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Glasgow Sundays


I Bitch School at Nice ‘n‘ Slea/y. 3pm—7pm. Free. Weekly. The chaps behind Deathlehem (they have a way with names. bless ‘em) bring you four hours of the hard atid heavy stuff. from ()xzy ()sboume to Slipknot. Moshtastic.

I Budda at Bar Budda. 8pm~ tiiidtiiglit. Free. Weekly. Colin Walker (New York Alliance) playing deep house.

I Cul De Sac at (‘ul De Sac. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Watch you don't burn your fingers on Dr Paul‘s ‘Quiz Of Fire‘.

I Fast Forward at liat Drink Man Woman. 4pm-midnight. Free before 6pm; £3 after. Weekly. House tnusic and chart anthetns. with drinks promos aii added bonus.

I G-Man and Traxx at The Living Room. 4pni—midnight. Free. Weekly. It is now possible to write off the Sabbath iti its entirety while enjoying some top-notch tunes. thanks to the Living Room's double bill. The afternoon shift is taken care of by G-Man. with his beats atid hip hop. From 9pm. things get a bit livelier thanks to underground house frotii Sitiioti and Derek. I Harri at (iroucho St Judes. 9pm—midnight. Free. 26 Atig. Fortnightly. The Sub Club stalwart brings his high calibre house to the tiiost stylish of Glasgow's style bars.

I I'll-T at Tchai-()vna. 4-l()pm. Free. Weekly. A Sun relaxation session aimed squarely at those after a spot of detoxification. since the venue is a non- smoking tea shop that Iooks. conversely. like an opium den. The tunes. courtesy of a huge number of local DJs. are drawn from every genre under the stiti. as long as they're laid-back. Drink obscure teas. play chess. give your body a rest.

I Man With No Suitcase at The Griffiny. Spin—midnight. Free. 2 Sep.

Monthly. See the weekend out with a smile arid let Killerwatt entertain you with a heady mix of inane games and quality pri/cs. DJ Karliski supplies a tiiix of classic soundtracks whilst Dr Lamont presents a veritable video feast of the stars and shows of yesteryear.

I Moda at Moda. 8pm 3am. Free. Weekly. A saucy selection of soul. R&B and house from rotational gttest DJs.

I Moloco at Moloco. 8pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Martin St. John spins stompin' Northern soul. roots. rock atid reggae.

I Nick Peacock at The Variety Bar. 8pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Local hero Nick Peacock selects the best ja/j. grooves. with the occasional foray into house.

I Nico’s at Nico‘s. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Billy Milligan. the [art Mellis of dance music. supplies a wide-ranging clieescboard.

I Paul Cawley at (irouclio St Judes. ()pm midnight. Free. 2 Sep. l-‘ortnightly. The Fenetik fellow with some beats. breaks and hip hop.

I R88 at Bar |(). 7pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Relax with R&B cuts and take advantage of the generous drinks promos at this city centre style bar.

I Scratch ‘n’ Sniff at .\1c(‘huill‘s. 9pm midnight. Free. New pic-club venture. featuring Danny Barbour playing house. garage and whatever else he fancies.

I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at Strata. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. ()flicial pre- club to the main ev etit at Vault. featuring quality house. Latin vibes atid choicest disco from Andy l'tiget'. Shae-l) and special guest DJs. l’asscs available here for \"itin at Vault.

I The Sunday Social at The Arches. 4pm midnight. £5. 2 Sep. Monthly. After a ititicli needed summer holiday. the Sunday Social returns. tanned. relaxed atid

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ready to fulfil your Sunday needs. DJ Sidewinder provides the chilled ottt funky grooves that we know arid love. whilst live music is brought to tis courtesy of Shine. Rollercone and Quinn.

I Sunshine at Brel. 3pm«late. Free. Weekly. (‘hill on the hill out the back of the Belgium style bar with your host llush Puppy. playing sweet summer sounds. (‘ome rain or shine this event will rttn ‘til the end of the month. with guest action from Chris (ieddes. the (iootlfoot mob. lli-Karate DJs arid Salty (‘ellar


I Bennet’s at Bentiet's. l l.3()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. Tom plays tunes loved by twelve-year-old girls. plus sotiie bangin' handbag. to equally appreciative gay men. Fttnny old world.

I Bite at The ('atliouse. l().3()pm 3am. Free before I 1.30pm; £2 (£1.50) after. Weekly. A milder mix of indie atid rock than you'll find at the city's premier rock venue on Fri or Sat.

I Bump ‘N’ Grind at The Velvet Rooms. 1 Ipm 3am. £4 (£2). Wind dowti the weekend with D.‘vl(i's mix of R6213 and street soul.

I Chittlin’ Hoedown at The l3th Note (are. I lpm 2am. £ l. A new night devoted to pretty much whatever the DJs please. including dtib. hip hop and electro with added splashes of indie stuff.

I Club Tropicana at The (iaragc (Attic). llptn 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. lndic. both classic atid contemporary. with a healthy dose of Britpop.

I Dream at Strawberry Fields.

l().3()pm 3am. £l5. Weekly. Fifteen nicker might seem a bit steep fora night dowti Strawberry Fields. htit iii addition to hanging house anthems and saucy dancing girls. the bar is totally and utterly free. Much like a stomach ptttiip on the NllS. I Gig On The Green After-show Party at The Arches. l().3()pni 3am. £l5

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(£12). 26 Aug only. Make the tnost of the batik holiday weekend with a cracking line-up comprised of Joliti Digweed. Sander Kleincnburg. Anthony l’appa. Lucien Foort arid Jon Mancini.

I Liquid Cool at Babaza. 9pm— 3am. £5. Weekly. A..l.. Kris Keegan and Ian Thompson playing top-notch vocal garage and house to a club packed with hyper- hedonistic twentysomething revellers. all of whom seem to have forgotten that they have work iii the morning. If quality tunes and glamorous antics are your bag. Stiiis at Baba/a are unmissable.

I Optimo at MAS (iii association with the Sub (‘lub). llptii -3am. £6 (£5 ); £7 (£8) on guest tiiglits. Weekly. Another change of venue for the gatig that love your ears. Lady Miss Roland arid Twitch & Wilkes play music. including gut- busting techno. country 6’; western. punk atid painfully cool electro-pop. plus anything else suited to the dancelloor from the past 40 years.

I Pure Funk at (‘lub Budda.

l 1pm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. (ilasgow reacquainted itself with its long-held love of the ftttik this year. with a brace of nights devoted to the genre. including this one iii the bijoux environs of Btidda.

I Sin at Trash. 1 lpm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. llousc. garage atid studctit classics front Jim Da Best. with drinks for £l all night.

I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at Vault.

l lptii 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Mighty popttlar new residency from Andy Lnger atid lady Shae-D. devoted to quality disco. proper garage atid liousc. liarly arrival more than tiiakes setise.

I School Disco at the Shack.

ltlpm 3.30am. £tbc. Weekly. Relive your youth with a selection of the best records from the 70s. 80s S; ‘)()s. Remember to tuck your shirt iii.

I Transistor at The Polo Lounge.

1 lptii 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Real pop for

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