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Mensa members. but um it til l'lLBl ,. I there is some moronic :1; l in» (mini. fun to be had with this no-brainer. Bear in mind that a pot smoking dog is a comic highpoint and you get an idea of what i a , i kind of level this movie's i 2 .\‘: on. (Fox Pathe VHS and ' a- DVD rental) (Henry Northmore) DRAMA ,, i ) :g‘nolggg-r‘n ' Blneche unleashes repressed desires In Chocolat (12) 131 mins COCO _ _ . Count (Alfred Molina). Choco/at is predictably I ' Boasting an all-star cast decadent eye candy. , . r gohnny Depp and Judi which can be slow in The droll and dull V&A ABSOLUTELY ench make screen- . places. but impossble to FABULOUS enhancing appearances). resist. And they say DRAMA to (.ll'él‘c. LICT"‘;£:"i' 88m Fri 31 Aug. . charmingly sumptuous chocolate isn't addictive. VICTORIA & ‘.‘.’|ll‘: the ll‘()(l€2"-". 1-4. ..i 9.30m.“ ... cinematography and the (Buena Vista VHS and ALBERT llOtiSC anti to - added bonus of an DVD rental) BBCI. sun 26 Aug. tinderstazxi t'ia ' engaging storyline. (Maureen Ellis) 79'“; M0“ 27 Aug. MaClilél‘Jilirtl" [\i \|\( I ri‘oxt—Eii‘tltitti ' " | \ ‘It iti >1 | R What on earth does the Halio\.<;i‘.a" BBC think it is doing EilllféCliélV‘l>(:'53 t' at 1: 2 dropping this and ii‘aih in? tl‘t: as: nonsense into what has years“ aunts. ii . 0 ' become known as the how (lt.l:. Pat: [4; 1; Once I stopped : Butch 9”“dy Th“ sund‘m“ K“ Pride And Pre/udice F , sobbing. I tried to f The ClaSSIC Western gets the DVD treatment _ slot? The story of Tr—i:Ml:D- sir i: analyse just what it was I makeover includes a documentary. interViews With Victoria and Alberts 1 00 GREATEST . Newman and Redford. an audio commentary and _ KIDS TV SHOWS about Gus Van Sants three trailers relationship. particularly Channel 4‘ Mon 27 feelgood mowe that "maumon concentrating on the _ Aug, 8,3opm o... moved me so much. . early courtship years. is Yes the plot is : DOUble DVD reqeleasepf the BrUCkhe'mer/ Bay so lame it's in dire need YOu either lo '(‘ll‘ w '. . blockbuster - features includes commentary from , ' " ’_ predictable eccentric. i Bruce Willis. deleted scenes. analysis of Special of callipers. hate ‘eiix Not was. 1. x: i' t- gin. an; i .i .x .t recluswe author effects and trailers The usual top-draw understand. liut (Prawn: t' .ia, tit: ;_ it: i Forrester (Sean B thespos are wheeled out 4 's 700 Greams: 7‘.’ at; w 2'»; 7/:i'. . . rather Connery) is befriended Classic violent thriller starring the legendary Takeshi onto the palatial sets: strain ‘.‘.’lll(‘,l‘. ms htrtri" Hi ; r f" :i by young. street-Wise Y Kitano _ extras include a documentary on Beat Nigel Hawthorne. Adverts. Cliaiat‘it‘n‘s. stir {-:. ° ' l t” Jamal (Robert Brown) Takeshi' location footage and cast & crew Jonathan Pryce. Diana Moments iliest anti .i\;t2r:: m; ' tam,» a: who has literary talent . biographies Rigg and David Suchet WOFStl all Ea~<i thin-w as 1-2.x; up '_ gut i i . ' and ambition himself. 3 a“. Md" are Victoria's agenda— as voted ii; {,Oti. '."»; .'.l'.' k - - and learn l drama from David Mamet Starring the ridden pfOlGClOFS. Witlle \‘.’al(TlWll?g pillli'CT. ll‘t: '. : t: ; 1;. :. iii; ' . valuable life lessons fantastic Wiiiiam H Macy _ DVD includes audio the Quite lovely Victoria Meanuz'ltiit-z. ti‘tisi: .' ~ '. from each other - but it commentary from the main Stars and interviews with Hamilton and Jonathan loathe Ell? t‘flfi litififtl ti‘ J I": -:. '31:" t‘.t‘l .: iS the charisma Of the the cast & crew Firth fanny around on i'iai.el—gia.’iigi aut- c 1).!" ‘. t l'.1' i -.- two leads that brings in 11,. Lin. 0, pm, croquet c0urses and aghast at summit; tut, . .. . .. the film to life. and From the action director of CrOUohing Tiger comes a dlSCUSS Byron as the Gfllll'e (ZUlttClli t,“ '."1;2' '.' T"'t;t: at ' t:., makes it infinitely better Hong Kong legend extras feature audio Anglo-kraut love birds. put) {:tiit\.t>i5~:atiziti:- tin-ti 2. t ' ' ' than it would have been commentary. sound dubbing option and martial arts Just when you are translated villi) trtiw A J :5... .~ . in anyone else’s hands. features trying to gouge your hours teiiy. . wit”: .«. . a t, - SUSDGDG YOUF Critical . Hennlbel own eyes out With a Now. it's kxis i\' v ma. ' . faculties, and just enjoy I The Lecter sequel is unleashed on a special 2 DVD colonial Cutlass. old boy is being lltEltl up tzir :w- ;;.“;:'_: rte... this for what it is. . set features audio commentary from Ridley Scott. Peter Ustinov enters as nation's nitrastn‘t}. titl'“ «: x ., (Columbia Tristar VHS i 15 deleted 0r amended $09088. alternative endings William N: a shaky ham Thea'kstOt‘ :5; tour *1. 2;? lit:.’t' 3‘} l' l n and DVD rental) and galleries with the Duke Of for this own at the <>T1t:." “if x,- .. t, (Kirsty Knaggs) Flndlng Forrester Wellington by his Side. yen. éltillll nuiui ti its... 1 '4 ' ' Coming of age drama from Gus Van Sant starring The oint is. of course. children's )lt‘i( rair~~~ :u;; r x i i i ' 1 Sean Connery includes feature on the actors. 8min p . l L} , l . of deleted scenes. filmographies. making ofs and , _ (12) 117 mine 00. trailers ‘/ When a feisty. attractive Proof Of Life woman and her Decent action thriller starring Russell Crowe and “legitimate daughter Meg Ryan DVD includes audio commentary with arrive in a staid, religious Taylor Hackford and H80 first look documentary French town. they cause i a bit of an uproar. i ' ,i : Nomadic Vianne (Juliette v Z l .? ,1; ,vl

Binoche) opens a

i chocolaterie during Lent. i and begins unleashing

the repressed desires of the traditionalist town -. folk through her mystical I. ,, “V :‘ i . i chocolate concoctions. " muchtotheangerofthe _‘ _.. ; ~ M village's authoritarian i '1 Theakston does it for the kids '1 . .g‘w. 1%