I saw you Classified


I saw you looking gorgeous as ever. lguana has never been graced with such a goddess. Armani love or ‘K'. Box No. U/423/76

I I saw you in Jackie ‘O‘s Kirkcaldy. You looked like Marlon Brando and loved my Geordie accent. Meet me at ‘Box' 007. From Hampshire. Box No. U/423/77

I I saw you criminal T-shirt (red) in lguana on Sunday. Lookin‘ fine and incredibly sin- gle. Fancy teaming up and breaking the rules with me? Box No. U/423/78

I I saw you sexy shorthaired boy in the black shirt in lguana on 8/8/01. You had an eyebrow ring and it pierced my heart! Box No. U/423/79

I I saw you the guy with his horney techie shirt and the funky hair. do you wanna come out and play?! Love the Sunqueen. Box No. U/423/80 I I saw you bleaching your roots. drinking champagne. vodka and red bull. what do you call that. little lady? Box No. U/-123/8l

I I saw you or rather we did not see you! Lisa and Jenny. the best Vegas showgirls in town where have you gone? We miss you and your fantastic tassels and dazzles! xxx Box No. U/423/82

I I saw you at lguana on Monday 13th August. You were sitting with a girl in a Westham away shin. she was pretty foxy and you weren‘t too bad your- self. Remember me. Box No. U/423/83

I I saw you vintage cruk gorgeous longhaired blonde in Traverse Bar. 1 think your name was Lilly. You were there with your son and his fiance let me be your love slave . . . Box No. U/423/84

I I saw you in the Traverse on Thursday. bad hair day. but you looked really cute. Write me. Box No. U/423/12l

II saw you looking so happy walking up the stairs at the Traverse with your girl- friend. ] looked at your reflec- tion in the mirror and was happy you were with me. Box No. U/423/85

I I saw you at the Dean Gallery l6/08. You were with the King of Rock ‘n' Roll. Looked good with the wig. even better without. Box No. U/423/86

126 THE LIST 6-20 Sep 2001

I I saw you at early show. lmax cinema. Glasgow, Thursday 26th April. You were attractive lady wearing glasses you left in taxi. You. cinema staff. taxi driver help me! Forgotten films not you! Box No. U/423/87

I I saw you where you at sugar kat? This boy is open for you. Box No. U/423/88

I I saw you dark moody usher. smouldering next to the Filmhouse box office. with your pink trousers and sultry kiwi lilt. You can tear my ticket anytime. Box No. U/423/89

II saw you serving me serendipity at the Filmhouse with your laconic Nordic man- ner. Will you satiate my desires or is that an oxymoron? Box No. U/423/90

I I saw you oh toilet brush hair outside the air sculpture. you are so lovely you look like a banana. do you remember me? Box No. U/423/9l

I I saw you at the Fringe hit ‘Hedwig & The Angry lnch‘. You in Gucci pants & Prada shoes. I had an Izod shirt on. You winked! Box No. U/423/92 I I saw you in lguana strug- gling with your last slippery nipple! l have seen you looking golden since you were five. Happy birthday The Real Golden Olden Love Joxx All the Girls. Box No. U/423/93

I I saw you the tit waitress working lguana at 3.30 on Tuesday 14th August. Phooor! Sexy lady. Box No. U/423/94 II saw you again! I‘ve seen you working here twice. your so fit. Blonde. with a nice arse. lguana is nothing without your smile. Tall boy! P.S. Stop pulling your trousers up. Box No. U/423/95

I I saw you HDL. you had the look l atn the Luke. Me can of beans. You walking funny. Box No. U/423/96

I I saw you Ellad I asked for fifty pounds You claimed you‘d lost your key. Let‘s turn it. baby. Box No. U/423/97

I I saw you HDL. looking for that magic. romantic can of beans. Me: Tomato-y. Girth-y; You -— saddle-sore. Box No. U/423/98

I I saw you the starship. You R supercallafragilisticexpeala- doshis!! U B Da Man. Luv Cat xx . Box No. U/423/99

I I saw you blonde guy wearing lions t-shirt. trying to prop up your bar stool in a trendy Edinburgh bar on Sunday 15th July. Me: Blonde girl hoping you don‘t really have a boyfriend?! Box No. U/423/l()()

I I saw you at ‘Did you used to be R.D Laing?‘ You sat one seat along offered me your programme. Wish I had spoken to you at end of the performance. Box No. U/423/101

II saw you Billy Oil Rigger from Fife Glencoe. Saturday 18th August. Would like to have seen more of you! Thanks for a great night. Love travelling woman. Edinburgh. Call me. Box No. U/423/l()2

I I saw you Birthday Girl Dan. shaking that little bootie of yours around the living room to James. You may be a one-can Dan. but we wouldn‘t have you any other way. Where would we be without your Stella- induced philosophical ram- blings? Try not to fret too much about that biological clock tick- ing I hear that old dames are all the rage these days! Big Hugs Anna and Becks xxxxx Box No. U/423/103

II saw you big in pink. eat- ing cheese off discarded pizza boxes. See you down the dole queue come September! Box No. U/423/104

I I saw you Future man. Your synthetic fabrics drove me to distraction. But 1 think BM is a sure thing she‘s crazy for polyester. Box No. U/423/l05 I I saw you 4 gorgeous guys in ‘our bad magnet‘ at the assembly rooms on Mon l3th at l.3()pm. Meet me for a drink? I want you all!!! Box No. U/423/IO6

II saw you 'putting it in‘ downstairs in Black 80's on a Thursday night recently. lfl promise always to be your sex- pest. do you promise always to be MY schemey radge. Forever? Box No. U/423/ 107 I I saw you bleached Beauty at the Gilded Balloon Craigs Whizz to Oz Monday 20th. You wore black shirt and possi- bly a girlfriend. Please tell me it isn't true. Such a sexy sort. XxXxX Box No. U/423/l()8 II saw you walking the dog in Colinton. at the Water of Leith. Thursday l6 August. Asked you the way to Juniper Green but wished l'd stayed where l was. You're cute like to try for a longer conversation sometime? I would . . . Box No. U/423/109

II saw you Jimbo in my bed. asked you to blow but you blew on it instead . . . bloody Australian dentist. Box No. U/423/l l()

I I saw you. you are the blonde lady working in Demon Barder. I pass your

shop daily. you always have a smile on your face. Not sure if you are into women but if you are please get in touch. we could have a laugh. I'm a bi-sexual straight looking girl looking for fun with you. Get in touch! Box No. U/423/l II

I I saw you at the fabulous Broads with Swords. Friday 24/8. You in black trousers. pale blue shirt and swept back blond shoulder length hair. We waited outside by the door. avoiding glances - you sat in the front row. Want to Scamvix my MacBeth over a drink? Box No. U/423/l 12

II saw you Pam Anti in your triumphant Edinburgh debut. You're a star in New York and a star in LA . . . Perrier's were made for you . . . Get in touch! Box No.

U/423/l I3

I I saw you at Die Walkure on Wednesday 29th. centre Dress Circle. dark hair leather jacket. the sexist man there. I smiled wanted to say something. maybe I can over a drink sometime! Box No. U/423/l I4

I I saw you spiky haired Kiwi-girl. Riding a bicycle-taxi through town. I thought in the air (like in ET.) You say you are an Illustrator. but I think you are a clown. Are you? Box No. U/423/l 15

I I saw you girl with the red bag. and the ‘You Suck' lollies. Monday—Friday. the No. 7 bus. the time is now? Box No. U/423/l I6

I I saw you on the phone and in my dreams! Now you are here. Have fun darling! Love you lots beautiful boy. SM (not the beautiful one!) Box No. U/423/l l7

I I saw you working in RS McColls in Elm Row. You are gorgeous! I am in all the time. like everyone else. The eyes have it . . . RSVP Box No. U/423/l 18 II saw you lilH“ girl. we spoke after ‘(‘rush' in the rain. I was with a friend andmissed my chance to get to know you. Been regretting it since. Please call! Box No. U/423/I I9

I I saw you Gaynor at Mad Dogs. George Street on Saturday llth August. Fancy

giving me another dance lesson? !

Never got your number. Want mine? Box No. U/423/120

I I saw you crouching. speaking to tne unexpectedly in City Cafe on 17th Aug. You were hold. with bobbed

black hair. My shirt was to your

liking but not so much for you to stay. Let's go canoeing or something. Box No. U/423/122

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