I Female, 30s, straight. looking to get back into scene after long-term relationship. \Ylfl‘M femaletsl for pubbing. clubbing. shopping and general fun. (ilasgoyy area. Box No. 421. l

I Straight female 32 seeks other females into gigs. festivals. pubs. shopping. yoga

and all that malarky. ((ilasgoyy l.

Box No. 422 2


I Blond, witty profes- sional female.early 4(ls likes keep-fit m ell tries to). theatre & arts. trayel. seeks male who is straight foryyard yy ith a 68011 for friendship and possi- bly more (Go on Be bray e

and reply lBos .\'o. 422 .‘


I Spaced? ‘Tim’ desper- ately seeking 'l)aisy'. Slightly neurotic. but hugely entertaining male. 26 \y ith (ESOH. \\ l.'l‘.\l female 20—30 for conyersation. cuddling. companionship. lay ish lunches and homely hijinks. Box No. 422 4

I Professional Glaswegian male. mid- Stl’s. still writing for cupid's arm“ to strike. ('ould it be you'.’ Box .\'o. 421 4.


I Gay professional woman in mid Ros seeks sim- ilar interesting fun \yomali \y ho enjoy s laughing. reading and socialising for nights out. possi» bly more. Hos \o. 422 St)

Box Nllllll‘t‘lb‘ Sltlliillgt ‘~.‘.-'i‘.l‘ 418 or 419 [LOJSU contact the l .18.? as soon as possible-

on 0131 550 3060 Lllltl ask to! .Jt‘tettttcittie.

0 Remember to write the Box Number clearly in' the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

- Replies will be forwarded once a week. 0 If you send several replies, send them in one

large envelope.

0 Don’t stampthereplies, butdowriteth'eappro- priate Box Number on each envelope. 0 Box Numbers are valid for three months.


V I saw you ex mullet hair'- cut. noyy a loyely boyyl cut. nimmin se\y boy. Box .\'o.

l' 422 l

V I saw you (a Brel the one and only "cardy " loy er - It's me or the "cardy " 1 can compete no more. One has to go. So long spiderman \. Boy .\'o. l' 422 2 V I saw you again ('80. boys can you miss my adoring ga/e across a croyyded bar. If you don't trust me xx ith your pipes let me beat your bodbran? Box No. 1' 422 2‘

V I see you nearly e\eryday in our tlat - hogging the balli- room (truian l. We'll miss it next yr but make sure u hay e the best time in l’ainplona Ka/f I.o\ e lininia. Robert + Louise. Box .\'o. l' 422 4

V I saw you in ()ddbins Mitchell St. l'd low to shaye your kiyyi fruit. 1'“ let you touch my orange peel thighs. Box .\'o. l' 422 5

V I saw you (i'baby through the smoked glass door. Alyy ay's \\ ant to see more ey en if you don't think that. You driye me crazy?! Low (1131:. Box No.

1' 422 (i

V I saw you early 90's leyel 8 Strathelyde l'nion. 1' Michael? lirom Kilyy inning. Floppy hair and eardis. .\le Kathleen from (‘ardonald l‘ancy a drink‘.’ Box No. 1' 422 7

V I saw you in Nice. in Hotel Panoramic. high up. You \y ere in reception \y hen I checked in. (ipm Sat 4 3. Only found out you're Scottish after you'd left next day! Please get in touch - so u ant to see your loy ely smile again. Bo\ .\'o.

l' 422 8

V I saw you running regally around l’ossil. l)'you knoyy \yhy they call yoti a l’rineess'.’ .\'o. neither do 1... Box No. 1' 422 ‘1 V I saw you in the 1’o1ootl It) ()8 (ll .(‘auglit my eye yy ith your sexy ai‘iny look and your funky flip flops! (‘an I R()(‘l\' your \yorld'.’ 13o\ No.1. 422 111 V I saw you yyalkiiig \yilll your friends. on (iordoil St. (ilasgoyy 15 $01. Was it

your black and yyhite bandana.your \y ringlets e\ten- sions. that made me yy ant to exchange glances yyith you. more than once'.’ I guess it “as the radiance of your Indian smile lllal so completely dis- armed me and caused the pleas ant bulge in my pants..\'e\t time 1 see you w ill you stop'.’ We could always nieel'.’ Box No.

l' 422 l l

I saw you Classified

lease not -—

For your I Saw You to be included on these pages, you must supply your full name and address with your advert.

V I saw you Ro/ on stage in King 'l'uts and not at the bus stop or ey en at an exit. 15o\y and talented. \y here did you learn to play that bass so u ell. You rock my world. I yyanna rock yours. Box No. 1' 422 12 V I saw you ladies at. b and c. super stereo sounds are u! Please play my fayourites the only \yay that you can! See yollse on sundaysl 13o\ No.

1' 421 l

V I saw you talking to me in l’artiek 'I‘ayern.\yearing black l.e\ i's. Sisley top. boots. You could be my neu girlfriend I feel like he known you for 3 years. Bo\ No. 1' 421 2

V I saw you tall. blondc. dressed in black and looking stunning in ()blomoy August 4th. Me - stunned. but still hopeful. Box No. 1‘ 421 .i

V I saw you w eel trans yestite in se\y legyyai‘inei's and rainboyy leolard. l \y as \ytllltlcl“ ing: are you a girl‘.’ See you at Rocky Horror at the (ii‘osyenoi' cinema at llalloyyeenl llos .\'o. l' 42! 4

V I saw you lilyslel'lolls cat in the hat. \yandering into an internet cafe about the time Rockyscot clial starts. Do you c\ er go out \\ ith a bare liead’.’

Ho\ No. l- 421 5

V I saw you June. 'l‘hanks for the offer. I didn't mean to be rude. Hope you had a good night. l’ologirl (14118111. Bo\ .\'o. l' 42| (i

V I saw you 1.CL‘ ltltilslll good. Stop being annoy ed \y itli me and lets just hangout \y ith out making plans to. .\liss things being the yyay Sorry for being a yye. .lo . (‘olitr Bo\ No. 1' 421 2

V I saw you ('olin. help ing me xx ith eyei'y e\hibition

~ey \y ere?

and ci'catiye \\1lllll. no matter lloyy nuts they sound. you need a date bad. you need se\ noise. and 1 need a discount niostT .lessops here \\ L‘ L‘lllil11 1.o\e the \yee art student. Hos .\'o.

l‘ 421 t\‘

V I saw you 'l‘ri\ie. sipping Belgian beer. eating tofu and listening to lax/ combo. at letlsl you try 1.o\e you ll'tlllk'} gash. Boy .\'o. l' 421 ‘1

V I saw YOU l)r \larion. hiin heels tk a furry Iiood l‘()li gi'aduations 111th .luly. You re lllL‘ lllL‘tllClllU l llk'k‘kl. litl\ X0.

1' 421 Hi

V I saw you \' \Yatei'slones. You new in orange. 1 \yas oyercoine. |.el's solye iiiy steries together. llo\ .\'o. ['42] 11

V I saw you hairy ed nut itibbler smell your coffee as it nibbled up my nose. 'l'heodore (i rocks? Btu No. 1' 421 12


loyely to

Q3 Aug-(3 Set) 200‘. THE LIST 61