Rear view

_ Phil Kay

As goes comedy Crazy, gives Rooltiles‘. '("tttit/'. ‘.\lottssel|ini'. ‘(ireetigrass' and ‘l‘oolstar'. .\lso. tllltl l’L‘l‘llaps L‘\ L‘ll l'l'tilll lk‘lllllill'ls

I Whether there is a name lor a medieal eondition in ltaliati lot“ \\ hen a person‘s knees are injured permanently lroni too mneh pray ing. Would it he a lunny —stroke—sad little lilni ol a lovely little old lady \\ ho is more or I ()rganie pinips. less ordered to stop praying. real pray ing. on—yourrknees pray ing; has had I (living tip eounting the spokes on your vvheel again. her last great aet ol‘ hope taken ll‘ttlll her liy a doetor. supposedly \\.1y

I Seriously. the diamonds vvoven itito Andy Warhol'sjuniper. under the leyel ol~ ( iod t’l’lie .v\lniighty l and hovy this kills her, that sllr‘ may I Breaking a meringue tip with the very eiid ol’a long hull-\vliip. liay e been sending otit prayers to nothing. and perhaps her later epiphany I

comedians who are short on ideas.

I Ben .lolitisotrs just plain enormous shits.

I ('heating at gardening.

I Designing the Smart (‘ar listate.

I Medieval-thenied supermarkets.

I ( ‘oinedians with antique lanips as their merehandise l‘or sale at gigs; and their own hair and pool table hai/e.

I Btiild Your Own International (‘onvention ('entre Kit.

I l’iek—Your-( )vvn l’eet.

I Betamax Stonehenge.

I Very very old l)uteh Maltesers.

I Death by hulling.

I llavitig all the lighters you‘ve ever had back again.

I Slipping the phrase "l‘hree 'l’-hone steaks please‘ into a conversation with your auntie who has varicose veins. You auntie you.

I l'sing hinoeulars iii a large B & Q.

I Who Wants To Be A Sea-Bass'.’

I Oh yeah. runner bean bags.

I Beating up James Brown in Aberdeen iii September later this year.

I Anagrams ol Polish tovvns (ude ).

I Sponsoring the (libs.

I Auto l’redietive Text Messaging Letter Dialling l"aei|ity l‘ailure returning you to simply having to dial three times to get an ‘i’ and so on: like l‘ueking death in a niche of failure within a niche ereated to help us.

I The Moseovv State (‘ireus

I (‘oeks. tits. gays. lood. Areher.

I l’rinee Naseeni iii the (‘iorhals stuck at traffic lights in a Peugeot l()(i.

I Does all that weight really get supported by just the spokes'.’

I l‘aleon (‘rest on lee.

I Bad names for hands: ‘Rutger and The

that sending them otit and lieliey ing \\ ere her triumphs and her aeliieyenients and that

she \\as the ( iod She \vas

praying to. then sudden

intense guilt and a stroke at the thought til it. !

I Vietnam and the they were not in”. “at, fingers-"I5 I(‘an l’ing l’ong eool

tlt\\\ tl .)

I .-\ l'titlt‘ti tllt‘llttltitl'y. I New Digital Sundial. I 'l‘lie tie\\ l)y son lroti. \\ itli triple steaming aetion. tniahle to lundanientally improve on a haste design. I 'lripping tip Bertolueei ivy iee. I (’orrugated tsiel hriekvvork. I\\'liere have the plastie/niagnetie 'lingers eoniing otit the hoot‘ things gone'.’ .-\nd niotoryvay \erges peppered vv itli little lost knuekles that may eonl'use luture geologists or eertainly eause some eonl'usion among younger kids \\ hose dads liay e slovy ed doyv ti tor a pee and they ean see them in the grass as they drive ol‘l‘. 'Sliut tip aliout those lingers in the lay—liy son. they \v ere not lingers . . f I lnitialised etirtains. I Let yyaking dogs go haek to sleep also. I 0/ plonk lest. I liseitingly dressed \yonien \ylio \\ ill elitnh tip the seall'olding to ansvy er the ealls ol' littilders laee to laee. I A small eonipartnient in the heel ol' a shoe that ean he used to hold milk and make hutter vy liile out elulihing. I llearing: ‘Sei/e llini‘ shouted in a small tovvn phariiiaey. I (loatsniilkshakes.

Out Thursday 16 August

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