Re: Edinburgh Fringe

There won't be an Edinburgh Festival Fringe for me this year. I'm too busy creating my show for next year. It's a side-splitting, innovative, no—holds- barred, off-the-wall, totally nude. one-man swearing at one-woman comedy, musical, mutilation extravaganza with simulated sex, Chainsaws, Nazi helmets and ferrets with a difference.

It's in Gaelic. lt's loosely based on a poem by that renowned Hebridean bard. longwinded Lachie from Lochboisdale. Because the poem is about the Highland Clearances and takes one-and-a-half generations to read. I'm using the condensed version. Any purists put off by this butchery can rest assured that the nudey bits will more than compensate.

Naturally. the show is being directed by an unknown Turkish director who has previously worked with someone from Japan on a remake of a Lithuanian TV commercial for beetroot.

The show is as yet untitled, although the Scottish Arts Council has stipulated it must contain asterisks. The cast have yet to be finalised, although the Scottish Arts Council has told me the mahogany sculptures are coming along.

Let's hope the same can be said for the audience. although the Scottish Arts Council, which is funding the whole shebang, has intimated this is not particularly necessary.

Neil MacVicar Caledonia Gardens Gourock

IN THE SWIM Govanhill pool protest The handling of the Govanhill pool protest which led to awful scenes is entirely the responsibility of Glasgow City Council. I witnessed what happened throughout the day and night on Tuesday 7 August. I was the only MSP present and saw that the council had scarpered and dumped it all on the police. The council were determined to maintain their false pride in their decision to close the pool being upheld at all costs. At what costs? Both police and demonstrators were injured. For 140 days. this protest to retain the pool has been peaceful and friendly, even encouraging


In between [obs

It's great. The atmosphere is amazing; everytx>dy's relaxed. happy and supportive.

actually read all of American Gods? He obviously read not only a different American Gods from me, but also a different Neil Gaiman. Leaden and awkward prose, better suited to the comic genre he used to write for?

Do I detect less of a critical review and more of a snide swipe at someone from the comic industry? If Mr Northmore had read Gaiman’s other works (both comic and prose) he would know that much of it. especially the multi-award winning Sandman series, is actually very text heavy. not text lite as he implies.

As with the Sandman. Gaiman's elegant and dream-like prose style in American Gods is heavily layered in world mythology and religion, married wonderfully with an accurate portrayal of modern mythologies which would make Roland Barthes proud, told in that most American of genres. the road trip.

Joe Gordon SF & Fantasy Buyer/Reviewer Wa ters tone ’3

Neil Gaiman‘s The Sandman

(we've read that one too)

good local race relations as the Govanhill Asian community loved this pool and were part of the shifts of people manning a peaceful protest over the months.

Many times I visited the protest and found only a pleasant, friendly atmosphere of people desperate to save their one outstanding local asset. But on the 141st day, it was entirely the responsibility of the council that horrible scenes erupted. They held out no olive branch, made no calming move. They showed no consideration for either local people or the police they had thrust into the situation.

Incredibly, the council decided to use the full force of the law which ultimately involved around 300 people —- just two days after the murder of a refugee in Glasgow when there was special need for police elsewhere. To send in sheriff officers and police at this time was an appalling move. This was entirely the council's decision. Neither police nor sheriff officers would have acted had they not been called in to enforce.

Dorothy-Grace Elder MSP via e-mail

HIT OR MYTH? Re: American Gods review (issue 420) Did your reviewer. Henry Northmore,


Actually, we can't keep Henry '3 head out of his comics (see his recent Grant Morrison feature in The List); there ’3 no one less likely to make ‘snide swipes' in that direction: Ed.


The List Festival party

I would just like to say thanks on behalf of my staff for the invitations to by all accounts one of the best Becks/Frostbite-fuelled parties for a while . . . Thanks again.

Fraser Clark


Usit Campus.

53 Forrest Road, Edinburgh


Re: features (issue 420)

Two movies featured in this week's issue: one. Final Fantasy. all made by computers; two, Planet Of The Apes, in which the actors are buried in several inches of prosthetic make up. Call me old fashioned. but I go to the cinema or better still. the theatre to see real people in the flesh. I guess that makes me a voyeur. but what strange fetishists are attracted to movies with monkeys or people that don't exist? D. George

via e-mail

Amy Debbie Michelle Student Student PR/Ladyfest It's been great, It's been really organiser and I really g(X)d so far, It's brilliant! We hope it I'm just off to sold out last inspires the Women In night. The people to do The Media response has more workshop. and just been Ladyfests I can't wait for amazing. around the the bands

country. tonight.


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