Glasgow Clbs

Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city, then by day, then alphabetical by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up to date details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Glasgow club listings compiled by Jack Mottram.

lasgow Thursdays


I Cul De Sac at (‘ul Dc Sac.

0pm midnight. l‘rcc. \Vcckly. Twitch and \Vilkcs takc thcit' cclcctic ()ptiltto sound out of thc club and into thc puh. It's a cra/y idca but it might just work for thoxc who can't wait ‘til Sttn to hcar shallow duh. psycho rock and trcaky hcats a-go-go.

I Diamonds at 'l‘hc \‘at‘icty Bar. 8pm CIUSL‘. l'lk‘k‘. \Vcckly. DJ .\lttcci prcxcnts Southcrn \tttooclt to rockabilly raunch l'or rockxtcady liddicx. It you know what that lltL‘:tlt\. you'll probably want to go.

I Hot Latino Nights at Modal. Spm lam. l-"rcc. \Vcckly. .\ t'cixty fusion of Latin and ('uhan \Utttttl\ trom [Us Sala/ar and Andrcas.

I Latin Loungin’ at 'l‘lic (iauclio (irill. llpm midnight. l’rcc. \Vcckly. l'lt‘xl httt'\. now rcxtaurantx arc turning into lllllll-Cilltk. What ncxt. tlL‘\\\;tgL‘ttt\'.’ Any way. [)1 law of llayana lamc proy idcx a laid-back hlcnd of Latin sounds at thc .-\rgcntinian hccl' joint.

I Nico’s at .\'ico\. 9pm midnight. l-‘rcc. \Vcckly. ('hccxcy ltlttle‘ for party - mindcd \ltltlL‘lll\. .'\\ il' thcrc's anothcr kind (it. \tudcnt.

I Nomad at Nomad.

7.30pm midnight. l‘rcc. \Vcckly. chidcnt '|)onut' .lay isjoincd by Kl‘l\ chgan. Ian 'l‘hompxon and .v\.J. spinning thc hcst housc \ttlttttIS.

I The Operators at (‘mia (‘ot‘t‘cc t(it‘cat \VL‘SICI'H Road). 7 I lptlt. I'lL‘L'. \Vcckly. 'liltc local hct‘ocx ;t\\i\t capitalist colt'cc culturc with thcir inimitahlc hlcnd ot‘ja/x. funk and hip hop.

I Pee Wee’s Brasilica at Blackt'riarx tdoyy’ttxlztit'sl. Spin midnight. £3. \Vcckly. A ncw prc-cluh with (‘lydc l'x l’aul ‘l’cc \Vcc' \Vclxh hosting a night of salsa. mambo. hoxsa. Alto-(Ethan and funky Latin grooycs.

I Pousey Cafe at .-\it‘ ()rganic.

S l lprn. l‘rcc. \Vcckly. 'l‘hc Jcngahcads gct you \tokcd tip tor a night out. with a mixcd bag of hcats. from clcctro and funk through to housc and tcchno.

I Phatboy’s Kitchen at .\lc(‘truill‘.\ Way Out \Vcst. 8pm midnight. l-rcc. \Vcckly. Hip hop. hrcakx and hcatx courtcxy oti'l‘hc Wax Monkcy.

I Sample 8- Hold at Bar Soha.

8pm midnight. l’rcc. \Vcck‘ly. I.i\c hip hop, t'cplctc with gucst yocalixts. scratchy hlISlllL‘sx and [)L‘I'L‘llxxlttll.

I Shogo at 'l‘hc Brunxw ick ('cllars. 0pm midnight. l’rcc. \Vcckly'. .v\n cy‘cning ol' ht'cakx. hcats and \ttcltlik‘c from (i-.\lan and occasional gttc\l.\. with \katchoarding y l\tl;tl cntci'tainmcntx.

I The Thursday Broadcast at ’l‘hc l.i\ing Room. ‘)pm midnight. l‘rcc. \Vcckly. Rotation ot'(ila\gow \ top 1)] talcnt t‘catur'ing Stcy ic lilcmcntx among olhct‘x.

I Tilt at Bar lt). 7pm latc. l‘rcc. \Vcckly. .-\n cycning ot' liuro trancc l'rom thc 'I‘ilt crcw.

I Virunga at Brcl. 0pm midnight. l‘t'cc. \Vcckly. .\ lop \L‘lcctiott ol' lttttcx with a world hiax. including \octt. Latin dancc. African and rcggac.


I Bennet’s at Bcttttct'x. I lpnt 3am. £3 t£3l. \Vcckly. Shawn dcliycrx a comntcrcial dancc mi\ in thc tnain room. whilc Annic \upplicx 7th and Kits hits at thc prcmict‘ gay ycnuc.

I Club Salsa Sabrosa at tho llayana Bar. lt).3(lpm 3am. £4 t£3.5(li. \Vcckly. 'l‘op-notch Latin \t)tltld\. with all hip-shaking gcnrcx coy ct'cd thanks to l'cxidcttlx Kcith. :\lc\i\ and (ico l).

Jon Pleased minus the drag at Fruitfly, Sat 18 Aug

I Columbian at 'l‘hc Axy ltrtn Back Room. Spm lam. l‘t'cc to ('l'Sl' rncmhcrx; £l UlllCl'\\l\L‘. \Vcck‘ly. Music with hrcakx. t'rom hip hop and big hcat to soul and funk.

I Fat Sumo at 'l‘hc (ilaxgow School of" .-\rt. Monthly in Scp.

0 Freak Moves at 'I‘hc (ilaxgow School ot‘Art. ltlfitlpm 3am. £4 (£3). 17 Aug only. l)cma and his pal .\lr .\'icc rcturn tor a onc-ot‘t' blast of scratchtaxtic hip hop action in thc Vic bar to warm tip for thc rcturn ot~ rcgular l‘i'cak .\lo\'c\ in Scp. SL‘L‘ lllllixt.

I Homework at Vault. llpm 3am. £5 (£4 l. 'l‘hc ncw haxcmcnt club ttltttx for thc ’l'hu \tudcnt crowd without pandcring to thc llSllitl l'ormulaic pap. ’lhcy call it l'uckcd-up pop. which mcanx prctty much anything from tcchtto and clcctro to unaxhamcd pop cltt\\lc\. Ian and Stcy'ic man thc MN.

I MFI at t'niycrxc t('oathridgc).

llpm 2.30am. £4 t£3i. \Vcckly. Big tclly man [in an .\lacl,cod and 1)] Bob with a tlixco-tittgctl \clcction ol housc old and

I Motion at tho \‘clyct Roomx. Monthly. .\'c\t datc 3] Aug.

I Off The Hook at the IRtli Notc- ('luh. ltlpm 3am. £3 (£3i. \Vcckly. ’l'hc ()‘l‘ll gang arc hack oncc again. not unlikc i'cncgadc maxtct'x. Ax hct'or'c. it’s a mix ol clcctro. Stlx pop and. crm. morc clcctro with rcgular liy c stuff from local

clcctronic artixtcx. l’or thc ncxt l'cw w cckx.

thc rcgular rcxidcntx arc rcplaccd hy thc .\l_\ \lL‘L‘ L‘t‘L‘“.

I Polo For Me at 'l‘hc l’olo l.oungc. lflpm lam. l'rcc. \Vcckly. You. thc lucky puntcr. takc thc hclm tonight. as t'cqttcxl CHRIS at‘c ayailahlc in ct‘ thc hat‘ and in thc booth.

I Revel at (D. llpm 3am.£51£4i.3t) .'\ug. Fortnightly. Simon l‘oy. Stcycn ('oncannon and l)onnic .\Iac \ptll a \clcction ol' progrcxxiy c. litn‘o trancc tuncx rnixcd in with \omc ('hicago houxc and funk.

I Routes at .'\d-l.ih. llpm .‘yam. £5. \Vcckly. 'l‘hc dining littlISL‘-L‘llltt-\l_\ lc har rclaunchcx its clubbing wit-m with llll\ rcgular dccp houxc datc that coincx courtcxy ol()wcn (’aldwcll and (‘olin l)a\ ic.

I Skint at 'l'hc ('atltouxc. l lptn 3am. £4 t£2 l. \Vcckly. 'I’ough chcmical hrcakx and hcatx. rock and indic tor a \tudcnty crowd. I Skycop at Sky har t:\t'c|tao\l.

l l.45pm 3am. £4 i l. \Vcckly. 'I‘hc pmh hit of .v\t'c|tao\ thrill\ to thc dccp ltouxc \ty lingx of Ryan Kcrt'. ax thc t'cgular \tudcnt night packx thcm in downxtairx. I Spank at ('uhc. llpm 3am. £4 (£3i. \Vcckly. \ctcran party up ty pc Jim [)a llcxt. w ith a littlc hpr l'rom .\'icky and Scott l‘r'cc. pt‘cxcntx houxc and funk across

I Streetsoul at the \‘clyct Roontx.

l lprn 3am. £4 i£2r \Vcckly tc\ccpt l;t\l 'lhu of thc tttolttltl. Raymond \Voodx. l).\l(i. John l.yott\ and \accm takc it in turns to proy idc thc Rtklt and soul \clcclionx.

I Thursday Is Enough at ('luh Budda. llpm 3am. £4 (£3i. \Vcckly. Disco and hoth from Stcy ic Stnith.

I Trash at 'l’raxh. ltlfitlpm 3am. £4

t£3 r. \Vcckly. Studcnt lay c\ with a funky thctnc.

I Tune! at g2. l lptn 3am. l‘rcc cntry hcl‘orc 1 thin; £3 t£2r altct‘. \Vcckl}. Simon .\lot't‘i\ott and .-\ndy llorn \clcct brand ttcw Itoth and trancc. plux llii/a lityottt‘ttcx toiog thc mcmory.

I Tunnel Thursdays at ‘t‘lic 'l‘unncl. llpm .iam. £4 i£3i. \\'cckly. 'l‘unncl rcgularx Kcy in \lcl‘arlanc and Scott \lackay. plus l.i\a littlcwood in room two. \pin houxc tor a drcxxcd—up crowd of \tudcntx.

I Menage a Trois at .\l.\.\‘.

I lpm 3am. £4 t£3 \llltlt‘llhl. \Vcckly. Studcntx \cctn to Iikc nights that c\plicitly i'clcr to \c\ual act\. for \omc l'k‘ihttll. \o thc namcvchangc t'or .\l.\S‘ \ycckly \tttdcnt haxh \hottld pack thcm in. (icoll \lotttlot'd and .lohn 'l‘hompxon supply thc \tudcnt clawicx and party anthcmx.

listings Clubs

Freak Moves The traditional summer hiatus at the Art School is thankfully drawing to a close and. to warm up for the return of their regular Thu slot in Sep. Dema 8. Nice return for a one off showcase of turntablist hip hop action. Glasgow School of Art. Fri 17 Aug.

The Funk Room Andrew Divine and Simon Hodge have. thus far. been joined by funk luminaries at their montth bash: this time it's the turn of Chris ‘Beans' Ceddes of Belle & Sebastian fame tt)l(:tttr(}(ll. They might not be a group you associate with matters funky. but rest assured that Ceddes is something of a connoisseur of rare cuts from the dirtier end of the funk spectrum. [he Arches. Fri I7Aug.

Fluid DJ Q's monthly house excursion welcomes a very special guest this month. Gemini. aka Spencer Kincy has been a familiar face on the Chicago scene since his early days Dtling alongside Derrick Carter back in ‘88. Since then. he's released a string of well»- received releases on high-class labels like Peacefrog. Planet F. and Distance. Anything from the deepest vocal cuts to dark and nasty tribal stuff finds a place in the Gemini DJ box. so he should go down a treat. /\/aska. Sat 18 Aug.

Fruitflyl isher & Price continue to drive their loyal regulars wild wrth a blend of uplifting. vocal and good old hard house month in. month out. and this time they're celebrating the summer wrth a one off masguerade ball including V a guest turn from the everglam

if; .Jon l’leased Wimmin. The Arches. Sat 18 Aug.

Sunshine When the sun is shining. you can't beat the Belgian bistro as a West l nd hangout and the gastrov pub has laid on a series of summer nights featuring the talents of the (‘ioodfoot mob. llr Karate [Us and Salty Cellar under the guiding hand of regular . resident llusb l’uppy. all playing U songs suited to good weather and it good fun. See prevrmv. page 31).

Hit >/. m ,‘t >k/i. .S‘; l/ 7.

Ant .“ ' THE LIST 31