Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication.

Drama 8: dance listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


WA : Wheelchair Access; = l’arking l‘acilities; W(' = Adapted 'l‘oilett s ). TICKETLINK

'l‘iekets for major Venues iit (ilasgoty are ayailahle from the Ticket (‘entre. ('andleriggs. Mon Sat l0.30am 6.30pm: Sttn noott 5pm in person or tttttil ‘)pm by pltone on 0l4l 287 55] l. Any 'l‘icketlink box office can sell tickets for other \enttes. THEATRE TOKENS

'lil’ indicates \enues \\ here 'I'heatre 'l'oketts cart he exchanged for tickets. Tokens can he bought limit the Ticket (‘entre. (’andleriggs. (ilasgott. 014] 287 5‘)l0: most branches of W.ll. Smith. John Men/ies and Jillllcs 'lilltll Booksellers: or by credit card from 'l‘okenline. “WI 240 8800.

Glasgow Drama


l2l Rettlield Street. 332 I846. ll’. W('. WA]

Sing-A-Long-A-Glasgow! Thu

2.3 Sat 25 Aug. 7.30pm (Sat tnat 2pm). £10 (£8). l’opular entertainers Johnny Beattie atid Atme Fields help you join itt age-old singalongs such as ‘I Belong To (ilasgoyy' and ‘l-‘itha (‘ra/y '.

Central Drama & Dance Ayr


(‘arrick Street. 01292 6] I222. Ill. W('. WAI

The Gaiety Whirl 2001 t‘ntil Sat 15 Sep (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm; Sat 6pm ck 8.30pm; 22nd Atig 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £7 £l2.50. Dean l’ark. Rttssel Lane and ()dette (’lark star in the anttttal Variety estrayagan/a which includes a in” supporting cast. hig hand and chorus.



High Street. 01337 857397.

The Serpent’s Song t'ntil Sat 18 Aug. 8pm. £|0 (£6). Mark liisken directs this play ol intrigue. wisdom and mirth. set iii the palace grounds.



llarhourside. 0| 294 27838 I. ll’. W('. WA] The Sorcerer Thu 23 Sat 25 Aug. £6 (£5 ). Ayrshire Youth ()pera pet‘l‘orm Sulliyan‘s tale.


MAGNUM LEISURE CENTRE llarhourside. 01204 27838 I. [l’. W('. WA]

Fame Sun l‘) Attg. 7pm. £6. l’atchyyork Youth ’l’heatre take you to New York‘s School ol the l’cl'lot'lttittg .-\l‘ts in this liyely tnttsical.


ADAM SMITH THEATRE Bettnochy Rodd. (H.592 4l2‘l2‘). Il’. H. W('. WA]

Songs From The Shows in l7/Sat l8 Aug. l-"t‘i 7.30pm; Sat 5pm. £8.50 (£6.50). l-‘amous hits from stage attd screen perl‘ormed by John Scritnger and ('ompany.



(ireenock Road. 0l475 689777. Palladium Nights Sun 1‘) Aug. 7.30pm. £l2.50 (£l l ). A Variety extrayagan/a all the \say from Blackpool. \yhere Danny La Rue. Sttt l-‘rancis and ‘yiolin entertainer" (iary l.o\‘itli set out to entertain the \\ hole latttily'.


HOWDEN PARK CENTRE lloyyden. 0l506 433634. ll’. W(‘. WAI ID l'ntil Sat 18 Aug (not 'l’hu). 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Dale ('orlett directs West

Break a leg *

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Arnold Brown bring the Edinburgh Fringe to Glasgow on Thu 23 Aug

l.othian Youtlt 'l’heatre iii a Prtmicatiye physical perl‘ortnance \\ hich questions ideas surrounding identity.



665 3135.

Macbeth 'l‘hu l6 Aug. 7.30pm. (’uttittg Iidge 'I‘heatre (’ontpany present their outdoor production of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

St Andrews


Ahhey Street. 01334 475000. Neville’s Island Thu 16 Aug Sat 8 Sep (ttot Sun/Mon). 8pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £8 £l4 (£5 £7.50). The Scottish premiere of Tim l"ii'tlt‘s comedy about three people’s experience at an outys'ard-hound course in the Lakes. Songs From The Shows Mon 20 Aug. 8pm. £12 (£9). See Kirkcaldy. Stirling

MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE l'niyersity of Stirling. 01786 46l08 1. ll’. ll. W('. WA]

The Love Boat 'l‘ue 2| Sat 25 Aug. 7.30pm. £10. Mttsical l'tm as Stageyyorks 'l‘heatt‘e (‘ompany take you on board the l.o\e Boat where the captain’s in trouble. tletectiyes are snooping and it's anything httt plain sailing.

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s1play.com '


Frankie’s Pick Of The Fringe The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. 8.30pm. £6 (£5). (ilasgoyy-hotmd l'estiyal regulars \yinging their way from lidinhurgh this eyening include Boothliy (iral‘l'oe. 'l'ohy Foster and ('anada's 'l'ony Law. Frankie Boyle oversees the proceedings.


Suzie’s Selection Of The Best Of Irish Comedy The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. ()870 600 6055. 9pm. £6 (£5). An evening of ('eltie humour hosted by Susan Morrison and her guests include the satanically sharp Keyin llayes. plus Brendan Dempsey and Jake ()‘Kane.

Saturday 1 8


Suzie’s Selection The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. ()870 600 6055. 9pm. £7. The .\'ualas are hott‘ing out from the eotnedy litnelight alter this year's lt‘stiutl. but not before taking their mttsieal mimicry through to (ilasgoyy one last titne. Mark Bratchpiece. Justin .\loorehouse attd compere Susan Morrison complete the line-up. Madcap Comedy Club State Bar. 148 llolland Street. 357 5387. 9.30pm. £5 (£4). Line-up still to be confirmed.


Stand-up Scotland The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 08706006055. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). (iraduates ol'l‘he Stand's comedy classes take to the stage. llost Bruce l)eylin introduces newcomers Sandra Johnston. Marjorie. (ieorge Nishet. Blair Watt and (‘ht'is ('ooper. Canvas Comedy Club (‘am-as.

l3 l6 Walls Street. 552 2 I01. 9pm. £5. Linc-up still to be confirmed.


Frankie's Pick Of The Fringe The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. ()870 600 6055. 8.30pm. £6 (£5). Scottish Perrier winner Arnold Brown makes a rare appearance in his home town. He is joined by young lrish lad liddie Bannon. (‘anada‘s Jason Whitehead and main man Frankie Boyle.

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