Spanish in Spain (Barcelona. Madrid. Salainanca. Sevrlle. Granada. Neiia Malaga). Also in Cuba. Costa Rica. Mexico. Peru. Ecuador Argentina French, German, Italian and Russian Portugese in Portugal and Brazil Spanish and Salsa Holidays in Cuba iNoveiiibei 2001 1 Italian courses in Florence. Rome. Lucca. Siena and Sleily Gap Yearin Latin America and Europe Caledonia Languages Abroad Tel 0131 621 7721/2 - Fax 0131 621 7723 email www.caledonianlanguagescouk

I Private Singing TUItiOfl. lmproye your \ocal technique w ith experienced pro- lessional singer. Beginner's

\\ c'lcolltc'. ’lcl 0l~ll 9-12 5400 I Wanted. Bongo drum- mer. Willing to teach eager student on weekly basis. (ilasgow (‘in ('cntrc area. limes and liL‘CS negotiable. (‘ontact 0141 564 (108‘) (after (ipntl

All about Alexander Technique. An introductory lesson or \Hil'lxslmp It) c‘liitblc‘ _\‘()ll 10 tlc‘t'ltlc‘ \\ lic'llic‘l' It) take your interest further.

Tel: Isobel Anderson 0141 334 1658

I Calling imaginative, experimental photogra— phers to start informal group for mutual encouragement. inspira— tion. (ilasgoyy area. No Practical Photography readers please. 'l‘cl: (llti‘hs’ X50176.


I Bass player required to complete line tip. Forthcoming gigs and recording influences: (ialaxie Soo. Low. Bedhead. Yola ’l'engo. (‘ontactz Richie 0131 0(17 2307

I Singers/Songwriters/ Bands. Have your song arranged. produced and record- ed 01110 (‘1) at 'l‘llc‘ Music Production House 24 bit studio. l-‘acilitics-V-Drums. session

players (including real strings). Seriously ambitious? ('all John til-ll 337 2353

Bed And Breakfast

I Self-Catering in for- mer Church House. Spacious accommodation. garden. excel- lent \ ieyys in a sunny spot oy'er- looking l.och Mclfort. Tel 0l852 2003-18 or Visit

http: freespace.y'irginnet,tom. kilmelford

I Lawren Media MUSIC. Versatile composer. fringe performance. newa established studio. l‘ilm sound- tracks. SMP'l‘li synching. Incidental music for dance and theatre projects. (‘all Paul on ()131 556 9-187


small flat move specialists

moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361 established 1992


ir/iul (ll't’ you doing

(I! [he tree/tend.”

IVC is a self run club for graduates and professionals offering a wide range of social and sporting activities.

liy'ery month our members run dozens of ey'ents coy'ering a tllVCtsC range of interests.

Info from... GLASGOW 07050 24816-1 ww w .glasgowiy'c .org .uk helloGi glasgow iy'c EDINBI’RGH ()131 332 1342 eiycGI bigfootcom

evenings and weekends






E 01 HBU RGH M In C’) 5.

including complete DGQIIIDGI‘;

Tel: 01324-613 209 -

Web: http

C ER 0 C...

c Lea/n lo par! 09/ dance/cany nus/c. Jive, [an a Ora/rs. elc. .. 0 Meme)in win h\ i \ends \no need \ o bi yoga pat \ net \. 0 Complete beginners ire/come every week a! a// nights.

SPECIALOFFER lst NIGHT £3.00 ONLY WITH THl SAD. (incl. FREE n’embership)

Mondays: Boys Brigade. 168 Bath St. Wednesdays. Glasgow Uni. Union.

32 Universny Avenue. Westend. Mondays Tuesdays & Thursdays:

St Ste phens hall, St Ste phens St (botto m of Howe St ). Sto ckbndge. Wednesdays: Craig Tay Hotel. 101 Broughty Ferry Road. Tuesdays: Cairn Road. Raterculter. Thursdays: The Loft @ O'Donaghues. 16 J usti ce Mill Lane. Aberdeen.

(inert. «Hr-en at .' 15 Begiinmis class at / 3i pm A'Tttlzuton is E 5 ‘3'" 5-1 00; Melitl-et'.hi p is f 109‘ payath (,ll first night

GLASGOW Fart ick Ltu'rih Malta (111 Do'nt):ii1<-r.Hd Second Saturday of 1r‘v'; rmnt n (’1, 00pm til 1200.1!“

55 Cum-.2- Street

1 as! $.11 Litday 01 the mm! b 8 Oar; m 1: l 1 (Liam

A eemeen Aberdeen Deal Sucre! y Smith lucid Rd i'iird Saturday 01 the morn h 8 (30pm til 12 003m


REGULAR week-end workshops tar

E- mail: hi aoerocscotl and. com www.cerocscotl and. com

Marco's. 55 Grove Street

The Qilter Mills Club.



ii l‘-..)A‘,'/_.l‘

For more information:

Tel 0141 334 0716 dance, For full programme of activities, visit:

I SERIOUS ABOUT SALSA - Dance lessons from SALSA FL’ENTE @ Shuffles (21 Waterloo Street). Every Saturday with UKA qualified teachers Gordon Fox & Sandra Donoghue. Beginners 1pm £3. lmprovers 2.15pm £3.51). Intermediate 3.30pm £4. Do more than one class and save £11. More details? Call Sandra 07811 449756 or danc- ingqueen@donoghuesolcouk

THE DANCE HOUSE f Women's Dance Gr0up

I SALSA FUENTE: NEW CLASSES - EVERY WEDNESDAY AND THURS- DAY 61 HAVANA. 51) Hope Street with Sandra & Gordon. 8pm- 10pm £4. Beginners wel- come. no partner required. DJ‘s play til 12 on Wed 8; lam on 'l‘hur. More info call Sandra 07811 449 756 or danc- ingqueenGI donoghue.sol I DANCE WITH ATTI- TUDE Streetdance classes. Saturdays 1 lam - lmproy‘ers. 12pm Beginners ((1 Northcote Scout Hall. 4 Victoria Circus. Hyndland. Glasgow (enter by Kensington road). Fusion of Jazz. Hip Hop. African & Contemporary styles. Wear trainers & loose clothing. Bring a mat or towel. Beginners wel- come - no need to book a place - just come along! Price £4/£3.5(). More dctails'.’ Karen Pasi (11-11 222 2266/0141 339 4l93 or

karen@ dancescope .freeseryeco .uk

I Cuban Salsa/Son classes with professional Cuban dancers from CUTL‘MBA. per- forming at the Edinburgh Fringe. Call Dance Base on 0131 225 5525 to book your place from 16 July. Salsa. Rueda. Son - lots of fun! Beginners/experienced dancers welcome. Call ()131 621 7721/2 for more details.

Jobs Classified

I SALSA SABROSA Classes hatt- .\1o\ H) from llayana to 5111111 1S on “tllc‘l'lim Sll‘t‘c‘l \\ Cklllk‘\\lcl_\ is ck 'l'hursdays S ltlpm 111 Ill late. Price £4 1' 3,50 iticc entry after 0.30pmi Beginners \wl come. no nccd to bi mg a part tlc't‘. 'l‘llt‘ lttcstla} class ‘1 lltt‘ Riycrside has bccn cantcllcd until further notice ('lasscs taught by Karen Past. .'\lt'\|\ and Andy \\ lth l).|s .-\|e\is. Andres ck Jon. Please note the Salsa Sabrosa lll‘s \y lll no longer be play mg l” ll.i\.iii.i on the weekends 7 sorry? More info'.’ 0141 33941030141 _‘ 2260.

karent" danccscopc liccsci \ c t o


Robert Stone Therapeutics prolcssionally accredited A experienced therapist specialising in therapeutic massage & Indian head massage. Massages ayailablc from 130 (lift certificates also ay ailablc

Call 0131 554 0445

Experienced thera- pist »Ntttt‘ititiiitil ady 1ch dietary guidelines. Personal and relationship problems. Stress reduction: autogcnic training. Alternatiyc therapy guidance Mirabelle Maslin 0131 440 1690

I Carrying the world on your shoulders .’ 'l'hcrapentic massage. Time and space lor you. Whole works. lidinburgh. Ann Kelly 0131 225 81192

I SAw' vou

Have you been seen?

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