Thursday 24 August-Thursday 6 September 2001

The guide to events in central Scotland

The Front

Top five . . . Stirling's MacRobert gets the builders in . . . your opinions on Ladyfest . . . letters on the system and

the monkeys


6 Amanda Iannucci The Glasgow funny man is back on Channel 4 with more skewed observations on life

and death.

8 Laura Fraser She made her name in the low— budget Smal/ Faces. now the Glasgow actress has overcome her fear of the blockbuster with A Knight's Ta/e.

1O Northem Soul The underground music cult that refused to die is enjoying yet another surge of popularity in Scotland. We stay up all night and keep the faith with the

Caledonia soul revival.

Foo Fighters

Ten pairs of tickets and a month‘s supply of Tennent's

lager to be won. See page 9.

Are we nearly there yet?

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what's on day by day and hour by .

I E Pinky & Pedry get filthy

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