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% Capability Scotland is tht‘ SHORT FILM SCHEME CO-ORDINATOR E . 3”?”5’2‘0 I , I 13"?“ 8 Marketing Manager "911;!!! H m £18,” PRO “1" E llt't‘tl outgoing TWO D‘YS PER WEEK 8 llttll\itlllill\ to J\Sl\l The Glasgow Media Access Centre Ltd. is looking for a Co-ordinator for , lath“ “a”. filly—“W: , their new initiative which will be launched later this summer and Will Cumbernauld Theatre seeks an experlenced Li‘mzb‘l’l'l'w“ “:(‘1”G‘l"l“:;’m'2 m . ~ . . Y \Vl ( gellvgr byel (Sil'glltishortt films per year as part of the Film CounCll 5 Tier and resourceful Marketmg Manager Wlth mm m WNW mmwmd. "8 '9'3 0 3'3 egy' . I I . prover] to promote the work of a honest and reliable, in return we The ideal candidate would have a mlnlmum of two years experience in progressive arts centre and production offer an excellent salary of £9,863 production and must be interested in developing new talent at grassroots _ , , pro rata, level. The candidate must have flair and imagination as well as the ability companY- Exper'ence m market'ng to the For mare information, call to manage tight budgets and meet the contractual requirements of the Film education sector, pro-actlve approaches to CAROLINE on 0131 337 9876, Council's New Cinema Fund. The position is initially two days per week for managing marketing initiatives and press t‘xl 228 NOW.

one year but has potential for growth. . . . , . . and medla experlence are requlred. The Glasgow Medla Access Centre IS Scotland 5 largest open access

facility with a membership of 450 students. freelancers, unemployed.

Glasgow Gt 1LH 0141 553 2620 admin©

professionals. companies and community groups. GMAC runs the short For further deta'ls telephone 0123 673 7235 film scheme Cineworks and offers regular training courses. equipment Closing date Wednesday 15 August 2001 and studio hire. and produces its own broadcast commissions and Interviews to be held in week of 20 August 2001 corporate and community videos. - ' ' NORTH A Job Description can be provided on request and THE SCOTTISH ARTS C(‘L'N‘Il- ? LANARKSHIRE candidates should supply a CV and covering letter to: - _ ~ 3 Mr. Ian Reid Director n GMAC Ltd. ' ’7 3rd Floor. 34 Albion Street. M /l 0 4



The dead/me for applications [SAUQUSI 75m 2007' Scotland's leading touring theatre company seeks a new full time

Marketing Manager

Candidates must be dynamic and creative and have a high level of

experience in Press and Marketing, preferably in the arts.

S I f . For a full job desirigtiz’n phi: 31322141 334 6686

Closing date for applications Monday 20 August

Could you be a FRIEND to an adult who has a Interviews to be held Tuesday 28 August learning disability and include them in some of 784 rs an equal opportunrncs employer the people. places and pastimes you en joy? If you 8 “my no “027650

also have a few hours to spare at least once a fortnight then you might be an ideal person to volunteer to become a Befriender.

. . The Audience Business We are also looking for people who may have a

spare room which they can offer on a regular Administrator ‘| 3,500 basis to an adult which will give them and their

family a bit of a break. Ed'nburgh Training. support and allowances are given to Scotland's only audience development agency bf’th BE‘FRIENDERS and SHORT'TERM is looking for an experienced and dynamic CARERS- administrator with a minimum of 2 years ' , 'bl ' th t . IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE e’fper'ence P05.“ y 'n 8 3r 5 , INTERESTED AT ALL You Will be responSIble for all companys finances (Sage based), lT co-ordination PLEASE CONTACT MAGS on (incl. web site) and general office 013/ 3/3 6708 (answering machine) administration.You will report to and work

with the Chief Executive. Computer literacy

. ' essential (Microsoft Office).

“*5 C'" 0' ED'““"““ “0"” Application deadline: 3/ August Social Work Interviews: I 0 September Application form only, call 0/3/ 622 8/ 00

Project funded by City of Edinburgh Council Scottish Charity No. SC 030956

2-9 August 2001 THE LIST 45