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Irvine Walsh’s Glue: coming to the stage


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Who will be the next stars of Scottish film?


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Citz plays, tripTych films and New Deal training


awarded to the Citizens

Theatre by Glasgow City Council means its downstairs studio theatre wrll be out of action for the forthcoming autumn season. Artistic director Giles Havergal is reported to be hoping that the closure is only temporary. but it has been difficult to avoid Wllll a 10'; reduction in his budget.

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certainty in December when l-toald Dahl's The Twrts plays to the Christmas market and liyine Welsh's G/ue plays to the alternative set in the latest of a long line of Welsh adaptations by Harry Gibson. For the more adventurous. there'll also be stagings of Roll Hochhuth's Mozart's Nac/it Music and Tennessee Williams' Sudden/y Last Summer.


[El/\NCNlllH MUSIC Hi lAll l) Ni W Deal initiatixe has been launched. llllf; time an attempt to help uneii‘ployed musicians aged 25> and over breal. into the business.

A tour ‘.'.ieel\ induction has the participants being trained in e‘.'<.-i‘yth'n<_; from heir.“ to draw up business plans, and learning about centiacts to the pitfalls to profits to he had of on line ventures

They \‘Jlll then haze 5;:x lll()lllllf; of self employment in their chosen ‘ieid in: it

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written by Pamela Stephenson.

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