(3llt()Nl()A BIENVENIDA Alexkid (F COllllllllll|(léltl()llf3l .0.

Ten seconds rnto track one and oh, dear, rt looks lrke its time to pull that over-worn phrase 'deep latrn-trnged house' out of the bulging clrche bag and stick rt next the word 'dull'. But wart... what rs this? Track two. rs a sinister swampy- blues krnd of thing. as rs I Think. its successor: both are sumptuoust textured. lrke Primal Scream worked over by Kris Needs. How pleasant. But then maybe first impressions are always right. The rest ot’ thrs debut album by French man kid Alexrs Maurr, rs dominated by the same bland funky house 'vrbe' which its opener reeks of. Yes. It's all stunningly performed. (Jean Phrlrpe

Rykrel Youssou N'Dour

and Salrt Kerta collaborator features on keyboardSl and it's all so bloody well put


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l>£l’il\£t(}ll‘(] lf, ’;()r’)(-(>1;, all holographc (magma ‘.'rbrant prnks and :t‘etallrc inks; .'."'r:re til) entrtled l ovel‘. aurorks on at ascending ambient bras '.'.rrtl% sorr‘e lovely tunes. in particular l-tadra's‘/\n1ran()ate'. Cl.) 2 (lover Sunset. '\.'./orks better though. with every ‘3(}l€3’1ll()l‘ a Winner from Apollo l our l'orty to l en‘on \Jeil, l-lot. (Paul Daler



Y'all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear (Bright Stan O...

The brarnch:ld of Snov. Patrols Gan; lightbody. The Reindeer Section rs a positive smorgasbord of Scottish indie talent. with contributions from members ol Belle 8. Sebastian. Arab Strap. Mogwar. Astrid and Mull Historical Society. \‘ylrth that (n rnrnd. thrs alburrr makes a surprisingly cohesive whole. and (s a pretty excellimt example of lettfreld homebaked tuneSrnrthen,. The first half of Y'all. . rs a sleepy aftarr, with gerttl ,- gurtars and narn‘onres reminiscent of Low (7‘. places. Later on stuoro technology enters the tray to beet things up a brt. and throughout th s impressive protect Lightbody nerntam; "lS

ovxn band’s sense of

JAMES BROWN Live At The Apollo Volumell i . : -

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BILL BRUFORD’S EARTHWORKS The Sound of Surprise ll )rs<:!p:n(- ( it“ :t a H tn- 0...

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J.Lo hits an A, all-time low ‘3}

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‘4'- Wauvenfold. who "ti.~:"" (I " 51'": .l E’I' :ll {lll '2’»: 1 l' -- i-‘wt l l’ ‘.'.’rr,l:rta

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»'v-: drip, e”? .'.:'."a the shufflrng turn", out .w "e inc-9'. fl." ’:-’r'¥:. Sir,“ lvr, lr, lira/(l 110000 Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra 2 z: ‘m titty: fie/ruin strutfly

t -’: Stephen ‘Pavement’ Malkmus; '.'.";:;,e', SINGLE OF THE WEEK 7-. l: r.- E [Jug' (Udfl‘ll‘m O... . r, lire it»;- l er' onlread‘,

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Magnificents. "‘-’;' 1-9:, .1 El” irkranmhg

./. _. in: C... ,I: (z_lr'llr1(,". "if ’l":‘1”1’1’}‘M’XflUlQQD .,o,, ,. (‘o/ ,,, ,‘I ,1, ,‘( I ,\/, o r, '5’,‘ ,. ,t). / x 1'}, MIN! [41H 1 [llt {) )t -' " I-' I. .‘.'-:3 'r’,i’l'.<t/Tr1ll.l"/,/

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:k ' THE LIST 39