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0 Planet Of The Apes ( 12) 000 (Tim Burton. t‘S. 2()()l ) Mark Wahlbcrg. Tim Roth. Helena Bonham Carter. 1 1‘) mins. Burton's remake of the science (ic- tion classic retains more of the entertaining social satire of Pierre Boulle‘s source novel than the l968 original. Nevertheless. the films share a similar plot: An astronaut (little Mark Wahlberg taking the place of manly. be-loinclothed Charlton Heston) is marooned on the planet and captured by the war-like apes. He meets a liberal female chimpanzee (Helena Bonham- Carter). who helps him escape. and leads a revolt against the simian oppressors. As you might expect. Burton‘s Apes exceeds the original film in make-up while paying respectful homage to it. However. the plot. tone and pacing is a mess and this is the least Burton-esque of Burton's films. See review. (ieneral release.

Pokemon 3: The Movie (U) .00 (Michael Haigney. t'S/Japan. 2()()l ) Voices of Veronica Taylor. liric Stuart. Rachel l.illis. ()6 mins. As with the previous film. Pokemon 3 comes with a short. l’ikachu: The Movie 2001 - l’ikachu And Pichu. which features the popular. electricity- powered yellow Pokemon and his brother. The main feature. Spell ()fThe l'nknown. concerns an orphan girl who’s home is turned into a crystal castle by alphabet-like Pokemon the t'nown. who then makes her every wish come true. Still. one for kids only. Showcase Cinema. (ilasgow: Showcase. Paisley.

0 Possible Worlds ( 15) on. (Robert l.epage. Canada. 200] ) Tom .‘slcCamus. Tilda Swinton. Sean .‘ylcCann. 92 mins. What starts off as a routine. if gruesome. police drama 7 body discov- ered. head sliced in two. brain removed quickly switches into a fascinating and unnerving speculation about parallel uni- verses. The premise of John Mighton's script. brought to the screen by I.epage. is that ‘each of Us exists in an infinite num- ber of possible worlds'. it's jtist that we're only aware of experiencing one of them. lixcept for (icorge. quietly troubled .\lc('amus. who has the misfortune to be aware of them all. It's really quite disturb- ing. (ilasgow l-‘ilm Theatre. (ilasgow. Pyar lshq Aur Mohabbat (PU) (India. 2001 J Asian cinema presentation. screening in Hindi without subtitles. ()deon At The Quay. (ilasgow.

Recess: School’s Out (fl 0.. (Chuck Slieetl. l'S. 2()()l ) \‘oiees ofJames Woods. l)abncy Coleman. Dan Castcllaneta. 82 mins. Disney plunders its own small screen programming for this feature length version of its cartoon series. Recess concerns the adventures of a gang of pre-adolescent kids. whose roll call includes a natural leader. brainy nerd. cute girl. tomboy and. erm. a little boy who sings like a man. For the big screen school outing. the gang put their mischievous ways to good use when an evil ex-principal of their school. Mr Benedict (Arnold would that be'.’) hatches a scheme to end summer vacations by causing permanent winter. (ieneral release.

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Rembrandt ( 12) 000 (Charles Mutton. France/llolland/(iermany. 2()()l ) Klatis Maria Brandauer. Romane Bohringer. Johanna ter Steege. l0} mins. Matton's biopic is as much an introduction to the work of the Dutch master as a revelation of his personal life. portraying Rembrandt's successes. loy es and losses through a pictorial chronology of his life. His early fortuitous career as the leading portrait painter in Holland is

w ell documented. as the film brings to life some of Rembrandt's most famous paintings. Rather than jtist reproduce Rembrandt's masterpieces. .\latton has the works hear resemblance to the actors rather than the originals. Rembrandt may provoke heated debates about its accuracy. but this line-looking. well-acted film creates a fascinating celluloid account of the great master‘s art. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

The Road To El Dorado (l')

.C. (liric 'Biho‘ Bergeron. l)on Paul. (S. 2()()()) Voices of Kevin Kline. Kenneth Branagh. ()0 mins. Dream\\'orks' animated travelogue moves from ancient

much, in fact, it's bloody awful, so Steve Coogan's comic genius is wasted

ligypt to 10th-century Latin America for this enjoyable if safe musical comedy adventure. t'ber-thesps Kline and Branagh provide the Voices for Tulio and Miguel. two Spanish ne'er-do-wells w ho end up in possession of a map revealing the location of lil Dorado. mythical city of gold. Ransacking A/tec and Mayan culture for \ isual ideas and themes. the co-directors introduce lots of bold colour and rich design into the tale. (‘incworld. l‘alkirk. Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (l'i .0. (Stig Bergqvist. Paul Demeyer. l'S. 3()()l ) Voices of('hristine (’avanaugh. Susan Sarandon. Debbie Reynolds. 77 mins. The antics of those diaper-clad under-5s. Tommy. Chuckie. Dil. Phil and Lil. and tormenting big cousin Angelica. make a great kids cartoon. Better than its predecessor. Rugrats In Paris has the gang descending on l{urtireptarland (read liurodisney ). w here conniving Angelica fixes tip motherless Chuckie and his gullible father. Chas. with the villainous Coco La Bouche who hates children. To save Chuckic the kids hijack the giant robotic Reptar and race for .\'otre Dame to stop the wedding. Lively. well-paced entertainment for younger children. and jtist smart enough for most adults. ()deon. Dunfermline; Cineworld. l‘alkirk.

Rush Hour 2 ( (2i .0. (Brett Ratner. t'S. 2()()l ) Jackie Chan. Chris Tucker. [hang '/.iyi. 3‘) mins. Chan and Tucker re-team for a big-budget sequel to their mediocre action-comedy hit. The basic set tip remains the same. btit with the roles reversed. Tucker is a fish—out—of- water l.Al’I) cop bemtised by the language and customs of Chan‘s home turf. Hong Kong. The mis-matched buddies are meant to be on holiday. but the bombing of the local t’S cinhassy leads workaholic Chan to John his late father's cx-partner in the Hong Kong l’olice. now a Triad gangster. While the action remains in Hong Kong. the verbal humour and slapstick action play w ell: but once it shifts to Vegas. Jeff Nathanson's script runs out of steam. However. Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon star Ziyi. as l.onc's vicious

in The Parole Officer

henchwoman. makes quite an impression. (icneral release.

0 Shrek tt'i «coo (Andrew Adamson. \ficky Jenson. IS. 2001) Voices of Mike Myers. Cameron Diaz. liddic Murphy. ()0 mins. Shirk will have Walt Disney turning in his cryogenic free/e tank. This truly subversive animat- ed film takes pot shots at fairytale mythology. while singling otit l'ncle Wall's beloved Snow White. Cinderella. l’inicchio. et al. t'nder the guise of a quest to rescue a princess from a dragon undertaken by the eponymous green ogre (which kids will love). Shrek also ruth— lcssly pillages corporate Disney. satirising its theme parks and executives. And who‘s behind all this'.’ Producer Jeffrey Kat/enberg of Disney rival studio DrcamWorks. also formerly head of. yep. Disney. (icneral release.

Spy Kids (1') 0... (Robert Rodriguex. CS. 2001 ) Antonio Banderas. Alan Ctnnming. Carla (iugino. 87 mins. like any young children. Carmen and Juli (‘orte/ harbour hopes of madcap adventure. btit unlike most children their apparently normal parents are top international super-spies. When they're kidnapped as part of a dastardly plot to destroy the world. cooked tip by kooky mastermind liegan l‘loop (Cumming). it falls to the children to save the world. Rife with fantasy. special—effects wizardry and high-octane thrills. Spy Kids is particularly enjoyable because it's the children and not the adults that ultimately save the day. Selected release. Swordfish ( 15).. (Dominic Sena. t'S. 200] D John Travolta. Hugh Jackman. llalle Berry. ()0 mins. ()pening with a magnificent csplosion which occurs during a bank robbery and FBI siege. Swordfish flashes back in time to tell tis how matters came to a terminal head. Criminal mastermind (iabriel Shear (Tray olta) hires top computer hacker Stanley Jobson (Jackmani to help him steal billions of dollars from the Drug linforcement Agency‘s money-laundering scheme. Berry plays Shear's partner (linger. a role that naturally calls for her to