tnost bitter tragedy. King Lear. What follows is an impressive and dramatic descent into madness as thee desperate individuals frantically attempt to stay alive. Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy. The Land Girls ( 12) .00

(David Leland. L’K. I998) Anna i-‘riel. Rachel Weisz. (‘atherine Mc(‘ormack.

I l 1 mins. Down on the farm comes a Iilm that reminds us of times passed. Not necessarily good times. of course. as it is set during the confusion of World War II. but against this dramatic backdrop the human story it describes proves curiously affecting. Three contrasting young women join the Land Army. only to find themselves knee-deep in t‘ttstic accents and had weather on a remote l)orset farm. ()deon. tidinburgh.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ( 12) OOO (Simon West. IS. 200]) Angelina Jolie. lain (ilenn. Jon \"oight. mins. Jolie is amazing as the globe— trotting adventurer pitted against villain Manfred Powell (Glenn) and a secret

cult known as The llltnninati. Meanwhile. ('roft‘s search for the

‘clock of ages‘ is underpinned by an emotional quest the tnystery surrounding the death of her father (Jolie's real-life father. Voight).

But the Iilm betrays a complete lack of narrative logic. leaving a jerky. fragmented tale that jumps from one ‘level‘ to the next. Individual images. like the stone monkey warriors which spring to life inside the temple complex at Angkor Wat are spectacular. but completely lacking in excitement. (‘ompared to the synthetic silliness of The Mtnnrny. this just about makes the grade. Selected release.

Late Night Shopping ( 15) O... (Saul Met/stein. 1K. 200] ) Luke de Woolfsoon. tin/o (‘ilenti. Kate Ashlield. James Lance. Hcike Makatsch. 9| mins. Director Met/stein and writer Jack

l.othian‘s debut is a romantic comedy filmed in (ilasgow. though set in what could be any large city. about four slackers wasting their lives working night shifts in various menial jobs. I.othian has drawn on his own all-night shelf stacking experiences. turning out a wordy and witty script. Met/stein brings to his creative pat'ttiei"s script a fine sense of pacing and handsome gloss finish courtesy of ace cinematographer Brian 'l‘ufano (Trainspotting. liast ls liast). Long live Brit cinema. ('ineworld. I-‘alkirk. The Little Vampire (t') 0..

(I'li Iidel. I'K. 2000) Rollo \Veeks. Richard Ii. (irant. Jonathan I.ipnicki. 95 mins. Tony (l.ipnicki ). fresh from the orange groves of California. moves with his family to beautiful Scotland. He quickly becomes the most unpopular kid in his class. btit finds a playmate when a ten-year-old vampire conveniently falls down his chimney. ('an Tony join in the quest for the missing amulet and help the fanged Rudolph and his family bccotne human'.’ l)espite its Hollywood re-vamp. Angela Sommer-Bodenburg’s well-loved novel emerges with its sense of fun intact. However. while this film certainly doesn't suck. ultimately. it lacks real bite. (‘arlton. Stirling.

Little Voice ( 15) 0...

(Mark Herman. t'ts'. 1998) Jane Horrocks. Brenda Blethyn. Michael ('aine. 97 mins. Horrocks recreates her acclaimed performance in Jitn ('artw right's I992 hit play as a repressed Northern girl who reveals a remarkable gift for impersonating great pop divas. I.itt|e \foice‘s astonishing talent is discovered and exploited by her brassy. man-hungry mother's latest lover. failed talent agent Ray Say. Horrocks is sensational as are Blethyn as the mother and (’aine as the slea/y agent. ()deon. l)unfermline.

Me, You, Them (Et, Tu, Eles) (I’(i) OOO (.-\ndrucha Waddington. Bra/il.

Inspired by the works of Gerry Anderson

“Sheer joyful silliness!” The Observer

Thunderbirds are 90!! Original creators Andrew Dawson and Gavin Robertson blast back with an updated live version of the show that earned them a cult following. Join Brains, Scott, Virgil and Lady Penelope in a daily fight for survival!

Tickets to see Thunderbirds for £5!

simply quote Thunderbirds The List £5 offer at the Box Office (not valid on tickets already purchased, only one discount applies at any one time)

THEATREROYAL GLASGOW 28 August - 1 September 2001 BOX Office 0141 332 9000

200] ) Regina (‘ase. Lima I)uarte. Stenio (iarcia. 106 mins. Me. You. Them was apparently inspired by a real-life study of a Brazilian woman who lived with her three husbands under the same roof for a decade. In different hands this might have been turned into a lusty. bed-hopping farce. yet director Waddington and screenwriter lilena Soare/ have carefully fashioned a low-key and gently amusing fable about an alternative family ttnit and the way its members cope with the day-to- day business of cohabiting in a menage a quartre. ('ase. a huge teley ision star in Bra/ll. deserves the plaudits for her portrayal of the earth mother figure. whose appetite for life isn‘t diminished by unprepossessing material circumstances. (ilasgow l-"ilm 'l‘heatrc. (Ilasgow. MouseHunt ( t ') COCO

((iore \"erbinski. IS. 1997) Nathan Lane. livans. (‘hristophcr Walken. 98 mins. Lane and Iivans play hapless brothers who inherit a decrepit mansion. bill when they decide to renovate and auction it. a resident rodent is not willing to be evicted. An excellent blend of Laurel and Ilardy slapstick and black humour. Mousellunt is sheer entertainment and has some real belly laughs. The tone and the pacing arc spot-on throughout. and the sets and special effects are the icing on the cake. l'(‘l. (ilasgow; l'('l. liast Kilbride. Mysteries Of Egypt ( t')

(Bruce Neibaur. t'S. 2()()l ) ()mar Sharif. Kate Maberly. mins. ()mar Sharif stars in the first National (ieographic film to appear in IMAX. imparting tales of tombs. treasures and the ama/ing achievements of this anicent civilisation. [MAX 'l‘heatre. (ilasgow.

The Parole Officeri 12) 0..

(John Duigan. t'K. 2()()l ) Steve ('oogan. ()m I’uri. I.cna lleadey. 95 mins. .»\s with many of(‘oogan's better know n television characters. The I’arole ()flicer. concentrates on the comic possibilities

index Film

that result from someone not being up to their job: Simon (iarden is a hopelessly inept probation officer who has only helped three people go straight. So (iarden‘s employers transfer him to the Manchester office. where he promptly gets framed for murder and has to

pull off a bank robbery to prove his innocence. l'nfortunately. what would be a fine (‘hristmas TV special doesn't have enough gloss for the big screen. despite the best efforts of the brilliant (‘oogatr (ieneral release.

Pearl Harbort IS) .0

(Michael Bay. IS. 2001 ) Ben Affleck. Josh Ilarlnett. Kate Bcckinsale.

180 mins. Aflleck and Harnett play lifelong buddies. Rafe and Danny. who end up in the American airforce as pilots. The boys are based in Pearl Harbor. Hawaii. but Rafe volunteers for a posting tojoin the Battle of Britain. though not before falling for nurse

liy clyn (Beckinsale). When Rafe is reported lost. missing—in-action. Danny slips into the bed of the fair livelyn. And then just to bugger it all up. Rafe returns from the ‘dead' and the attack by the Japanese gets in the way of sorting love affairs out. Pearl Harbor

is over-tong and over-sentimental. and in going for the broadest audience Bay has Vaselined the unpleasantness of war away. lessening its impact. Showcase. l’aisley.

Pink Floyd The Wall ( 15) .00 (Alan Parker. LR. 1982) Bob (ieldof. ('hristinc Hargreaves. Bot) lloskins.

95 mins. An ambitious attempt by Parker and the I‘ond's Roger Waters to turn the band's album The Wall into a visual. almost dialogue—less story. in which a schoolboy named I’ink grows up to be all isolated rock star. The result did not match the ambition. (irosvenor. (ilasgow.



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