Re: What did you think? (Issue 42) Dear Jennifer. so-called student. appropriately wearing an ‘I am 1' badge. So. the ending of Planet of the Apes is 'quite confusing' is it? 'Especially if yOu hadn't been paying enough attentron.‘ Well I was paying attention, and the reason the ending is quite confusing is that it doesn't make any sense at all.

Here's what happened:

1. The original has a famous 'surprise' ending. which is famous less because it's a surprise than because it completely changes the way you think about the rest of the film, except not any more because the ending is now so famous that they put the ‘surprise' ending on the cover of the video. D'oh!

2. You can't do a remake without a surprise ending. obvious/y.

3. They bunged on any old Surprise. which had no logical connection to the rest of the film at all: unless. of course. Tim Roth's monkey single-handedly rebuilt a completely smashed-up spaceship from a locked room inside it took off wrthout anyone noticing. travelled back through time and altered Earth's history so that everything is exactly the same (same buildings. clothes. cars. etc) except that everyone is a monkey.

I mean really. And as for it being the Film Festival surprise movie . . . the ‘SLirprise' being that you had to pay two pounds more than if you saw it the next day. Couldn't Edinburgh have got the jaw- _l_.aura Fraser


droppingly entertaining Moulin Rouge? Andrew Douglas via e-mail


Re: Hey hey it’s the monkeys

(issue 423)

I agree wholeheartedly with the views of Norm Richardson expressed in The List. The biggest ’surprise' about Planet Of The Apes being the Edinburgh Film Festival Surprise Movie was that it should have been chosen as such.

Moulin Rouge. A./.: that would have been a surprise. Planet Of The Apes: disappointing movie. no surprise there. Andrew D. Leitch Via e-mar/


Re: Edinburgh Festival coverage

I thOught The List shone like a star during the Festival: not only the listings and interviews. but the Edinburgh eating guide - great idea.

Ian Rankin

via e—mail


Re: A Handmaid’s tale (issue 422) There was one thing you forgot to mention in your article about A Knight's Tale ie that it's a pile of pants. I've just seen it on its opening night and. God. is it awful. Didn't anyone tell them that one joust looks exactly like another? So maybe having about 47 jousts back to back might

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Sell employed It's been good up to the break in Erninein's set. He has definitely been the best so tar

My Name is

. . . Slim Lady Life sly/st

was biind but now see Marilyn Manson has made a believer of me.

Jordan At school It's really good. I've orin come to see ifllllllOlll. Hes my favourite.

possibly become tedious?

And had the film not been made by US imperialists wouldn't it have been obvious that in medieval England there's no way you'd get such a ragbag collection of accents in one place? Heath Ledger is the poshest sounding Cheapside vagrant I‘ve ever heard. At least they resisted sticking in a passing American heart-throb on his travels which is what they LiSLially do.

Oh. but the whole thing is just so depressing. Cliche follows cliche follows cliche. The only good bits were the scenes set to Queen and Bowie tracks. but there was only about three of them.

I have to say that at least Laura Fraser. who yOu wrote abOuI. doesn't embarrass herself in it: in tact it'd have been far more interesting if the film had focused on her instead of the wet blanket of a love interest they put in the romantic lead. But in case any of yOur readers get the wrong idea: avoid this film.

Frankie Nelson via e-mail


Re: I wanna be loved by you

(issue 422)

If Emin Watt was surprised to learn that Marilyn Manson is a musiCian. she shOuId have been at Gig on the Green. That guy rocks. His stage show was amazing. Every song had a different visual concept to back it up and he produces some of the most accessible not to mention entertaining cross-over metal ever. If you think he's all hype just listen to Holy Wood. his latest album, and think again.

Fi O’Neill

via e-mar/


Festivals in Glasgow

I don't resent Edinburgh getting the Festival. Good on them. But it only reinforces how culturally bereft Glasgow can seem for the rest of the year. In the days of Mayfest there was a real sense of the city being a fulcrum for artistic activity. Now it‘s patchy to say the least. Am I the only one who remembers 1990? The City Council needs to get its finger out and relive its glory days.

Mary Sutherland

vra e-marl

Caroline Student

I've really enjoyed it. The funniest bit \.'.as when Iggy Pop got dozens of people onstage during 'ilie Passenger' and one guy pulled down his shorts.



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