Violence Questionnaire

We live in violent times, right? Well do we? Are you scared to go out? Are you scared to stay in? Let us know and in a few issues’ time we’ll tell you

how it really is.

1 At what sort of entertainment do you think you are most likely to encounter real violence?

a film

b music

c theatre

d dance

e comedy

1‘ club

9 art gallery

h pub

i restaurant

2 Does the perceived threat of violence stop you going out for your entertainment?

3 often

b sometimes

c never

3 If you got all your information from the media, how accurate an impression of violence in Glasgow and Edinburgh would

you have?

a exaggerated

b accurate

c urider—estimatetl

4 What is the most violent town or city in Scotland?

5 Which art form engages with issues of violence most intelligently?

a film

b literature

c televrsron

d music

e visual art

f theatre

9 other aplease specify

6 Which art form is most obsessed by violence?

a film

I) literature

c televrsion

d music

e \‘IfSllétl art f theatre

9 other release specify)

7 Should representations of extreme violence be censored in adult films?

a yes

b no

6 don't know

8 Should representations of extreme violence be censored in post- watershed television? a yes

b rte

c i:'>r‘.'t kilos;

9 What is the most violent film you’ve ever seen?

10 Do you feel more violent after watching a violent film?

a yes

b no

(2 don't know

1 1 Which is the most common cause of violence:

a films

b social conditions

leg povertyl

0 family hackground

leg domestic abuse)

d peer pressure leg kids in the school playground)

e alcohol

12 Are Itchy And Scratchy funnier than The Simpsons?

3 yes

b no

c don‘t know

13 Should musicians such as Eminem, Marilyn Manson and

sundry gangsta rappers be held responsible for the violent acts of their fans?

a yes

b no

c don't know

14 What is more dangerous to society: the violence of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus or the violence of Tom and Jerry?

a Titus Andronicus

b Tom and Jerry

c neither

d don't know

15 How do you generally react to the sight of violence?

a cry

b laugh

c shake

d run away

e become violent


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