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I West End, Hyndland. l’rof male N S to share spacious well appointed luxury \Vest lind flat with two other gay males. large double bedroom £300 incl (‘1 excluding bills. 'l'cl. Duncan (“4] 357 I206 or 07‘)80 603 471. I Professional sought for fully furnished bright dott- ble rootn in spacious city centre flat. littlly fitted kitchen. elec~ tric shower. .l‘V ix video, 5 mins. l'nderground trains. 15 mins. \Vest lind. £2l5 per montlt + bills + ("l‘. ('all 0141 353 3017 or 07‘)5| 173973.

I Room to let in modern sottthside flat. 2 mins from Knitting l’ark u grottnd. l0 mins froin city centre. All mod cons. \Vould sttit young professional. £220 per month + share of bills. (1l4l 4200 ‘168

I Single room in decent. l’artick flat. sharing with 2 pro- fessional females; £160 pcm. + ("l. + bills. 'l’el: 0141 33‘) ‘)075. I Two rooms available in sunny. West lind flat; £200 pcm. (}('ll ck garden. Tel: 0777‘) 021 3l6 or (17080 63.5 5.58,

I Large rooms available tn clean. well appointed. shared flat. all mod cons. close to local amenities. pttblic transport ck (ilasgovv city centre. suit working person: £250 pcm including all bills ck ("l'. id: 0141 ‘)54 2534. I Room to let. )0 minutes outside of city centre. light spa ciotts room. all mod cons; £l‘)0 pctn. 'l‘el: 077‘16 603 l8‘),

I Opportunity of a life little. L‘llltllL‘L‘ to share 2 bed room flat. in Park (‘ircus area. lookian for n s female: £350 pcm including ("ll ck share of hills. Tel: 07803 243 285 or 0141 332 16‘)8.

I TWO sunny double rooms in large. quiet flat on Southside. loads of character. all mod cons. no l)SS. n s pre— ferred. rent negotiable; 'l‘el: 0l4l 632 3268.

I Southside, large, double room. quiet residen- tial area. excellent location. close to shops ck pttbs. sttit professional n s: £300 pcm including gas. electricity c& ("ll ‘l‘el: 0141 423 l0l3‘) or 07066 242 80‘).

I Room to let in attractive. Southside flat. lt) minutes from (‘ity ('entre. llandy for buses. trains. shops. (1(‘ll. all mod cons. would sttit professional female. n s. £280 pctn inclttding all bills e\cept phone: Tel: 0777‘) 3‘)? ‘)7 l.

I Glasgow, Mount Florida. two dottble rooms to let. in superior flat. l5 minutes from city centre. shared facili- ties: £200 pent + ("1+ bills + £200 deposit. no l)SS. Tel: 0141 58‘) l5‘)‘).

I Flatmate wanted for bright. friendly. spacious. ter- race house. all mod cons. (}('ll. garden ck cleaner. to share with 2 females. 1 male ck 1 cat. wottld sttit professional: £250 pcm + deposit. inclttde bills ck ("l2 ‘l‘Cl: 0l4l 44.5 36l3.

I One large furnished. attic bedroom for couple or single. terrace house: £200 pctn + share of bills. (i('ll. garden. mod cons. must have experience of bedroom ck kitchen hygiene. no l)SS. must be cat lover. £100depositfl‘el: 0141 445 3640 810703) 353 523.

I Third person to share flat in Strathbungo (Queens Park ). .\lust have own duster. £225pm inc. ("1". 07836 700 ‘)‘)‘),

I West End, Hyndland. Double room available itt love— ly spacious .3 bedroom flat. \\'ould suit friendly. yottng pro l'esslottal N S. :\ll mod cons. 2 units from llyndland station. shops etc. £285pcm + ("l‘ and bills. ('all 0141 33‘) 4277



CRICHTON-STUART .\l.'\.\'x\(ili.\lli\'l" SliRVK‘liS lfl‘l) .‘0 .\l.ttiot l’lacc. l'cltttlttttglt

.‘13\ L'IllJll pints‘th 1'. llv ltlnit \lll.lll \l‘ ttk

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PROPERTY .»\\'.'\ll..'\Bl.lC FOR LET

[nu/u 1.‘1c \ rill '.'l.’.\ ':111:1\111 1: ma.’ “1111/7ch

.ztc'a. \llt)‘-‘-c'l room, kitchen (i(‘ll

t lul £425 pcm l’l.l-Z \S \\'('l", .‘

llttttl, \ 1c".‘.cl.'.'.:' (itllh

l’l.l-. \S \\('l-.

Double upper

.\ vltttll‘lt' \\ \llli'lv' l‘v‘vl



l.( )\(iSil'()\l'. l ongstonc Road (hound floor flat ‘-‘-illl l.tlj.'c double bedroom.

lfoxtoon‘. study. \llllllt' room with vllllll’t‘.‘

Double ;.'l.t/tt:~,' (1:) street t).ttl.:n~.' \v.:t.


.‘. bedrooms 11 l‘-‘-lll .\ l .loul‘lcu sitting limit; lntthct bevhootzt, l\.:llllI)t)le shower. l.ll\llt‘ll with \llllllli' .ztc'a (i('ll \‘.atl 2,. \ur £630 pcm

lliltll:\,\llllll;'littllll.lc1lvlli‘llvlllllllg'lltf'lll. llcctttc llt'Jllllj.’ \‘..tll

£755 [H'lll

\l'i“ l\(il()\ South ( )xlotd Sttcct .‘.nd floor flat 3beclioonzs. living room ltllcd (it’ll £750 pctn tit-g

lvllvllt'll. l\.illtloom with shcwct

l'()l.\\ \R'l'll l’ctnplc l’atk ('tcsc’cnt Isl lltlttl ll.:l_ \lttlll‘lt' l‘t'vllltltlll\_ l sllljg'ls' l‘c'tlltmltl, l‘tl\ltltllll lul slttl.i_‘.‘c. f__'tn)vl st/ccl kitchen ‘-'-llll \lllllll‘..‘ .uca. bathroom :vzth shower \v.-.tl l\ lul £755 pcm tit-g


\l()R\l\(lSll)l‘i lulu)” Road 20d llool llal w llll open outlook 3double l\‘\lllN|lll\. \lllz'lt' lx'dtoont. \llilllj.) dinmj.‘ room. filled kttc ltcn. l‘.tlltlootl) will) shower (1(‘ll lXi \v...i .‘..‘. \ug £I000 pctn


\ll':R(’lllS'l'()\ \lctcluslon ('tcsccnl lop lloot Hal 5 bedrooms. silttngdnnng room with kitchen olf. l‘alhtootn \‘-llll shower \v.-.tl -l \u;' £ll60pctll

58 THE LIST ’23 Aug 6 Sop 9001

I Dennistoun, one room remaining. l.arge fttrttished room in tenement flat. l‘ttlly refurbished to high standard. Sttit yottng gay male. sharing with 3 others. (i('ll. Shower. dishwasher washing

machine microwave crockery cutlery security entry. Rooms furnished with lkea fttrnishings. £230 pctn inclttsive of ("l- (excluding tttility phone hill). Retttrnable deposit of £400 required along with 2 referees. Immediate occupancy available. (‘ontact

des.martin(" ntlworldcom

I Pollokshields, friendly, laidback flatmate wanted to share spacious southside flat with 3 others. All mod cons. (1(‘ll. living rootn and ditting kitchen. lixcellent for transport and shops. £220 pcm. no hills except phone. 'l‘el. Steven on ()l4l 424 l‘)53.

I Really nice large room in shared flat in West lind. Large kitchen and sitting room etc to share w ill) two .\' S female students only £250 no hills except phone. 0 HI ‘)456 120.

I Room available in attractive Merchant ('ity flat. l'tlll} equipped kitchen with

all mod cons. bright living area and bathroom with shower. Secure entrance. Suit student pt'olessiollztl. £275 pelt) + bills. 01415531774.

I Gay friendly female for spacious double room in West lind flat. ('entral heating and all mod cons. Available end of Attgttst. Rent £300 pcm inc ("II 0l4l 586 7808.

I Flatmate wanted! Double room in Southside llal. ('lose to Kilmal'tlocls Road and l’ollokshaws liast train sta- tion. \Vould sttit young profes— sional. £l73 pctn + bills. deposit required. 0141 636 5408.

I Chilled and happy west lind lilat requires tn f flatmate. .\led si/e room available. entry Sept lst. (i('ll. dishwasher. cable TV. internet etc. Share bills. £l‘)0 pctn. dep red. 0141 586 36l6,

I Double rooms to let in large Shaw lands flat. Sharing with three others £260 pcm per roomtizicluding bills). l.arge shared lounge. brand ttevv fitted kitchen. ('lose to Shaw lands (toss and 10 minutes from city centre. Short term considered. (‘all \c‘iloitl1l4l 64‘10570ol‘ lain on 07‘)4‘) 25‘) ‘)6‘).

I Sunny single 8. double rootn in three bed soutlisidc flat. shared living room with balcony. off street parking garage. llandy for Sheilds Road 1’. buses ck trains. All mod cons. £180 250 pcm respectiva (inc ("1) elec ck phone adition— al. 07077 ‘)I6 68‘).

I Partick, prof female to share with 3 others in friendl}

It s flat. £235 pcttt inclusive of (' l. (‘all 07‘)77 I38 ‘)50 or (ll-ll 357 2l84 after 6pm.

I Large double room for rent in (‘essnock. close to shops and underground. £200 pcm. plus bills. Available from September. ('all liranca on (1141 401 4875 or078l2 l‘)l 781.

I Easy going, sociable female flatmate (student) sottght to share super good llillhead flat with 3 others (2 Boys and a (iirl) reasonable rent and good facilities. (‘all Jack or (ireg (0141 ) 337 652l. I Wanted, professional female to share friendly south side house with two others. .\lod cons including dishwash- er. two public roorns. ditting room. shower room and bath- room. £250 pctn including all bills except phone. Tel 0141 64‘) 8952 (ll) (17866 560 247 (mob).

Flatshare wanted


I Room wanted in easy- going. gay. flat share. central (ilasgow. 'lcl: 0|3‘)7 704 405.

Property to let


I Spacious, fully fur- nished. 1 db bedroom flat in Shawlands avail lst Sep. Kitchen with dining area. lounge with open fire. study. Secure entry. £475 petn + dep. .\' S. sttit post grad profs. Tel 0777‘) 2‘)2 555.

I Shawlands, superior one bedroom flat with (i('ll. new bathroom inclttding show - er. All appliances. security entrance. Rent £420 pctn pltts deposit would sttit cottple or brofessional. l’hone 013l 447 3835.

I 1 bedroom flat for rent in (I‘sstloc‘k. close to shops and underground. £300 pctn. pltts bills. Available from September. l)SS welcome. (‘all l‘ranca on ()l4l-40l 4875or07812 l‘)l ‘8 l.

I Luxury flat. Morrison Street. 2 bedrooms. one mena- nine en suite. l‘ttrnishcd. littlly fitted kitchen. Rent £730 month. leisure complex. ('all \Vill 0l555 880 67‘) after 5.30pm.

I Flat for rent Victoria Park Drive South. 2 bedroom. lounge. kitchen. (i('ll. fttlly fur- nished suit 2 3 non smokers. £500 per month. ('all 0l2‘)2 3l6 384 078l0 I43 038.

I Ibrox furnished flat to let. Bay lounge. ll\ ing. lx'llL‘llett. bedroom. bathroom. Adj. Subway. .\l8. Bus route. Suit professional single or cottple. £350 month + dep. 0l4l 882 2366,

I Merchant City, Bright, furnished one bedroom flat. £425pcm + deposit. .\'o stu- dents l)SS. Available beginning September. Paul 0141 552 80‘)4 after 7.30pm.

Property to let

GLASGOW I Lovely furnished flat

with original features. llall. dottble bedroom. large lounge with recess 8; platform bed. dining kitchen. bathroom with shower. (i('ll. Dennistoun. Only If) mitts to city centre. £375 pctn. (‘all Mary on 0131

33: 5952.

Delightful two bedroom flat 15 mins walk to city centre. Suit 1) s prof couple. £500 pcm immediate entry.

Call 0131 538 0685.


I No rooms in bright. attractive flat. 1 box room. 1 large room. all mod cons. 5 minutes from Princess Street to share with easy going profes- sional: £150. £250. 'l‘el: 0l3l 225 3234 after 6pm.

I Beautiful large attic room. available from 26th August. suit couple. large living room kitchen 2 bathroom

\\'.\1 dish washer. central loca- tion. chilled atmosphere; £200 pcm each + £200 deposit. Tel: 0131557 4710.

I Double room available. in lovely flat.just off Princess Street. furnished with all mod cons. & luxury fit- tings. to share with 2 friendly flat mates. (iSOll. tidiness c3; a laid-back attitude are essential: £350 pctn except phone. Tel: 07815 458 ‘)56.

I Seeking fun loving flat mate to share spacious. central- ly located flat. if you like a laugh. a drink. ck the odd feline. there is a pleasure palace wait- ing for you. available September l6.'l‘el: 0131 556 .562 l.

I Huge room, beautiful light in morning. convenient location for everything. to share with 3 recent graduates. avail- able September for friendly tidy individual; £2l0 pctn + ("1+ bills + £200 deposit. 'l‘el: eve 0131 226 3248.

I Morningside, two dou- ble bedrooms. in large. spa- cious flat. (i('ll. separate kitchen sitting room: £250 pcm. excluding ("l~ + bills. Tel: 0777‘) I64 730.

I Central Edinburgh, large dottble bedroom. excel- lent shared facilities. sttit cott- ple. 'l‘el: 0131 452 8727 or 07808 297 8 l 2.

I Flatmate wanted for flat share in large Morningside flat. all mod cons. available September; £240 pcm. Tel: (H31 447 3505.

I Professional, N/S female for double room in spacious. \\ ell equipped. .\lot'ningside flat; £250 + ("l~ + bills.’l‘el: 0131 447 1571.