Intermedia. Glasgow, until Sat 25 Aug ooo

Three Glasgow School of Art graduates now living in Glasgow. Edinburgh and Berlin are reunited for a show of still lifes and landscapes. This 'traditional‘ painting show. complete with classical music. price lists and visitor's book, would seem more at home within the rarefied atmosphere of ‘up town' commercial galleries than the minimal. council-run space of Intermedia. Like Forrest Gump's sickly chocolate box/life analogy. the gallery's open submission policy and the absence of an 'in-house' curator, ensures diversity in the exhibitions housed here you never know what you‘re going to get. This works in favour of Three Painters a simple. yet not simplistic. exhibition.

The small-scale landscapes of Henry Gibbons Guy and Matthew Storstein (Guy's The River triptych is hung alongside Storstein‘s Tree by Water and Botan/cs) are so similar as to be virtually indistinguishable. with the tonal contrast providing initial clues as to who has painted what. Nikola lrmer's Turquoise F/ounder announces itself in bold next to the understated grey-greens of the landscapes. Like an updated version of Dutch still lifes. the energy and sense of movement created through colour. adds sparkle to what could be regarded as a

dead and dusty subject matter.

However. with the stated objective being to ‘explore differences between the German and Scottish approaches to painting.‘ a rather tenuous tag appears to have been created and it is arguable as to whether significant differences. based

on geographical context. can be identified.

(Susannah Thompson)


Ground Floor. Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 221 8162. Mon-Sat l()am—(wpm; Sun llatn 5pm.

New Artists A varied selection of work by up-and-coming artists featuring sculpture. textile design. photography. paintings and jewellery.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART The Mackintosh Gallery. 167 Renfrew Street. 353 45111). Mutt—Fri 10am—5pm: Sat l()am—noon.

0 Satoshi Watanabe - Hidden Landscapes L'ntil Sat 25 Aug (Mackintosh Gallery). Recent paintings by MFA graduate Satoshi Watanabe. an up-and—coming artist from Japan. Painting landscape and architecture. Watanabe‘s unique process involves laboriously adding hundreds of dots onto the canvas. and then by removing the dots. he creates yet another image of his original work. See Hitlist. l’url oert/mn 200/.

Paintings 2000-2001 [full] Sat 1 Sep (Mackintosh Gallery. Studio 39). New paintings by artist-in-residence Peter Lynch.

Haiku Installation L'ntil Fri 17 Aug (Podium Gallery). A group of contemporary artists create work in response to the Japanese poetic form ‘haiku'. The show features a range of mediums including sculpture. paintings and lens-based work by Glasgow-based artists from Spain. Holland. Canada. Scotland and Japan. I’urt rifle/um 200/. The War Years At Glasgow School Of Art (1939-1945) lintil Sat 15 Sep (Mackintosh Building). Archival documents. artefacts.

photographs. films and artwork produced by graduates and staff of the period combine to illustrate what life was like at GSA during the war years. Featured artists include Joan [iardley. Margot Sandeman. Tom Gardner. Carlo Rossi. (‘ordelia ()liver. Hugh Adam Crawford and many

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY L'niversity of Glasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 331) 5431. Mon—Sat 9.3()am--5pm. l-‘ree. Whistler In Venice L'ntil Sat 1 Sep. Drawn from the Hunterian‘s world- renowned James NcNeill Whistler collection. a new display focusing on a group of Venetian etchings completed by Whistler when he travelled to Venice in 1879. The exhibition coincides with a new publication by Dr Margaret MacDonald entitled Palaces In The .\'ight.' ll’his'ller In Venice.

Glasgow 1901 Until Thu 13 Sep. For Glasgow‘s International Exhibition of 1901. (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh submitted plans and designs for the architectural competition of 1898 which had a brief of creating exhibition buildings a concert hall. industrial hall and machinery hall. ()n show are Mackintosh‘s submitted plans. which with their simple features. radically differ from the winning work by James Miller. Hidden Treasures L'ntil Sat 1 Sep. To celebrate the University's 550th anniversary. a specially selected display of prints. drawings and watercolours drawn from the gallery's collection. Featured artists include J.M.W. Turner. .Marc Chagall. lidward Burne-Jones. li.A. Walton. James Guthrie and Alexander Runciman.


140 Queen Margaret Drive. 586 8159. Mon—Sat 1—4pm or by appointment. Melinda Stradling Lintil Thu 16 Aug. An installation by environmental artist Melinda Stradling.

Kate Foster and Stephanie Connelly Thu lb—Thu 23 Aug. Recent Glasgow School of Art environmental art graduates create an installation for the gallery space. NEW SHOW.


18 King Street. 552 25-10. Mon—Sat noon—6pm.

Three Painters L'ntil Sat 25 Aug. Painters Henry Guy. Nikola lrtner and Matthew Storstein who all studied at

Glasgow School of Art but are now living

in Glasgow. Edinburgh and Berlin are brought together for this group exhibition of still life and landscapes. See review.


182 Bath Street. 333 1991. Mon—Fri l().30am—5pm; Sat l().3()am—lpm. Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of traditional and contemporary paintings including works by 11A. Walton. Carlo Rossi. John Bellany. John Houston. William Miller Frazer and Sir William MacTaggart.


11 Mitchell Lane. 221 (i362. Mon. Wed. Fri 8; Sat l().3()am-opm: Tue

1 1am—6pm: Thu l().3()am—8pm: Sun noon—5pm. £1 (includes entry to all exhibitions).

Homes For The Future ll t'ntil Sat 22 Sep (Review Gallery). A small btit in- depth exhibition looking at the proposals submitted by six finalist teams for Homes- For The Future [1. the follow-up to Glasgow 1999’s Year of Architecture project.

Canal Connections t'ntil Sun 9 Sep. The work of over 3()() design students is showcased in this exhibition which focuses on the Millennium Link. a canal which will connect the two cities of lidinburgh and Glasgow.


Station Road. Milngavie. 578 8847. Tue—Fri l()am -1pm. 2 -5pm: Sat 2 5pm. A Family Affair Sat 18 Aug Sat 2‘) Sep. Paintings by three generations of artists from the Allan l‘amily featuring landscapes in watercolour. NEW SHOW.

listings Art

LLOYD JEROME GALLERY 2()() Bath Street. 331 ()722. Tue—Sat 9am ppm.

Stephanie Fawbert tintil Wed 5 Sep. Works on paper inspired by classical music. made in collaboration with musicians.


322 Duke Street. 551) 1125. Tue—Sat l lam—-5pm.

hi-civics Tue 21 --l"ri 3| Aug. Site- specilic work by Karla Black and Katie lixley resulting from individual projects in the local area. NEW SHOW.


2() North Street. 287 2999. Mon—Thu 9am-8pm; Fri 8; Sat 9am—5pm. The Foulis Academy L'ntil Sat 15 Sep. A unique and priceless collection of books. prints and works of art by students of Glasgow‘s 18th century School of Art and Design. The Foulis Academy. featuring work by David Allan. Robert Paul and James Tassie giving a historic panoramic view of Glasgow at that time. EWAN MUNDY FINE ART 221 West George Street. 248 9755. Mon l"ri l()am 5.30pm; Sat

l()am 2pm.

Scottish 20th Century Painting t'ntil Hi 31 Aug. A selection of paintings by 20th Scottish artists including Hunter. Blackadder. (‘adell and Bellany.


()n-line gallery. ww contentporary—

Miniatures One The opening exhibition for this new on-line gallery which showcases the work of Lip-and- coming artists from Glasgow and lidinburgh with all works available to buy.


() \VilStin SII'L‘CI. Merchant ('ity. 552 0702. Tue. Wed & l"ri I lam 6pm: Thu 11am 7pm: Sat l()am 6pm; Sun 1 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition Work by- contemporary tip-and-coming Scottish-based artists.

Whirlpool by Jane Lloyd forms part of Quilt Art on show at the Collins

Gallery }


‘45 Atx; C.