Spanish in Spain (Barcelona. Madrid, Salamanca. Seville. Granada. Nerja. Malaga). Also in Cuba. Costa Rica. Mexico. Peru. Ecuador. Argentina French, German, Italian and Russian Portugese in Portugal and Brazil Spanish and Salsa Holidays in Cuba (November 2001)

Italian courses in Florence. Rome. Lucca. Siena and Sicily Gap Yearin Latin America and Europe

Caledonia Languages Abroad Tel 0131 621 7721/2 - Fax 0131 621 7723 email

I Fiddle classes for all. 'I'raditional Scottish I'iiddle (’Iasses run b) (il.AS(i()W I"ll)l) WORKSHOP. Wednesda} 29th August

200] Registration Night. Meet the 'l'utoi's 7 .S'pm.

(iuest Recital Social H-Itlpm. Wednesda} e\enings All lex- els .Adtilt and (‘hildrens Beginners (8}i's and abmel. Kinning I’ark (‘omple.\. from 5th September. 'I‘hursda} exertings Beginners ltnprm ing Begittncrs. Woodside Halls frotn Illtll’stlit} (ith September.('ontact Sara on 014] 77‘) 9047 or email adtninistt'atorm glasgots fiddlef‘)



All about Alexander Technique. An introductor) lesson or workshop to enable you to decide u hether to take your interest further. Tel: Isobel Anderson 0141 334 1658

I Power Yoga, Get in shape quickI} W ith this com- plete mind. bod}. spirit \sork— out. (‘entral classes commence Sept 3. Book no“, guarantees place. 0l3l 22(12U4l or IVS-70324 I 3.“

Taichi beginners classes start Honda) 2001 August. Lunchtime I2 I30. exciting (i 7.30. l-‘or heath and relas» ation. (ilasgim Kebinbridge. Contact: Susanne Lin Jensen. 01852 500 547

I Learn to meditate. l'ree courses begin regularl}. organ- ised b} the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual l'nixersit). booking essential. ('ontact (ll-4| 423 Sl—Il or (ll224 03‘) I05 or \s \s \\ .bku Also possible thinking and self-esteem class- es talks.

Piano Tuition. Beginners to ad\anccd. Adults \selcome. I’eter Bream (iR.\'('.\I. Short walk from I’Iil)lltttlse.

0131 556 8567.

I Private singing tuition.

lmprme sour \oeal tcclmiquc \\ ith experienced professional singer. Beginners \seleome. 'I'el 0l4l ()42 5400.

I Thinking to relax. l’ositi\e thinking classes for Women. At Rokpa House. Ashle} Street tne\t to Shell (iarage. Woodlands Roadl. Ii\ci'} 'I‘hursda} 7 h’ pm. I'iRI'.IiI Booking essential. (ll—ll 423 5 I4 I . Organisers Brahma Kumaris (ilttsgou.


small flat move specialists

moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361

established I‘M:

Robert Stone Therapeutics professionall} accredited ik e\pcricnced therapist specialis ing in therapeutic massage & Indian head massage, Massages a\ailable from £20. (iift certifi- cates also antilable.

Call 0131 554 0445


what are you doing

(It the weekend .’

l\'(‘ is a self run club for graduates and professionals offering a wide range of social and sporting activities. I‘.\el'} month our members run do/ens ol e\ents cmcring a

di\erse range of interests.

Info from... (il.:\.S(i()\\' llTllSll 2~IXI(\--l \\ \\ “glasgoui\ hello!" glasgim i\ Iil)I.\'Bl'R(ill 013l 333 13-12

L'l\ L'l“ lll‘flI-Htll .L‘tillt

i'ti'iiiiiei iini/ H('('A('II(/\

I Lawren Media Music. Versatile composer. fringe per- formance. he“ I} established studio. I‘ilm soundtracks. S.\II"l‘li ssiiching. Incidental music for dance and theatre projects. ('all Paul on 0|3| 550 9487

I Thinking about coun- selling? [its an (itllon B.:\. .\l.Sc. I’hl). lps}ehl. I’(}l)ip. (buns. l’crson centred counsel lor arid ps} chologist. l‘ree trial session. ('oncessions a\ailablc. :\ll W elcomc. (l l 3l ,3 l 3 4087.

u \\ \s.I'.\\':\X(ill.l.()\.co.tlk

I TempleFire Holistics, Studio (1, St. (ieol'ges Studios, 93 St (ieorges Road. ('haring (toss, (i3 (iJA. (‘linical aromatherapy t‘cllc\olog). holistic facial. ntttri tional ad\ ice. ('all 'l‘)hc

ll‘l('ll'l‘ l’ll'l‘i 07800 027 722.

RUBENFELD SYNERGY ® At last a\ailable in l’ls'. A gentle d_\namic thcrap} which combines traditional ps) chotherap) \\ itlt auarencss of bod}. mind. emotions and spirit. Whole Works lidinburgh. Patricia Duffy, tel 0131 225 8092 or mobile 07803 13577

I Carrying the world on )(HII‘ shoulders‘.’ 'l‘herapeutic massage. lime and space for _\ou. Whole \mi'ks. lidinburgli. Ann Kell} 0l3l 225 8002

Body And Soul.

Chris Stormer World Authority on Natural Healing Will be in Iidinburgh 24th & 2501 August to gi\c Inspirational and .\loti\ational Seminars aimed at l’crsonal (irimth and Well-being. Details contact Di on 0131 661 4150 Mobile 0771 1 257 895 or e-mail Diinteet©

I Musicians required (accordian/keyboards and fiddle \ocals) for established lidinburglt dance hand. Wide repertoire ccilidlt and anus ('ontact: Ste\\art013l 22S (illlh or John lll3l 445 5330 I Brand new start up Indie dance label requires pas- sionate commited. funk}. soul l'tll groo\ es. Please send tracks to 53 \Iuirkirk l)i'i\c. .-\nniesland. (ilasgots (il3 IB/

I Edinburgh Bach choir seeks ne\\ members trom September for all parts. espe ciall} basses. Reduced suhscrip tion it under 20. Auditions 4 and 5 September or b} arrange ment. (‘ontact Barbara l’etrie 10l3l 445 52731 or l)an (‘ronin lll I 3| (1(17 5279),







including complete beginners

° Learn 7‘0 partner dance to any music, Jive, [.af/n, Charts, ere... - Come a\oir\e or w’fi‘n tempos \no need to ‘or'mg a partner\. - Camp/e re beginners lee/came every week at a// nigh #5.

SPECIAL OFFER: lst NIGHT €3.00 ONLY WITH THIS AD. (incl. FREE membership)

Mondays: Boys Brigade, 168 Bath St. Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni. Union,

32 University Avenue, West end. Mondays: Marco's, 55 Grove Street. Tuesdays at Thursdays:

St Stephens hall, St Stephens St (bottom of Howe St), Stockbridge. Wednesdays: Craig Tay Hotel,

101 Broughty Ferry Road.

Tuesdays: Cairn Road, Peterculter, Thursdays: The Loft (‘9 O'Donaghues, 16 Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen.

Far all classes doors open at 715 Beginners class at 7 30pm Admission is £5 00 (£4 00) Membership is £100 payable on first night

- GLASGOW: Partick Burgh HallsOff Dumbarton Rd Second Saturday of the month 8 00pm til 12 000m

- EDINBURGH Marco‘s, 55 Grove Street,

Last Saturday of the month 8 00pm ‘til 1 000m

- ABERDEEN: Aberdeen Deaf Society. Smithfield Rd Third Saturday of the month 8 00pm "til 12 OOam

WEEK-END WORKSHOPS: - REGULAR week end workshops for all levels,

Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail:

Web: http : //www . cerocscotland . com

The Culter Mills Club, Aberdeen.

I Cuban Salsa/Son classes with professional (’uban dancers from (‘l'II'M- BA. performing at the Iidinburgh l’ringe. ('all Dance Base on (ll3l 225 5525 to book )Utll' place from lb Jul}. Salsa. Rueda. Son lots of fun! Beginners e\pcrienced dancers \telcome.('all0131 (12l 772l 2 for more details.

I SERIOUS ABOUT SALSA - I)ance lessons from SALSA I‘l'liN'l‘Ii (‘1 Shuffles (21 Waterloo Streetl. Iixcr) Saturda} \sith l‘KA qualified teachers (iordon I‘os & Sandra l)onoghue. Beginners lpm £3. liiipi'mers 2.15pm £3.50. Intermediate 3.30pm £4. Do more than one class and saxc £££. More details'.’ ('all Sandra 07h’ll 449750 or dane ingqueenm dottoglttle.sol I SALSA SABROSA Classes lime .\t()\'lit) l'ioin Ila\ana to SIIlil‘I'IIiS oit \Vatel‘loo Street. \Vednesda} 's & 'l'hursda)s S lllpm l)l til late. Price £4 £3.50 (free entr) after 0.30pm). Beginners welcome. no need to bring a partner. The ’l‘uesda) class (it The Ri\ersidc has been cancelled until further notice. (‘lasses tatight by Karen I’asi. .'\le\i.s aitd .-\iid_\ \s ith l).ls Ale\is. Andres & .lon. Please note the Salsa Sabrosa l)J's \\ ill no longer be p|a_\ ing ((1 lla\ana on the \seekends sorry? More inl‘o‘.’ 014] 33‘) 4 l‘).3 0|4| 222 2200.

karent" danccsctileft‘ccsen e.cti.tlk

I DANCE WITH ATTI- TUDE Streetdance classes. Saturdays llam - Improvers. l2pm Beginners ((1 .\'ortheote Scout Ilall. 4 Victoria ('ircus. ll} ndland. (ilasgim (enter by Kensington roadl. litision of jun. Ilip Hop. African & ('ontemporar} st) les. Wear trainers & loose clothing. Bring a mat or to“ el. Beginners \s'el- come no need to book a place ~ just cotne along! Price

£4 £3.50. More details‘.’ Karen l’asi (ll-ll 222 2206 (ll-ll 33‘)

4 l 93 ot'

karentfl dancescope .frecscr\ e I SALSA FUENTE: NEW (IASSI-LS Ii\'liRY Wlil)\liSl)AY A.\'l) 'I‘III'RSY DAY ((1 IlA\'.-\NA. 50 Hope Street with Sandra a: (iordon. ts’pm l0pm £4. Beginners \er- corne. no partner required. l)J's pla} til 12 on Wed & lam on 'l'hur. More info call Sandra 07M] 44‘) 756 or dancingqueentn donogltue.

I The films of John (‘assa\etes Appreciation Socict) l(ilasgo\s l is looking for enthusiatic members to occasionall} meet. \ieu and discuss his remarkable films. l’hone l’aul 0l4| 57‘) 4537 or email hoghtontll

23 Aug—6 Sep 2001 THE LIST 57