I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you ladies a. b and c. super stereo sounds are u! Please play my favourites the only way that you can! See youse on sundays! Box No. U/421/l

v I saw you talking to me in Panick Tavem.wearing black Levi's. Sisley top. boots. You could be my new girlfriend I feel like I've known you for 3 years. Box No. U/421/2

v I saw you tall. blonde. dressed in black and looking stunning in Oblomov August 4th. Me - stunned. but still hopeful. Box No. U/42l/3

V I saw you sweet trans- vestite in sexy legwarmers and rainbow leotard. l was wonder- ing: are you a girl? See you at Rocky Horror at the Grosvenor cinema at Halloween! Box No. U/42 l/4

V I saw you mysterious cat in the hat. wandering into an intemet cafe about the time Rockyscot chat starts. Do you ever go out with a bare head? Box No. U/42l/5

V I saw you June. Thanks for the offer. I didn't mean to be rude. Hope you had a good night. Polo girl 04/08/01. Box No. U/42l/6

V I saw you Lee lookin good. Stop being annoyed with me and lets just hang out with- out making plans to. Miss things being the way they were! Sony for being a weirdo . Colin. Box No. U/42l/7

V I saw you Colin. help- ing me with every exhibition and creative whim. no matter how nuts they sound. you need a date bad. you need sex worse. and I need a discount most! Jessops here we cumll Love the wee art student. Box No. U/42l/8

V I saw you Trixie. sipping Belgian beer. eating tofu and listening to jazz combo. - at least you try! Love you trolley gash. Box No. U/421/9

V I saw you Dr Marion. high heels & a furry hood UOE graduations l0th July. You're the medicine I need. Box No. U/42 1/10

v I saw you Velma. in Waterstones. You were in orange. l was overcome. Let's solve mysteries together. Box No. U/42l/ll

V I saw you hairy beard- ed nut - jubbler - lovely to smell your coffee as it nibbled up my nose. Theodore G rocks! Box No. U/42l/l2

V I saw you tacitum her- mit - child eating glumly in Borders, lets get together and you can vent my vitriol. Box No. U/42l/l3

V I saw you modelboy 2000 in Merchant City. I have heard so much about you & it's all true - you're a stud. I'm sure I can please u in so many ways! Box No. U/42l/l4

V I saw you Derek from Moda in my bedroom. Is there something you are not telling me?? Would love to know. Box No. U/421/15

V I saw you Maltese Falcon in the Chippy in Shawlands. l'd luv to share a sausage supper with you. Knock 3 times on the ceiling if u want me . . . Box No. U/42l/l6

V I saw you Tin Tins sexy vixen chick press your bosom against my hairy neck any day! Luv ya babe xx. P.S.Gordon. Box No. U/42l/l7

V I saw you IKON Paisley u gimp thing. Brown or pink? What do you think? My chains r ready and waiting. Box No. U/42l/l8

V I saw you at the Polo Lounge. We kissed. l enjoyed so much. But glad we stayed friends and took it no further. Alan. you are special. Box No. U/42l/l9

V I see you everyday u Whitney loving. SA skinny steak muncher of a "drama & dance" student. I'll miss u hun- nerds & hunnerds next year so make sure u return to my ample bosom soon. All my love Em. Box No. U/42l/20

V I saw you sweet blonde guy in Natwest 3 Aug you gave me my card back THANK YOU. Maybe see you sometime when you aren't behind glass. X. Box No. U/42l/2]

V I Saw You June. Thanks for the offer. I didn‘t mean to be rude. Hope you had a good night. Polo (iirl 04/08/0l. Box No. 421/26

I saw you my sexy fiance. l‘m going to see you next to me forv- er. I will always love you my sexy ‘swan'. Love Ricci ‘Starboy‘ XXXX Box No. 421/27



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16—23 August 2001 THE LIST 53