The system

What is this ‘system' everyone talks about? And why. when it's down will I be told that my details hiv no went and came up?

Maybe they‘re scared to get mangled in call centre grammar. Who knows where they might go if they did went and came up. Maybe they'd jorn another system and be doomed forever to went and came up where they weren't permitted to went and came up.

Think of the damage wenting and cameing up could do tO the wrong System. That call centre w0u1d then have to explain that its system had details that came up but. try as they night. they c0uldn't get them to \‘v'ent. thereby blocking the correct details that were probably, at that moment. waiting to went and came up.

My dictionary defines 'system' as a method of organisation. Not nowadays. inate. System should be redefined as scapegoat for Incompetence. Sixteen-year-old pluke factories in weekend washing- machine showrooms must be blaming the system a thousand times a shift. They probably start rehearsing 'lt's the system. mister" on the bus to work.

Ask if a certain model is in stock. they disappear for half a lifetime and return With the news: ‘Nuh'. Take umbrage and ask why and they say it's the system. Everything is the system.

We say thanks and trot off to have a hernia from the knots of bile solidifying in the gut. Apparently no worker. no manager. no company. no multi-national is too big or too small to have either made a mistake or to have the gumption to attempt to sort it. Reason being. they are up against the system as well guy and if it was Lip to them. etc. etc.

Leave the peer system alone. It's not the system's fault. It's only as good as the people that hiv went and came up to work it proper.

Neil MacVicar Caledonia Gardens Ger/rock

HEY HEY IT’S THE MONKEYS Edinburgh Film Festival surprise movie Thanks for sponsoring the Film Festival mystery film. Pity this time it wasn't even a UK premier and. more than that. it was ci'ap. P/aner Of The Apes. I ask you!’?

Write to:

Mawkish Hollywood pap.

Tim Burton is an arse. and Lizzie Francke shOuId have bananas thrown at her until she apologises. He doesn't even say 'Bring me the spaceman'. Gasp. muh. guh. Words fail me they do . . .

Norm Richardson Via e-ma/l

BANANA BUNCH Re: Planet Of The Apes review (issue 421) Miles Fielder reckons it's easy to recognise Tim Roth and Charlton Heston beneath their monkey SOr'ry ape make up in Planet Of The Apes. Well. bollocks to that. I don't want to be SpeCies-ist (for. yes. dear friends. I have learnt and understood the heaw-handed Hollywood message of the movie. we must love all of God's creatures as wur ain). but I could no more recognise those actors than I ceiild the fish in Deep Sea World. Unless Miles Fielder is related to Tim Roth. I don't believe he can either. Robert McKenzie vra e-niai/


Re: Lomo Scotland review (issue 421) I couldn't help feeling that Sarah Lowndes had missed the point of the Arches' Lomo

React, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ‘ITE or

React, The List, McLellan Galleries, 270 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G


Janie Station!

It was mall, good. It was; what had expected. especially alter seeing the afi.(:it and l reafl, en;o,ed it.

4 THE LIST 22:). my a sari: you

Louise [rfgl'wie'

Iliad lion hopes but nan-:3 1:) say .'.(tf;

atiriiir ; :::i:ti::l lrit: t;r,-t;. tl‘irtg (Ii/(Nit it was, Mark \."-.7aliit>r:ig't;

Colin S!l/(h?/l!

It was really good. It was actually better than had expected it would be.

Planet Of The Apes: not much of a surprise

exhibition. She criticises it for being the images of ordinary people capturing their everyday lives but surely that's what the project set out to do. The very fact that there's groups of friends and self-portraits doesn't alienate the viewer. it enables them to make connections projecting and comparing their own experiences. Had this exhibition claimed to be the work of professionals breaking new ground then it'd be fair enough to slap a one star rating on it. but as a vivid representation of Glasgow life it's an obvious success. Stephen Gentleman

via e-mail

I WANNA BE LOVED BY YOU Re: Who’s the baddie? (issue 421)

l was most Surprised to discover from your feature that Marilyn Manson is also a musician. I'd always thought he/‘she/it was a one-man, woman/thing marketing industry.

Surely no one since Tara Palmer-Ra-Ra- Skin has earned so much publicity for so little reason. But if there are records as well. well that changes everything. Except not if lie/she. it sounds like the Bay City Rollers and Slade. as your piece suggests.

Cracking Travis cover. by the way.

Emily Watt Via e—niai/

2 3EI-I or e-mail

Planet of the Apes, Odeon, Glasgow

Jennifer Student

It was (iurte good but the ending was

especially if you hadn't been paying enough attention.

ourte confusing

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