Re: Who ate all the pies? (issue 418) Since Samantha Moore still seems oddly perturbed by my Rembrandt's Women piece from several issues ago. I feel I should clarify something for her.

I wasn‘t advocating obesity. I wouldn‘t like to be unhealthily obese. any more than she would. I was criticising a culture in which a size twelve is too fat for Hollywood, couture clothes only come in an eight, and normal cellulite on a famous woman makes front-page news.

There's a big difference between pleading for a less judgemental approach to women's bodies. and instructing every female reader to go out and get herself a deep-fried heart disease supper.

Furthermore, if Samantha goes to the exhibition. she'll see that the women Rembrandt painted aren't obese - they're just a bit lumpy and flawed. like most women beyond of the pages of glossy magazines.

Hannah McGill via e-mail

Samuel L. Jackson in the ‘pointless’ remake of Shaft

Dawn Unemployed It was all right. I thought it w0uld be better. but the first one was best.

4 TNI LIST 2—9 Aug 2001


Re: Monkeying around (issue 418) Couldn't agree more wrth Laura Jane MacBeth's piece on Hollywood re-makes. The best way we can make the studio schmuks listen is to keep away from this rubbish.

Perhaps The List itself could show a bit more artistic fOrtitude didn't you put Samuel L. Jackson in the porntless remake of Shaft on yOUr front cover a while back? And what's the bets you'll have a monkey on the cover when Planet Of The Apes swings around again?

Please List, don’t believe the hype. Niall Quinton Glasgow

LOWERING THE TONE Re: Dog and bone (issue 418) I just called The List to place a classmed advert and got put on hold. I was hOping to hear what this loud classical music sounded like that your letter writers have been banging on about. but all I got was a beeping noise.

Do I get a prize? Sandra Scott via e-mail


Re: City goes to pot (issue 418)

the Legalise Cannabis Demo in Glasgow last issue. How much longer are we going to have to put up with the politicians promoting alcohol and taking this insane stand against cannabis?

From air rage to

on the street. alcohol is pretty much the main cause. But the government is happy to have it accessible to all and watch the cash roll in.

Think how much more peaceful the country would be if the majority of the population was out getting stoned on a Friday night. It could almost be a return to the Age of Enlightenment as

Well done for flagging up

violence in the home and

philosophical conue'sat'ons Cl‘ijt‘nkl a revixal. And think 0" the profits fo' the as night garages what the, 'd lcst a" would be more than rr‘ade up to Pringles and JGII‘, Tots. Corrie on Turn. tr‘. inhaling yeti might start making sense Niamh Mannerings

Via e-mail

SCENE AND NOT HEARD Re: Gay page I am writing to you as mi. patience has finally left me. When I ll‘ilIlélII‘, heard that there was soon to be a gay section in The List, l was —» to say the least - dubious. Edinburgh has never had a particularl. large gay COIIIITIIIIIII‘,’ and a fair part of it is: 'non-scene'. so I couldn't help but wonder what purpose SLICII a section could sema Not only that. but yOu have coiripletel, failed to find anything of any interest or relevance to write about. You dedicate more space to this gossipy drivel about IV personalities and stereotypes than to \our

food and drink section. Surely more people

eat and drink in this City than dabble in the dim excuse for a scene that is so loudly praised here.

Please. if you must continue this

needless politically correct lip service to the

community. get someone who can write to do it - gay or not.

Name and address supplied



Re: Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs (issue 418)

So your reviewer. Miles Fielder, finds the gore movres of Herschell Gordon Lewrs ‘enormously entertaining. He says they're “high camp, cult claSSics‘.

Well, ha-boody-ha. These are films which, by his own description, have highlights such as a man being rolled down a hill in a barrel banged full of nails and a woman who has her tongue ripped out. That's very camp isn't it?

Isn't the fact that they should have had XXX certificates. had they had certificates at all, a reason for us to give them a wrde birth for the tacky trash they are?

It speaks volumes to me that the man behind such sick material is now working as a direct marketing guru. The two jobs might sound a million miles apart but think about it: they have exactly the same cynically reductive attitude to the human race as each other.

E. Taylor via e-mail

If I had three thumbs they

good. Better than the first

Jurassic Park Ill, Odeon. Glasgow

Doug Paul Ruth El Pres/dent of Student S rude/rt Wareh0uses It was Quite It was very

good Better than the second

would all be one. The one For anyone p0intrng down. pterodactyl wanting to mine It was chase was the Oflg'fial completely the best bit. Jurassic Park it awful. .vas cool



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