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V I Saw You and you said you were the King! Please let me be your Queen, Daley boy!! From the Pagerama. x Box No. U/420/29

V I saw you Shrekface, star- ing longineg at Bert and Ernie while I pretended to sleep next to you. Why does Beaker where glasses? Box No. U/420/30

V I saw you in Rab Ha's, sun- day 29th July. The Exponians were in my head but you were in my heart. Meet me this sunday, for more .... ..! Box No. U/420/32 V I Saw You trying to fly across bellgrove street. You went in to the bookies. I know you saw me .... .. your age will never deter you will it? Box No. U/420/33

V I Saw You taking drugs. Signed Your mum.Box No. U/420/34

V I Saw You lady B. What‘s with the beaded tee—shirt look??? Fernando hasn’t even finished. Box No. U/420/35

V I Saw You kip. stop hang- ing round those factories, bad for the soul . . . Box No. U/420/36

54 THE LIST 16—23 August 2001

V I Saw You shoes. you still have my nicers. lets meet up at laurel park and swap them back. love you doll. Box No. U/420/37 V I Saw You taking the gin and leaving thejuice. Doll in a glass house. bum in the game for years. She's a TRUE 0G. with her own sound a sharp shooter. RAE. Box No. U/420/38

V I Saw You bugerguggins. in rab's groovin to the sounds of toots, nash & cash. see you next sunday, same time. same place ok? Box No. U/420/39

V I Saw You I saw you every sunday at Rab Ha's, playing the best 60s steel band pop I've ever heard. Nothing can compare to your golden hands. Box No. U/420/40


V I Saw You my little prince. Tame me any day baby ~ love you! Box No. U/420/4l

V I Saw You Gobby at the Filmhouse. Love your opera- tional moves ~ fancy setting my reels in motion over a pint of Satan Artois. Box No. U/420/42 V I Saw You at the traverse bar cafe. From the land of brown sugar, begins with (m) dangerous eyes. I love you! Box No. U/420/43

V I Saw You my little mer- maid at the traverse you went “flip flip flip" and I went “flop flop flop". Make my aerial swing tonight. I love you! Box No. U/420/44

V I Saw You my luscious Glasgow Boys -~ although never for long enough. Gone (but never forgotten) are the happy, drunken Long Bar Days. Looking forward to spending some time with you over the Festival. Hugs and Kisses from your secret Edinburgh Admirer xxx. Box No. U/420/45

V I Saw You short black—haired minx ((12 Royal Mile Starbucks -- I'll make your latte very hot and very wet any- time baby. Box No. U/420/46 V I Saw You hey Babe. I’ll never forget seeing you at the City Cafe. Sitting in that booth. Lights dimmed, such a cozy environment. Your sparkling per- sonality and deep blue eyes had me spellbound. I‘ll never forget you. I should have got your phone number. Thanks for a wonderful moment. I think I love you! James Box No. U/420/47 V I Saw You in Momingside when you were 42 and soiled and changed you to well oiled. What you talkin' bout? Box No. U/420/48

V I Saw You Frankie, at 0UP. You: the girl with the curls and the shoes.Me: 1 think you know. Lunch soon? Box No. U/420/58 V I Saw You Haymarket Station, delayed train to Kirkcaldy. No seaLs for two. You Balwearie boy, me shy. Save me a seat on the next train! Box No. U/420/49

V I Saw You Sunday 29th July at Dundee railway station. The train doors were locked, when they opened I said about time you said afler you We sat two rows apart You - short brown hair, clean shaven, grey t—shirt, black jeans. Me dark hair, clean shaven, white shirt, navy jeans. Was it just me or were we trying to catch each oth- ers eyes but without being obvi- ous I hope so. I got off at Haymarket but you went on to Waverly. Maybe I was wrong hope not. Please get in touch as it could be the start of something good ! Box No. U/420/50

V I Saw You Darren from Livingston with your friend Ian and my friend

Lizzy in the queue for chips on Lothian Road at llogmanay. Let me know if you remember Lucy. Box No. U/420/51

V I Saw You Smiley girl in red car from the bored bus guy on Commercial St....Give me a toot!! Box No. U/420/52

saw you - Edinburgh

V I Saw You warped out octagonal guy spinning round on the traverse floor you can spin my windmill! Box No. U/420/53 V I saw you black haired girl. braving the noise at Trail of Dead. l was impressed by the strength of your ears. I was the guy stood next to you at

first. and was covered in glass at end. Fancy meeting? Box No. U/421/22

v We saw you. Miss Rigby every day in our little abode, but alas will not for much longer! Don't forget us in England! Dix & Thatch & Goons. Box No. U/421/23

v I saw you llz45ish. red haired in bakery on Easter Road,then you went to the bank machine and escaped on a No.1 bus? Me. tall shambling unshaven blondish bloke. ‘fresh' from DIY made to look at flats for sale preferred to look at you. Any chance of another chance to see you? Box No. U/421/24

V I saw you. we met on Friday 3rd —- we travelled together. We talked of gardens. our work. the sea and faces. You had your ‘cardie'. Would really like to see you again. Go on make an exhibition of your- self, please! Box No. U/42l/25

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