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I How to reply to a box number. All you have to do is send your letter to: The List (‘lassifed. 1-1 High Street. Edinburgh. EH1 lTE or at the (‘CA. 350 Sauchiehall St Glasgow 0?. 3H) and we will for- ward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the top left-hand comer.

I Box Numbers starting __— with 418 or 4“) please contact LOllllall Gay & LBSblal‘i SV-.’llCllDO&lO The List as soon as possible on (H 31 550 3060 and ask for

Advice on Sexual Health &


women SEEKING MEN HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to I Kind, rown u , liv‘ly. . . relaxable.s9'ensitive. :etite L the Gay and LeSblan Communlty

blonde. enjoys music. dance.

books. fresh air and much more. seeks similar [Edinburgh

man over 40. except preferably

tallish. Box No. 423/1 SWITCHBOARD LESBIAN LINE MEN 555mm; WOMEN 0131 556 4049 0131 557 0751 l—Tfl'l'i figfig‘Wf?‘ W" 7.30pm-10pm 7.30pm-10pm

ioi . . I. it o cu er a. -

music. pubs. clubs. Wlfl’lvl female . Every nght Monday & ThurSday 27-38 with good sex drive. great calls may be monitored

personality and (180” for fun for training purposes.

times, Box No, 423/2 A Scottish Charity No. SCO 03403.

I Spaced? ‘Tim’ desper- ately seeking ‘l)aisy‘. Slightly neurotic. but hugely entertain- ing male. 26 with (iSOlI.

Registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee No. 16449 :1‘"_~";"\“31‘,' 'f' .'-’;'.i;f’ ""‘ 1


WL'I‘M female 20-30 for con- Informat/On . Educatlon . SUpport versation. cuddling. companion- . ship. lavish lunches and homely LEI: The LIST help you liijinks. Box No. 422/4 I Late 303 guy, tall. dark . . . keeps in shape. .\'o attachments. e a a r n e r LaunChIng on ThUrSday 4 "0 hung UPS- WIW'" 599'“ lad." because relationships are all about compatibility . . friend for having fun and doing October, The Love Line IS our sin}- mmgt. Box 423/4 ' ' I Tl'ust your instincts, Looking for a partner, a lover, new friends? new Introductory sen/Ice for LISt needs and desires and meet this . . _ . minded people looking for love, unism‘ bmudmjmicd‘ scnmiw Looking for a new approach to dating and introductions? . and unconventional 40s male and . . . . . ., romance and a great time. mm,“ m- ..gum. is.“ 423/5 L°°“'"9 '°”' "'°"“"" “mm” "“e'esm sew'ce' WOMEN SEEKING WOMEN I Gav female mid 30s Free Registration

To place your free advert in the enjoys nights in/out on the . sce c.l dc e de .look‘ fo launCh Issue and beyond, Ca” frieiidsliip.E};)liupossibllleé-genr- _ uine relationship non Bi Butch tOday' .We Edinburgh/l.othians. Box No. write to you With a confidential 423/5 number of your own. List readers '"tmdudim‘s wull then be able to call the . CURRENTLY UNAUACHED? number alongsnde your ad, listen Join the Club to your personal recording and

leave a reply just for you.

. any (:3; H. AT , .4' " from 2p] min ROMANCE - FRIEDS - FUN ~:C'ALL?"il‘lI’I'VwSk'I'ANDARD BT NATIONAL RATES!

So be brave. Place your ad Trial month - ONLY £8-00 D a a Go on, take a chance! ___/ _/ - _/ __._/ ___/ ___/' ._..J ._._/ __ ..

Phone 0131 657 4769 (Pam) * Ca-Is cost 2p/mun cheep rate 8p'mm peak When making a date be sale and secwe

Telephone the Love Line today . , and open up great new possiblities. EDINBURGH & GLASGOW L ",5 1_2_ 1

Dinners, Golf, Go-Karting, . Scuba Diving, Country Walks, a t 0" ly 3 [m In!

Concerts, Clay Pigeon Shoots " 8 th H t h r and Weekend Break: 'owse e 3 i C 0039 YOU

girl. press 9 and connectl"

for single people.



(Ill-ill l3.”


09050 350 7'

124 THE LIST 6—20 Sep 2001