Thursday 9 - Thursday 16 August 2001

The guide to events in central Scotland

Edinburgh Festival Supplement *-\ _ y is r? . _ _ s . a.

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The Front Top five . . . tripTych 2001 Film Competition . . . Citizens' Theatre autumn programme . . . your opinions on Vegas . . . letters on Chris Morris. The Li'sf's Festival party and whingers

Features .~.-.--« u 4 Final Fantasy It‘s almost perfectly realistic and yet every frame is created by a computer. Is this the end of acting as we know it?

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lhe lin-Akwm on any Show

6 Hugh Collins Having captured the imagination with two volumes of autobiography, the former Barlinnie resident has made his fiction debut with No Smoke, a comic insight into Glasgow’s criminal underworld.

8 Planet of the Apes Tim Burton and Tim Roth talk about remaking the man—versus—monkey movie and

what it feels like to wear all that simian make up.

It keeps getting better

Scientists said it wasn't possible. llie said it was against the laws of Newtonian physics. But y're'y'e proyed them wrong. And even guantum mechanics can't explain how this week's bumper package is the best we've exer produced. Nor will this explain how next \‘reek's \‘.’l|l be lietter still. ‘lt defies all rational reason.' said a top uniyeisity liotfin. handing in his resignation in defeat.

So here's what to do. lf you're in Glasgow stick \‘.’ltil this magaxine. your ewr—relrable guide to eyerything that's on and everything you should be doing.

But if youre in Edinburgh or planning a trip through and if you're

not. you really should be). yeti'll need a helping hand. Do this:

Step One Find a bench, sit. breathe deeply: Open your eyes. Step Two Identify yetir three magaZines: this regular edition of The List ll l. the Festiyal supplement i2l and the Festival Listings supplement l3l.

Step Three Check the date. Check the time. Open the listings supplement and find Out whats on. Step Four For information ab0ut each show. consult the appropriate section Comedy. Dance. Kids. Music or Theatre in the Festival supplement.

Step Five Make yOur deCision, Leave your bench. Hit the tO‘.‘.’n.

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