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c Free flatshare ads only apply to alroom or rooms available in a shared flat.

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y telephone or email only '

Phone When you ring Flatshare (0870 1202162), you will be asked for your name, full address and daytime telephone number. lmportantly.

you will also be asked for your postcode. Finally, you will be asked for the text that you want to appear in the next issue of the magazine. Up to 30 words is about right. Don’t forget to mention things like price, the type of person you are looking for and any special features of the flat. Remember

to include your contact telephone number so people know how to get hold of you. Each cell should'last no longer than around 2 minutes and cost approximately 15p. If you need help or are concerned about anything, please call our Helpline on 0870 1 20 1 504 "

Email Send the flatshare ad you wish to place to adcopyflllstconlk and please state clearly if the advert. is for either Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Flatshare - Edinburgh

I Double room in 2 bed/lat in new development elose to l.eith l.inks. Iz'asy going owner only there week- days. Single [250 Pf.” or ('ottp/e [300 l’( 11/ ineludes ('ouneil lat. ('ontaet.‘ Simon on 0777/ 542 32/ or simondallenfil /totntai/.eotn

I Fair sized double room available iii/'I'eitul/y/Iat in .Uttirhous‘e area. (iay (iay friendly. non-smoker wanted to share with one male. and two gorgeous eats. [/90 pem all bills (eveept telephone) inelud- ed. ('all 0/3/ 476 4377.

I Sunny, double room jor single. pro]. or mature stu- dent../emale. XS to share/lat with one other in Roseburn area. [250 + ("l' + bills. I’lease eall in eve 077/‘) 757 682

I Haymarket, 2 single rooms" newl_\ t/eeot'alet/ available now. One wit/t plat- form bed [/50 pent.

other [l80pem. Both +("I‘+ bills + dep. Suit I’emale n s. Sharing with quiet veggie. 0/3/ 2298325.

I Double room in (en- tral. s/nteiotts X S Iollerossflat sharing with photographer stu- dent tnttsieian. Would suit tidy. soeiab/e. (I I". mature stttdent. [230pem + bills. 0780/ 748 840. joltnsikorskiCU I One bedroom avail- able in flat. sharing wit/t 2 guys. [200 pem. 'I‘el: 0I3I 667 8886 or 07980 2/4 06/.

I Good-sized room available end .-lugust‘/or pro/ess‘ional only. sharing wit/t l other. [220me + deposit + bills + ('7‘. Tel: 0/4/ 667 I805. I New Town-Eyre ('rese. Double room avail ls't Sept/or n s young prof. l.arge ltt.\‘ttrious 3 bedrmmtedflat. big sit room. separate spaeious kite/ten dining room. Worth a look.’ [256 month eye/ruling bills. 0/3/ 558 I07].

I Female student flatmate wanted/or bright. MorningsideV/Iat. large double bedroom with large bay win- dow. all mod eons. [250 pent + bills. Tel: 013/ 447 I998.

I Room to let in shared

flat. students only. double room.

large sitting room. large kitthen/dinner. (if/l. on good i'ommunit'ation network. suit any l'niversity student. [/95 pem + bills. 'I'el: 0/3/ 447 I243.

I Double room avail- able in .lIorningside. seek professional or post graduates. regular bus serviee & private parking. [230 pent + ("I' A'- bi/ls. 'I’e/s 0797/ 90‘) I50.

I Large double room in eity eentreflat. share with 2 otherfi'malesfor 3 months. [240pem + ("II private/mrk- ing. I'el.‘ 013/ 22‘) 43/9.

I Double bedroom, share luxury flat with 2 pro-

_Iessionals. n/s. [225 pem. + ("/2

available Ist Septemln'r. 'I'el.‘ 0/3/ 22‘) I/69.

I Flatmates wanted, to share.It'iendly & ereative .S'toekbridgeflat. 2 rooms avail- able. [2/() pent + deposit eae/t. I available now. other September. 'I'el.‘ Abby 0/3/ 3/5 3550.

I Bruntsfield, double room in lea/y and tidy ground

floorflat. .\'iee garden. piano.

lots ot's‘torage. Stunning view

jor those with an imagination.

Looking/or ns to share with veggie professional and omni- vore aeademie. Available August 9. [270 pent + ("l'and bills. ('Ultlaet .lane or Rob 0/3/ 228 /557 eve. 07748 358 095. or email


I Bright room to to in eveellentflat. sharing will! 2 others, all mod eons. would sttit professional. It .s vegetarian. available/mm September. [210 pem ineluding ("I' A’- bills. 'I'eI: Steve. .Iulia or .\'iki 0/3/ 552 4468.

I Attractive double room available in nieeflat

for August. [350 ine/uding

bills. 'I'el.’ Julie 0/3/ 554 [/70

Please Note: Flatshare will NOT be accepted by post or fax

I Flat share wanted,

female student. 2/. seeks dou-

ble room int/at. sharing with other students from September or ()etober. up to [250 pent + bills. ‘I‘el: Song 0775/ 279 222. I Room to let in gay/riend- ly_/lat. all nttn/ eons. [45 /)|l‘ inelusive. Tel." 0/3/ 552 2766.

I Large twin room in

flat near Ileriot- Watt. available

end offl-iugust. [200 pem. sin- gle oeeu/mnev. [280 double + s/tare ot‘bills. deposit required. Tel: 0/3/ 5550977.

I Young professional wanted tor large. sunny. double room in split levelflat.

from September Is’t._/ully./ttr-

nished. all mod eons. ineluding eable. [200pem + [27 ("1. to share with 3 friendly others. 'I'el: 0/3/ 467 I897.

I No large, double rooms. in well equipped/lat. park- ing. 5 minutesjrom eentre. [250 pem + bills. I'el.‘ 0/3/ 555 6083. I Lovely double room

in eveellent.frietullyjlat. top of

/.eith H'alk. usual mod eons. available beginning September. [245 pent + ("/2 A” bills. both reasonable. Tel: 0/3/ 557 4/89. I Bedroom 8. flat, £275 pent + deposit. no I)SS. Tel: 0798‘) 783 543.

I Marchmount, stu- dent wanted fl»- spat ‘ious, single room in bright. .i/arehmount Road/lat. sharing wit/t 2 others. viewing ASA P. [2/5 pent. + bills. 'Iel: Hannah 0/3/ 466 079/ or 07813 99/ 906.

I Lovely Bruntsfield

flat to share will) 2 students.

[234 pem. all mod eons. roof aeeess with ama:ing Edinburgh views. Iel.’ 07754 533 525.

I No rooms inn-mats- Mart‘hmountflat. I large. [220 + bills. / small. [I I5 + bills. (XII. H Xi]. shared garden. students wanted. available I6th Aug. Tel: Iz'ddy 0/3/ 446 053007752 I85 24‘).

I Fully furnished flat in View/orth. Livingroom Kite/ten. /)b Bedroom and showeroom. H’C’ seperate. [375 I’('.l/ + Bills. 'I'e10/3/ 478

/ I 20.

Flatshare wanted

EDINBURGH I Quiet, tidy, "/5. male.

late 20‘s. Socks Iidinhurgh lint- shurc Monday to 'l’hursduy only. ('cntrul urcus‘ preferred. 07980 ()7I 277.

Property to let


I LEITH WALK. Available 01-09-200]. Quiet. 2 double ln'droomflat. (i('//. [X]. washer/dryt'r. fully fur- nished. non-smoking. [550 pem plus deposit. No /)/lSS. ('ontaet

jane_peden ((1 hotmail .( 'om

orphone 07773 765 326

Central Edinburgh.

Three to hive bedroom/lam.

[free/lentIat‘ilities available from Septem/n'r.

Tel 0131 452 8727

or 0780 829 7812

I Abbeyhill South facing fio'nishedflat. (iood views. Immediate entry. I dott- ble bedroom. living roont. sepa- rate kitehen. bat/I A’- shower [360 pent + bills. ()/3/ 667 774/ or 07950 //8 4/(/

Central Edinburgh shared flats. line/lentjaeilities. Would sttit eottples or singles. I'lexible duration o/stavs. I’rom [40 pw

Tel 0131452 8727 or 0780 829 7812

I Four students want- edg/m- 4 bedroom I‘l’flat on [faster Road. 2 single. 2 double. 2 bat/troonts. Sept to Aug. ('ontaetAli 0/333 307 307

Property to let


I Modern two bed- I'OOITIflat with great views in Slate/on! area. Suit young pro-

jessiona/s' with private ear park-

ing. £500 per month. ('ontaet Linda 07703 [32/25

Bed And Breakfast

I in tormer

( him It Ilouse. Spat ‘iotts (it '( 'onr modation. garden. ext ~el/ent views in a sunny spot over/(Hiking lueh Ale/tort. m 0/852 200 348 or visit http.‘ Ireespai' tomkilm

elIi )I‘tl

I Large double room available over [est/val period. l'ery (lose It) l’t'iltt‘ess Street. ItCs. Tel: 077/ 325 5026.

I Festival let, 2 double bedrooms itt Hes! I'll/(l flat. with 2 bathrooms. kite/ten. lounge A” tabulous views. £200 eaeh pw. Rtilu't‘l 07802 358 93‘).

I No large double roonts available IorIestiml in related Ila! (lose It) eentre. Shower. kite/ten. lounge. wooden floors. eouples H'eleonte til/0 t‘ Lil/5 pw. (‘all ()77/4 768 935

I Lovely festival flat available: two beautiful double luv/rooms. living room.

kite/ten. Loaded in Ihe .\'ewtown. i/ is very eettlrttl. Rent. £200.00 per room

per week. deposit. [ll/0.00 per room. ('ontaet l'ari on 0/3/ 467 6476.

I Festival Let: Fully furnished double roont to let for August in eharming. quiet. eentral flat. .\' S. ('all 0/3/ 229 0864.

I Room in centrally loeated area. available for/esti- val period. very bright/lat. all enquires weleome ’I‘el.‘ 0/3/ 477 09/6.

I 3 big sunny rooms . monthly lease. 2 (‘1 [300/n‘m. / (‘1 [250. Next to the .l’leadows. ('lose to all amenities. ideal/Ur festival. Immediate entry. All ntm/ eons - modern kite/ten. wash maehine. dryer. lounge ete. ('all 07748 /4/ 886

2 showers. large

9—16 August 2001 THE LIST 43