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(PG) 105 mins .00.

ME," you THEM (EU,TU,ELES) (PG) 106 mins 00.

Final Fantasy is being touted as the . :. I first ever photo-realistic computer . _ 1, animation. It unquestionably :z. ._ f 1 represents a quantum leap for r ,, animation. Anyone without prior . ; . knowledge of what they were , ; ~ ; . watching could quite conceivably . . ~ 3, . . ;, believe they were looking at real ' a n , I . actors, props, sets, etc. Some of \ .- the time. t , ' ~ v ~ Adapted from the phenomenally H . ,I , successful Japanese role-playing . , .‘ . , computer game series, The Spirits . . ,. 1 . , Within tells a new story in which the ~ r r . . 1,. t - Earth of 2065 has succumbed to an A quantum leap for animation H r. " a alien invasion. As the survivors -: r‘ . ~ attempt to deal with the cancer-like of the game is given the standard the basis for the computer mapping " . n l'”) w iii 1' infestation of invisible extra- Hollywood blockbuster treatment. of movement plus an army of >1:- ‘M a Aw 2' terrestrials, a feud breaks out However, it’s the small things that animators working with specially- "" .z r ' ; iv '1“ between the scientists and the convince. In the opening sequence created software tools specific to .i s r sin: 1’ military over the solution. Aki Ross Ross searches for life in the ruins of each character. The results are gwiir l‘:""7.".'_“- w, ll"'l->l and her mentor, Dr Sid, argue for an old New York City. As she creeps mixed, but often astonishingly ' r «,iiti r: » liarlw» organic one which involves through rubble-strewn Times believable. Human movement is still i r n "xiriw: "zili’lr‘w harnessing Earth’s spirit or ‘Gaia’, Square it’s her nervous looks and problematic, sometimes too ; °. (7' , while the warlord, General Hein, baited breath that create suspense, smooth. Occasionally there’s too . {in r i; H; w ~ wants to exterminate the invaders and when she’s pursued by aliens, much detail; animating every strand ’. a, .. .-.;iu with a space cannon. it’s the news reportage-ster shakey of hair on a human head looks at pin/M, Minuet :i. mi Co-produced by a Japanese and camera which thrills. So, though hyper-real. And textures, '32- (it/i. of a Harlin" American crew, co-directed by there’s plenty of spectacle on particularly skin, can be a giveaway. .-’,-’l .'.':l": my game creator Hironobu Sakaguchi display, from hi-tech gadgetry to Whether Aki Ross will replace her '_",'~',-o'- '~ £i"’lfi ..".’l‘:l tw. and voiced by Hollywood talent interstellar dreamscapes, it’s with human counterparts is debatable; new: " ,r :2 riw gm». ir‘

the human characters that the it’s clear, however, the future of film animation most impresses. has arrived. (Miles Fielder) '25:»: twee“ T'."lt:’l (".0 i-. .. Each one is created by two actors I General release from Fr" it) Aug. l;‘:’l “xiii. "1; air/Le. I».

- one providing the voice, the other See feat: page

(Ming-Na Wen, Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Donald Sutherland, James Woods), the Eastern spiritualism and questing element

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t.‘,"it:.>,t".r"‘tt‘ ("'.:!, ANIMATION COML-DY ‘af.'tir.~"t:’: , r . i'irl HELP! I’M A FISH THE PAROLE OFFICER it; t . fat» at a .t (U) 78mins ... (12) 95 mins ... £‘iif1-’:""a‘. .~’: fan‘il, airmt a'irt'

TM: .‘.a, ‘Tf. 'i‘en‘lier‘; cope

With sophisticated animated features like Shrek and Toy Story allowmg an adult audience to watch cartoons \‘JllhOtlI worrying about not being accompanied by a responsible child, it's posSible to forget that some animations really are Just for the kids. That's the case With Help! I'm A Fish. a new offering from Denmark. but featuring familiar British veices.

This is a llll“ that has 'Made in Britain' stan‘ped all over it: a comic caper let down by low production values. What would be a fine Christmas TV special Just does not have enough

.l- 17‘; (ht, .0 ’M, l ii‘>.'.‘:‘;?i

U" ’L’i"£:li-'.Z"fl in a n e'izi'ir: a ’2..£‘:T":. Ruins? T'ir; arr:

',a"»;’t"‘~' ’1‘t'l‘;UtiTlfljt'ffli‘fll arm‘s/,aiie. .‘r’iere a “make, i‘.

the r,refer'e/i 'r‘eans cf

trar‘sport. i”)... ftie'r; gloss for the big screen. f“. "ero W: ‘:/l,‘:' mining despite the best efforts of the brilliant Steve Coogan. As With many of

Coogan's better known IOlCWSIOl) characters. SUTTON Garden, the parole

This cheerful offering involves three kids: pesky Fly, his sweet little sister Stella and their geeky cousm Chuck. After sneaking out of the house they come across a secret tunnel by the sea. in which lives a professor (veiced by Terry Jones) who's created a formula to turn humans into fish. Lo and behold. Our junior heroes are soon Swimming With the fishes. trying to find an antidote and doing battle With an evil

l.’,‘, i.

(,l I x i;',' {1’1},

r. .e, ' it) no 1 six rt

'jtt‘i‘J.<17._/}':T(;l‘:.l‘.’/ )utl l.'l

Bra/g 'te‘ymxe‘, tr‘e ;, a irli“.

/' I, ll /.if1.’:‘ / ...‘,‘,rlr:l‘

1. (,l I I ',, in" 11‘: (1‘IF/{/_ J,

Inadequate script for

pilot-fish (a swtably charming and villainous Alan Rickmani. officer. concentrates on the Coogan’s comic talent ".r ‘e 'ir'i ‘i'e’: The clean-cut animation is reminiscent of Disney. and comic possibilities that result .'I:fl'fib’fliifi‘fiitf"; n‘ate'a: there's a sense Of awe as the wonders of the sea are from someone not being up to their ,ob Alan Partridge is ’. “:xii".sfa".ces. Tani Daxuxx‘i

“Oi a ‘10“. QOOU lale Of i(;I€;.!f>:(,l) llr€:$>(:lit(;l. at .1 Grtl’h’fli .8 I G i. Gina/f... i”)i’li r' /

explored. Younger children should enJOy it. but if you're

looking for humour or any real moments of high drama. a hopefully inept prob; tion officer .‘rl‘o has only helped Air; F "afloat/2.

you'll be disappOinted. (Louisa Pearsoni three peeple go straight. 50175.1"? "0'7; Fri ’1' a

I Selected release from Fri 70 Aug. Garden's en‘ployers transfer hin‘ to the Marchester o‘fice. '.‘/e 3/ CD 801/ ’I.’"r’:’:’/S where he promptly gets frarred for "‘Lflté'. The ex :rience To ,r to .vlio

fl: {.4 ,.:/{:r ./i{, ll :1 if

that ‘.‘.’|H prove his innocence is looked .n a bank vault. so

Garden has to CONNHWCC the tnree 'i‘ei‘. [Om Pull. Ben Miller correct’ tr, .a-"mm am Ste-'0” \-"‘-/add”igf:>rii he helped go straight to con‘nwt r; ’;_’)'l"_"}_‘"r':’;/ created?

one last crin‘e. To add to his Garden has starter:

dating a copper Lena Heatie, is mestrgzatag tr e

C!” ’0‘ lie :(18 Cu” U '..1;\i. l" <1 7C1" (UV/f: fit}: “(15 (ill THE: i// 0! 1(3ka Ci 5 g F' “we DIOJC‘S» Cl "' t; C ."C‘ 'V‘. "2.3; '3'. F: .Y‘(1‘. .lit: CUT l’.

ta ent of Ste. e Ccoga" r: " S’Y/I :1, a s:"r;t EtCk‘r‘g n t6 we" to «eer. costs down at the expense e ges rot n. the a sies. (Kaleem Aftabi

I Genera’ ease fro!“ F" ‘0 Aug.

Some animations really are just for kids

10 THE LIST 9- "5 Aug;