I I saw you in Sharmanka. You. with your blue quiff. stood next to me and I told you that the angel was beautiful but I really meant you. After. all I can manage is a smile before rushing off with the old lady and friends and hoping you would make your way to the Tron too. Why didn't I say more at the time? Do I put it down to another lost opportuni- ty? Let me know. Box No. U/423/ l

I I saw you Allan (with two Ls!) from East Kilbride in Trash Friday 17th August. I’m glad you remembered me. Lets not leave it so long next time the girl from before. Box No. U/423/l2

I I saw you at Babaza on Saturday Night (25/08/0l ). The nice ln'sh Lad with your sister and brother-in-law who kissed both my cheeks. Would love you to do that again! Box No. U/423/l3

I I saw you Havana girl with black hair arid dark eyes arid that glint in your eye. behind the bar almost every night. Let me buy you a drink! Box No. U/423/l4

I I saw you Daniel on Sunday Zoth AugUst out and about and then back to mine. You left your glasses and I couldn't get the door buzzer to work. Get in touch and I'll get them back to you. Neil. Box No. U/423/15

I I saw you ginger. hair. white trousers. denim jacket. black and red rucksack standing near doors in Polo Lounge. Me -- Blue denims. body warmer. t- shirt. short hair. standing with a friend. We exchanged glances. but I was a little shy. It was Thursday lo/(l8/(ll after llpm. Please get in touch you looked like my kinda guy. Box No. U/423/lo

I I saw you and you will be sadly missed by everyone who needs a good some- thing sooooo Hugh like! Box No. U/423/l7

II saw you Mel. so near to you: I hold you in my anus. when I dream. As I lie. always longing the torture of the alcove. JDWA. Box No. U/423/l8

I I saw you to my lovely Hugh you're a star in more ways than one. Thank you for your friendship. AM x.

Box No. U/423/l9

II 88‘" you Alan. (or) thought I sat aloft your shoul- ders. My hospitality is astonish~ ing just ask my mates. Box No. L'/423/21

I I saw you ‘Fd‘. in Borders l

Wednesday. still look cuteLa‘27. Guess who's back irt towrt missed u tons. Kisses and slurps. ‘1’. Box No. U/423/22 I I saw you and danced with you at the Garage the 9th of August. Without talking. we understand each other. Gay meetings are not easy. will you consider writing me? Box No. [1/423/23

I I saw you wandering round with a rucksack + nose piercing in Borders. Please wander round more. Box No. U/423/24

I | saw you little kitten licking your paws. oh. I would like to share your bas- ket. Puss Puss. Box No. U/423/25

I I saw you lovely ladies of C afé Cosmo. 13/08/01. You gave me free beer you can press my ‘booster button' any time! Box No. U/423/26

II saw you on your birth- day. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! I'd love to be your bone. Big licks. S + M. Box No. U/423/27

I I saw you Mel. l saw you as we talked all night. Asleep by my side. I watched you. Don’t be afraid of the intensity of your feelings for me. The tortured gardener. Box No. U/423/28

I I saw you Bee Bo Da Doo Bop Big Smile Big Blue Eyes you my Kool landlady Box No. U/423/30

I I saw you with a shirt & tie not my usual type. I liked your deak shoes Bar Brel Sam 5. Box No. U/423/3l

I I saw you funky Stephen. the sexy little nomad. where are you! Love Julie xxx. Box No. [3/423/32

I I saw you mincing about in the (‘ul-l)e-Sac. You know when you've been tangoed. Box No. li/423/33

I I saw you looking foxy in a tartan skirt in ()ptimo. should've gone to Ben's. Box No. [1/423/34

I I saw you Arrnel. foxy French gymnast with the amaz- ing life. Come for a coffee and I'll tell you how dull and life- less mine is. l.ike yin arid yang and that. Box No. U/423/35

I I saw you want some hard- core loving big judder boy. Tea bag my head to glory. Box No. U/423/37

II saw you in the Cu] De Sac. milling your locks. Maybe you can show me the bedroom section itt lkea? Box No. U/423/38

I I saw you sexy babe with curly blonde hair at MishMash you were with your dark haired friend I'm the tall. blonde guy who was sitting on the stage. Box No. U/423/39

I I saw you Tuesday night at the gym looking sexy in your sweat. Fancy another shower? Box No. U/423/40

I I saw you Wednesday night in the Cul-De-Sac so sorry I missed your b-day but I love you mucho irt yer strip- ley top and short dark hair Lucy l Love You. Box No. U/423/4l

I I saw you standing smil- ing on the stairs in Brel. We agreed to go out for a drink. But the number you gave rne doesn't work. You were called (‘laire & had eyes to die for. Get irt touch. Box No. U/423/42

j I I saw you a fine t'tvesome

of young twenty-something Canadians at Brel on Aug. l7. Hugs to you! Box No. U/423/49 I I saw you. you liked my flowery shawl. (‘ould see my fortune in your eyes Love Kirsten. Box No. U/423/43

I I saw you at the Proud Mary concert (Thu 09/08). cute girl in red with a Union Jack handbag. looking so bored. I was in black. with dark hair. sitting nearby with pals. and I think you rock. Box No. [1/423/44

I I saw you tango man at the newly painted cul-de-sac terracotta? Try sun bed tan! If you are up for it then I'm your man! Box No. U/423/45

II saw you @‘ Brel Bar Glasgow. On Tuesday l-lth. Me in love with U Blondie. Don't keep me hangin' on the tele- phone. UR kojak boy. Box No. U/423/46

I I saw you in Garnet Hill park climbing tip the pyramids artd sliding back down again! You‘re my fagin! Box No. U/423/47

I I saw you in Byres Road wearing a grey leather jacket. ginger hair and leggings. U winked at me. I am desperate - please reply! Box No. [7423/48 I I saw you cheeky chaps of loveliness. Get those red dreads and wrap them around my sala- mi. Love you. Box No. U/423/50 I I saw you Gwen. in Antipasti looking HOT!!! You roared at me and my heart was pounding with desire. My inter- ests include dinosaur impres- sions. Box No. U/423/SI

I I saw you in Tinderbox. I come in all the time. Think your name is Adam. Please reply. Box No. U/423/52

I I saw you Nicola F won- der woman wild in the Tinderbox Byres Rd drinking coffee with cat. Fancy a date or is the answer still no??? Daniel. XX. Box No. [1/423/53 I I saw you tall. dark 8; handsome. You were in Brel so was I. So if u want tnore let me know. Box No. U/423/54

I I saw you in Tinderbox u were really nice! I have hair. l have green trousers I like coffee. Box No. U/423/55

I I saw you serious black polo neck babe ‘following me‘ to the underground. Did you smile or were you pushed? Anorak guy. Box No. U/423/56 II saw you all in Brel. V.V. Very tnuclt love love from Kim. Box No. U/423/57

I I saw you hello my little Philapeano boy. (‘ome up here and visit your friends there‘s two others. XXX. Box No. [,1/423/58

I I saw you working behind the Bar Brel. Please phone me I'm in love Angeline. Box No. [1/423/59

I I saw you Friday last. Bald. goalie. Alan gorgeous. spots glasses. xxx. Box No. [1/423/60


I I saw you in lidinburgh listening to Trotter at St Stephens. You had a red jumper. green baseball cap and specs. I'm a musical bloke can I keep you company next time? Box No. U/423/10

I I saw you in Blue. You made my cocktail. I wish you shaked me instead. Would love your stubble against my silk pink tight top. Box No. Ll/423/ol

I I saw you male person (straight) in Blue Bar 2(i/()8/()l. My name’s Alison and I do everything except Roman Showers. (‘all me. You won‘t be sorry. Much. Box No. U/423/62

I I saw you Sexy List critic at the Assembly Rooms. Why don't you come and review me. darling and I'll give you a five star performance that you'll never forget. Box No. U/423/h3

I I saw you in Scruffy Murphy‘s lo/8/(ll. You cute red head arid Paisley trousers. You and 1 will bring Paisley back into fashion! Lots of love cttte red head with braids. Box No. [1/423/64

I I saw you in Blue looking not so like your T-shirt ‘(‘heap K: 'l’acky‘. (‘an't stop thinking about you. (‘onte to Paris! Box No. U/423/(i8

I saw you Classified

I I saw you at the Traverse Bar. You were behind the bar. 3/4 length combats. Adidas trainers. You said Jack Daniels artd (‘oke was your drink too. Me: black suit. white shirt. Box No. U/423/65

I I saw you foreign man

being attacked by your jumper. Luckily your leather slippers

kept you safe. Next time you might not be so lucky. Box No. U/423/66

I I saw you behind the bar in the Traverse. You are quite handsome for a Weggie. Hope to talk to you soon. and discuss politics. art and language. Box No. U/423/67

I I saw you the smell of leather chaps. the taste of your lips. Joy. 4th August skinhead boy on the dance-

floor. Get in touch. Box No.


& I I saw you shaking your ass in the Blue kitchen. a man's

man with bleached hair. I'd love to fill you in. Box No. U/423/7O

I I saw you in Café Blue your shoes were cheap. your hair was camp. I know where

E you live. Box No. U/423/71

I I saw you [3.8 What were you doing with that guy?

3 Berchtesgaten notwithstand-

ing. he was nothing to kill yourself over! Box No. U/423/72

I I saw you Martin B. in Swiss clinic. Your new finger- prints cart never change the way

I feel about you. Box No. U/423/73 I I saw you A.S - You may

have seen a stadium of light. but 20 years dancing to

Spartdatt Ballet is a little too

long! Box No. U/423/74 I I saw you Darius K. What a time we had in the dark. Box

No. U/423/75

6—20 Sep 2001 THE LIST 128