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V I saw you Alan. with the yellow teapot & toilet. absinthe hurts your head. Box .\'o

l' 41‘) 35

V I saw you behind the hat- in the yariety. you big bloiide htiiik of woman. geel. a bit...lo\ e the wizard of o/Box .\'o l' 41‘) 3t»

V I saw you pruning the hedges in your loy'ely (irandad lop. \Yetit' your w ellies Nelly? l.o\e. .\l..\ Box No l' 4|?) 37 V I saw you in the future. .Milo. You're going to take oy er the world? Box .\'o l' 41‘) 38 V I saw you angel face??? Do not deny it - 1 know yoti are the highest?? Yoti know what's wrong with you...abso|utely' f- iiig notliing??l.\\'...(’ayman Brae . . . Box .\'o l' 41‘) 3‘)

V I saw you SYI‘ stall with tattoo down back. l.o\ely' a" (‘ontact tne. l.o\ e 1'. Box .\'o l' 41‘) 41)

V I saw you sexy new blonde waitress at the Baby (irand Piano Bar. Are you on the Menu. next to the Mutton'.’ 'l‘hink we might be Star— (‘rossed-l.oy'ers‘.’ Something l-‘ishy'. and maybe more than a little Btill.\\'ith you I think I could achieye anything. STAY RliSlS'l‘.-\Bl.l{? Box No

L' 41‘) 41

54 THE LIST 2—9 August 2001

V I saw you looking at me really weirdly in (Him in (‘oatbridge on Saturday 31st July. me the guy with the lip ring dancing with everyone. 1 just like people to smile. llugs xx('liirsxx Box .\'o l' 41‘) 42 V I saw you at 'l'inderbox. Tuesday 17th July. You wore a loose white top and tennis shoes and took a blue jacket otit from your sac when you left. You sat at the front window a couple of seats apart from me. 1 wish I'd been bray'e enough to say hello? Let me buy you cof- fee soiiietiiiie'.‘ Box .\'o

l' 41‘) 43

V I saw you limma lpolo's finest). working weekend as usual. .\'ot smiling so much these days. Such a shame. stich a beautiful smile to waste. Hope to see you siiiiliii. Box .\'o

l‘ 41‘) 44

V I saw you Russell who used to work in 'l'esco Milngayie for it years (I think thats what you were saying?) at The Shack

21 (1701 btit lost you when you went to find me a lighter . . . screw me if I'm wrong. but you wanted to buy" me a drink. didnt u‘.‘? You should. we should go on a date . . . Box .\'o l' 41‘) 45 V I saw you whole lady making me happier each day? You ney er told me your porn name btit 1 want to be in your next film? Line to you sexy lady. \'elyeteen neck. Box .\'o l. 4 l 9 46


V I saw you ‘panicking‘ with a glass of wine. (iee Sadie. I didn't realise your job was so stressful? Will we see you tomorrow at Police Chief? l.oye. your now —totally'-unsecret admirer x Box No l' 41‘) 47

V I saw you 25.-\ bus. lost in Metro. Long blonde ponytail. 1.1%1). denim Jacket and pointy- toe boots. Brit

bus etiquette forbade an antipodean gidday.

l‘ancy finding some non-11W coffee.’ Box No l. 41‘) 4S

V I saw you sery e me iii Starbucks Royal Mile . . . You sexy Kelly Jones look alike well. 1 think. anyway 1. Me getting my tisual without hay- ing to say a word. Maybe we cotild get one when you re not working sometime. Box No

l' 41‘) 4‘)

V I saw YOU looking like John 'l‘rayolta at the (ioldfrapp I forget who I am when I'm with you . l.o\c Siiiartarse. Box Nob-11951)

V I saw you .-\natomy stu- dent no.3 and budding actor. me shy champagne doctor outside All—Bar-One. We parted without exchanging numbers. what hap- pened'.’ Would you like to meet up solilellllle'.’ Box No

l' 41‘) 51

V I saw you on the .\'o. 0 bits 32 ()7. You shorts and rugby shirt. Me green fleece and handed you the ticket you ‘dropped'. l"ancy a drink'.’ Box No l. 4l‘) 5:

V I saw you the only ctite guy at 'l‘in the Park. dark hair. red (‘oca-(‘ola 'l'—sliin. really great smile do you know how cute you are'.’ 'l'wo lidinbtirgh girls

w ho kept ending tip in the same place as you watching Main stage on Sunday would haye been too weird to talk to you with your mates around btit maybe w e'll bump into you again sometime. Box No l' 41‘) 53

V I saw you playing tennis at the Meadows a few weeks ago with your family - in black with fair hair and a funky pen- dant round your neck. I had to lease before . . . Shame Box .\'o l' 41‘) 54

V I saw you. liarly to Late 1 think of you. When you come into my shop we chat. but not enough l'm glad you seem close to ('lert St. Ask me out. I'll say yes? Box .\'o l' 41‘) 55

V I saw you Feb 9‘) (Mental Health & ('hild) on Monday 23rd July during Prep for Practice. It was great to see you all hope you are all enjoying youi'selyes in the community . . .(iood luck to you in doing .\'S(y. Look forward

to seeing you all iii October. for the final slog . . . Loye Jim xxx Box No L. 4l‘) 56

V I saw you in the garden. You left me for a new tennis ball. I'm wet and miss giggly btig and bobby. Bunty‘ bungler come and fetch me .\‘()\\'. SQL'l-ZAK SQl'liAK Box No

L' 41‘) 57

V I saw you Ill l,,\\\‘s‘o\s‘ 'l'lMBlzR on Mon 23rd You chopped my

shelyes tip true in a black l.\llll‘ll_ I5tl so loyc for

you to come and see them up? Box No l' 41‘) 53

V I saw you working for Amnesty International on (ieorge l‘i‘ederick SI. cornet'. 'l‘hursday 13th July 5pm .‘ l was tn a rush ck couldnt stop btit then came back for a chat where you persuaded me. (‘aiit stop thinking about your beatiti~ lilll green eyes would loy e to talk for longer. l-‘aiicy meeting up'.’ Box No l' 41‘) 5‘)

V I saw you Judith. . No.34 shirt. soliciting in l’o .\'a .\'a's on Saturday 31 (17111. You asked for a Deep Throat lSainbtica ck Bailey's). You went to the bar'.’ Want to meet tip for Deep Throat: The Return. Jonathan. Box No

l. Jl‘) ()1)

V I saw you in the potter- i'ow. you wanted me to be more specific. can 1 e—mail you'.’ Box No l' 41‘) ()I

V I saw you Stoekht-idge .-\'l‘.\l. l‘Tl 21) Jul. laxi' You. gorgeous (ilaswegian teacher lass. Me. Irish 11‘ bloke. Dropped you off near Playhouse. \Visli ld got your number. 1). Box No 1' 41‘) o.‘ V I saw you smart sloopidgtiy. looking for low at match com. You are so like me 11 s iiol eyen scary except lm a woman' l~'.\ en the 'l‘w l\ thiiig' (iet in touch? Box No l" 41‘) (‘3 V I saw you pretty in pink in Morningside with your sexy blondc locks. l think you must liye opposite Victoria \Vinc. You are the lady of my dreams? Make them come true llox No l' 41‘) 04

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