[355E2- Propertv *0 Let “mm” " “1"”“9”


I Room to let, to profes- sional person. £200 pcm. easy access to city centre West lind. .\'o l)SS. 'l‘el: 07971 518674 or 01414451070.

I Double room to let in l.aingside Road. (ioy erriliill. (ilasgow. sharing with 2 others. Shared kitchen 6: bathroom. Security entry. alarm. W51. suit professional. l)SS w elcoriie. Tel: (1141 8809691 or077l00 33158. I Spacious modern room to let. in apartriient flat. all mod cons; £200 pcm 'l‘el: 0l4l 539.6598 or 07944 639373,

I City centre Glasgow (lreeii Room in superior. 3 bed- roomed llat. fully furnished. all mod cons. ('H d; l)(i. sharing with 2 others. stiit young female. £220 pcm + bills. Tel: 0141 956 5961.

I Double room in gor- geous West lind llat sharing with young prof in&f. Big kitchen. big living room. fish and plants. Suit young. tidy. funky. gay friendly (straight acting) prof. Rent £295 pcm + ("l' and bills. (’all 07980 739290 and leaye riiessage.

I Room available for prof female in 4 person NS flat in Partick. £235 per

month inclusive of ("II ('all 0141 357 2184 after 7pm.

I Dennistoun. Large furnished room in sought after Whitehil Street. Tenement llat fully refurbished to highest standard. Suit young gay male. sharing with 3 others. (1(‘11. Shower. dishwasher washing machinc/security entry. Rooms well kitted out with fresh fur- nishings. £200pcm inc (exclud- ing utility/phone bill). Returnable dep of £400 required along with 2 referees. (‘ontact


Flatshare wanted


I Prof, female, n/s looking to share a flat in Glasgow West lind (‘ity ('entre. (‘an pay up to £300 pcm (including bills). Very tidy. honest and reliable. Looking to moye as soon as possible. Please contact

gina_g 10((1 hotmail .corn

I Post graduate seeks flat share in

CL‘llIl'ill/ west end of Glasgow from Sept. NS yegan looking fora double room in a gay friendly flat (fully house-trained). 07941 410 421 julie_b60((?


I Southside. Professional persons required to let 2 bedroom cot- tage flat in ('rawford with ow ii garden. ('0. dining room. £500 pcm. Deposit required. References required. 'l‘el:

073 H) 306 429.

I Modern 2 Bedroom l'iurnished lilat. (1(‘11. l)(i. Secure lintry. priyate parking. (‘0 and smoke alarms. Washing machine. fridge free/- er. well kitted kitchen. l'reshly decorated . wooden flooring throughout. ('lose to St (ieorges X Kely inbridge tube. .'\\ailable late August October 2002. £550 + bills (‘oiitact Paul on 0141 332 9883.

I No bedroom equipped and furnished flat to rent from 1.8.01

(‘haring ('ross area call 07785 380112oi'014l 2214070

I Shawlands, lovely, spacious one bedroom flat. fully furnished. (1(‘11. l)(i. wooden floors. pine furniture. dining kitchen. close to trans- port aiid amenities. £440 pcm. .\'o students DSS. Please call 01592 840 392 or 0790 055 159 I Furnished flat to let in Scotstoun. Double bedroom. lounge. kitchen. bathroom. (‘lose to West litid and (‘lytle 'l'unnel. (lay friendly. Rent £400 pcm include. ('1. 'l‘el 0141 339 4778

Recently redecorated. fully furnished 2 bedroom llat near city centre and Strathclyde l'ni. (i(‘ll. shower. £400 pcm + deposit.

Call 0141 553 3754.

I Hyndland, Glasgow. Bay windowed lounge. open plan kitchen. Two bedrooms. utility room. Bath/shower room. Well equipped and furnished. (iCll and gas fires. Ayailable 11th Aug. £535 pcm. 0141 576 1659 or (11770 840 276

I 3 bedroom modern flat ayailable from 2nd September. 5 mins from Botanic (iardens. Brand new bathroom. All riiod cons. £650 per month + bills. (‘ontact 07714 338 895.

Property Wanted


I Married couple (pro- fessional post-graduate) looking for (ilasgow West End flat. Good condition with central heating. l'nfurnished prefer- able. lease. For August. September entry. [p to £500pcm. Phone Ben on 01206 538799 or e-mail:

btgreeGl essexxacuk

I 2 journalists m/f seek 3rd person tor flatshare in Broughton Place. large flat. 2 floors. £2211 pcm inc ("1. 0131 55" 832"

I Newington, room in friendly flat com enient for ceii tre. sharing with 3 prof. (1(‘11. W .\l. l) W. garden. parking. \1 or 1‘ considered. £253 pcm + bills. .'\\ail now. trust) 465 (in: I Flatmate/s wanted for large room db bed. sharing with one female in St Stephen St. Beautiful New 'l'own flat with all mod cons. ‘272 pcm + bills. ('ontact l.i/ 0131 226 42S7 or“ 07967 207 (MI

I Morningside flat to share. Double room £230 pcm and single bo\room £190 pcm from late .-\ug. Bills and ("1' not itic. Phone 0131 669 6770 (mob 0777 0347 892).

I A nice and large room in central lidinburgh is mail on 6 .-\ug. N S. prof pref. ('ontact 'l‘aollua on 0131 667 6158 (eye) or mail: taohualim hot-

I Large, bright room in 3rd floor flat. oyerlooking Pilrig Park. Pilrig Street

(i('ll WM etc. .-\\ ail 10 .-\ug. Suit N S prof female. £300 pcm inc bills + ("l'. 0131 555 5149 I Large double room in spacious flat. Quiet area of lidinburgh near Botanics. l-‘emale pref. .\'o couples or travellers. £210pcm + bills. 0131 556 5440

I Friendly flatmate wanted for double room oyerlooking lloly'rood l’ai‘k. .-\ll tiiod cons. To share with one other. rnusn't mind learner (‘ellist (too much). Suit prof. £200 pcm + bills + ("13.0131 659 6011

I Single room avail in newly refurbished city centre flat. .-\11 mod cons. (i(’ll. to share with 2 others. Ayail .-\ug. l)ep + £210 pcm + ("I‘ + bills. 0131 337 9038

I 2 double rooms and I single room mail for rent (1 person for each roomi. lnyerleith Row. (ioldenacr‘e. .-\\'ail 1 Sep. £200 pcm + ("1‘ + bills. Please ph after 6pm 0131 551 6302

I Single room, double bed in l.eith flat to share with artistic. chilled prof guy. w ill only .suit similar .\1 1‘. £265 per month incl bills + dep. Box No 419 60

I Stockbridge, Room available in large tlat to share with 2 friendly prots, £215 per month + bills, 0131 332 5569.

I Morningside double room. Young prot wanted to share with 2 temalcs. Preferably \ S. \larn door. ground floor flat. l'tilly tur‘ iiished. (i('ll. Shared garden. .'\\ailable beginning September. Rent £205 per month. 4- (~ 1 and bills. (all 'l'racy or \larlene on 01314471606.

I Young,easy-going . funlox ing flatmate wanted to share city centre flat with

2. (ir‘eat location.single room to sllll .\ S worker. .-\\;tll lrom :\ug 2811i. £233 pcm + bills +("l‘. (’all 0131 229 3019;111ei' 6pm.

I Attractive single room in spacious. friendly. central flat (Broughtoiii. to share with 4 others. l-‘ully fur nishcd with all mod cons. .r\\ail frorii 20 08 01. £200 pent + ("l' +bills.0131557 8992.

I Young, friendly, clean (& tidy n s pr‘ofessioiial required for \ewirigtoii flat. £250 including ("1+ bills. (‘all lll3l 663 l053 (cyei or 01.31 558 9.31.3 (day i

I Room in fab Stockbridge flat to share with (me other. \Votlltl suit smiley

N S prof or post-grad. :\\ ail 1st September. £240 pcm + ("1‘ + bills. (‘all l.yiin on 0131 537 2472 (daytime) or 0131 7329 (eyeniiigt.

I New Town, Large double room ayailable in gor» geous (ieorgian mixed llat. Young professional feriialc pre ferred. £300 pcm. 0131 556 7023

I Single room to rent must be \ S atid eat Eoy er. to share with one female

\bbey hill area. £2 30 pcm incl (‘1 and bills £100 deposit

(11 2| itjo Hm

I Forrest Road, 2 \li‘tl ble bedrooms to rent in tully \ll riiod

cons lo share with 1 other

furnished tlat

;\\ailable end ot \ngtist. long term lease Students only. pieter ~1th Year. PM or mature student £250 t\ £2 3.5 Richard 01 31 225 6949 iiiiglitsi.11“)ti3 566 0.11

I Marchmont rooms to rent, ()ne large room and one single room in sunny non smoking .\1aielirnoiit (lat L265 lor large £245 toi small 3 l‘llls Students only.

0131 4-1" S919.

I Room available in Well llk'dlk'tl .Sltieklilttlge tlat .\l| riiod cons included. \ steal at £182 pcm, (Kill Stew on (12725 S48 62 3 or (ii 31 315 32-18,

I Large double room spacious liastend llat |tlsl oll l.eith Walk. Wooden tloors. (i('ll. Sky 'l'\'. large w nidow s and great \iews Seeking gay 1i'iciidly.ii s prot with St )11 to share with one 1emale. £31 10 pcrii plus bills. .'\\;tll 3rd Sep. 0131 555 6878


MAN/\(iliMliN'l‘ SliR\’l( ’liS l.'l‘l)

20 .\l;iiiiir l’ltice. l‘.(lllll‘tll;'ll

lel 111 il 22H-lbl l .i\ \II 0131 226 .‘135 t'lll.lll [illitl‘tfn H. II\ lliI‘ll't \Iltll


(II/(‘H where. in' \Iiili'il. ul/ [ml/n III: \ (HI 'u/l. 'ruraJrlr/irm.’ (elm/{1n i:

l.().\‘(iSl().\‘li l.origstone Road (irourid lloor tlat with large double bedroom. Bouoom study. sitting room with dining area. shower room. kitchen (i('ll Double gla/ing ()ri street parking -\\.:il 1 Jul £425 pcm

PLEASA.\(5E 2 lloot. \lc“-\cr.ttg (idtis 2 bedrooms (1 twin 8e 1 doublet. sitting room turther bcdrtmrn. bathroom show er. kitchen with dining area (i('ll .v\\ ail 2" Aug £630 pcm l’l.l‘i.-\S:\.\'(il‘i l)titiil\iedykes Road Double upper. 2 double «k 1 single bed rooms. sitting room. kitchen dining room. bathroom shower lulectrrc heating .'\\itll 2 ()ct £755 pcm Nl‘:“'l.\i(il().\i Sotlllt “\lotd Street 2nd floor tlat 3 bedrimrns. liyirig room titted kitchen. bathroom with shower (i('ll .-\\ail IS Jul £750 pcm neg



PHI.“ \R'l‘ll leriiple l'ari. ('resterif 1st

lat. 2 double bedrooms. \tIt,‘lL'

limit bedroom. boyioozi. for sliilaj'.‘ good sr/ed kittlier: nyrfli dmaL-x area batiiroorr. with shower Knarl 1s lui £755 pcm neg liliitlgllliili l’lact' \lalt‘.

lJiNit llal 2 dirtil‘l': l‘t'dlrwri.s. sirlflt'

bedroom. large \llllll‘,' roorr. wrfli littlieri otl Bathroorr; shower (if '11 llie proper 1:. has wonder: lliwts and sliilit' llivl.’ tl hall \yail 23 Jul £825 pcm


l .ilciilt Riiail 2110 ll")! llal with open outlook 3 enable bedti I‘ll15. single bedroom. sitting tlllllli.‘ rooiz: Zrtted kitchen, bathroori. with shower id '11 1X: .-\‘..:rl 22 -\u;' £1000 pcm


\lER(illlS'l'()\ \lerc'ii.sto.'; (:;;i 'lop floor flat 5 ilk-drains sittzrze dining room with kitchen otr. bat'tirnwzz. .‘.1lli

shower .'\‘s.:ll 4 .v‘su; £1260 pcm

2-9 August 200‘: THE LIST 49