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Café and Bar FILMHOUSE 88 Letnau Ram}. 22’} 57",?

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The Frances Ann CllllfAllQ the Unlon )anal 0795/ SW1 23:32 » 077%; 394 Cull)

Lunches. Corporate Events), EV";I‘.III(_) Meals. Partlef; A Afloat?

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Henderson’s f)... H£:'\/1-r;r Str’IJI't.

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menus. Open 7 (lap; I’lan‘r-Late. Pancho Villas , 2‘10Canongate. rpal’lCl’lO \)lua5 Royal Mll(;. 557.14%

A little Illt of Memeo II) the heart ’)l the elty. Buen pro/echo?

‘rfillt herb

220 West Regent Street ' GlasgowGZ 4DQ

To book call MM 225 6000

per room, per night

I From l6th july—3lst August


Cg: ; : TOMMY SHEPPARD, I ' ~ v

I (:r v r I‘. ‘1‘ I A

Where did you eat your last decent dinner? I 2" at t'w: I? ’3 ' H’V'AY. D’ a'. : '.l..

a surf/"9»; m :I-an 'm'

ll“(l’ll€: r t 3"»- S‘a'vx'w’. .' ' Hzfr‘rrlarlrls;. Fr r it» 59.; ‘2". 1 "2 The inn}, ’ZI‘Il‘El ant: arrow staples on offer.

What are your favourite local places to eat or drink? Best rrmar had was; at the Peat Irrvi. r/u‘. I'r‘n usually keen to '.|.‘3Ii a 'urri‘rw r' Erlrnhuroh hostelne‘; me". (If? NIr1r>lssorl'<;. the l.’l£t.’")ll‘: an!) Sta“ R“ . lio'.(: nun“, too. anrl lur‘ tn. 1r heat Ill Erlrnlyur‘gh It; tllr; Rataka we Cause-rag,twle.

The Peat Inn nossh was sunerl g Y’)‘ .Vl thunk there ‘.'./oulrln't he ll‘llt‘ll (Irfferenee hetcxeen one fillet of heet and another hut then: I53. exen among restaurants; III the aanrr. league. Thls; one was; I'tkélll“, superh wrth a eornhlnatlon of taste aan texture which I have never below; exoeneneerl. In particular. the gray, was; gorgeous; anrl oo/erl real heef stock. n'rhereas; It's; often not n‘-u<:h better that Oxo.

If someone else is paying, where would you like to go? If the, '.'./ere Daylng and (ll'IVillg I'rI like to go to Glasgow as I'm usually stuck the other" Surle of the M8. Tryrng) Nalrn't; or

r, '1', ‘lj,.

Rat'Wafi. clat“; Iml IM- an Irrtwr'. {Iltl‘rr .lrtl‘r I".-/- lM-n Ill‘wllrll’)llli“’l 1" thw lht‘Sll'.’1'rlrfl‘r7lt."l‘r'r“{ll‘ll‘mrllltll (loll'trt I": (la. .. And where would you like to go for your last supper? mm an plum .1l1lll hlrttwla. lTlrrtt‘ at fS‘av l’ml, Il‘.

Uni/II.“ St'wwt

‘."':I‘.Ll‘: Int n‘. lam: u‘wirl.

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anrl I") awrrnzriw at :r' them)". rmw l'I’l 'a‘ns-vr rheai rr‘grrrif, lhaf I": l," win-T

(Jet :T For. .'.v:"t~~’: .j.rr‘wll;r'r‘;lt'r':

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