Thursday 16 - Thursday 23 August 2001

The guide to events in central Scotland

The Front

Top five . . . refugee race crisis in Glasgow . . . your opinions on Ladyfest . . . letters on Govanhill pool, Edinburgh Fringe and our books page


GIG ON THE GREEN Glasgow’s city-centre summer highlight: two days of pop nirvana on four stages, featuring everyone from Idlewild to Catatonia.

4 Eminem vs Marilyn Manson Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the scariest of them all?

6 Mercury Rev They imploded, they picked themselves up and they kept making brilliant music.

8 Travis A shed-load of things you never knew about

Glasgow’s favourite popsters.

1O Mull Historical Society From the pulsating heart of the Mull rock scene comes the double act with the sweetest island melodies this side of superstardom.

Let us entertain you

A reader writes: ‘I am creatively bereft and emotionally unfulfilled. The world of entertainment is big and bewildering. How can I possibly chart a successful way through it?‘

Stick with us. dear reader. For we have the answers and we know the truth. At this time of artistic overload, The List is the one true cultural light.

Here‘s what to do. If you're in Glasgow, use this magazine. your ever-reliable guide to everything that's on and everything you should be buying. doing and seeing.

But if you're in Edinburgh or planning a trip through (and if you're not, you really should be). you'll

need Our helping hand. Do this: Step One Find a bench. sit. breathe deeply. Open your eyes. Step Two Identify your three magazines: this regular edition of The List (1 ), the Festival supplement (2) and the Festival Listings supplement (3).

Step Three Check the (rate. Check the time. Open the listings supplement and find out what's on. Step Four For inlorination about each show. consult the appropriate section -— Books. Comedy. Dance. Film. Kids. Music or Theatre Ill the Festival supplement.

Step Five Make your decision. Leave your bench. Hit the town.

Glasgow's head boys go green


What's on day by day al1d hour 05' .

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