16 Should boxing be banned?

a yes

b no

c don't know

17 If you had to lose one of the senses after a tragic accident, which would it be?

a sight

b smell

c taste

d touch

e hearing

18 Is there ever an acceptable recourse to violence?

a yes

b no

If yes. in what scenario?

19 Where was your first experience of violence?

a home

b school

Eminem Marilyn Mans

e other (please specify)

20 How would you react if an intruder entered your home?

b shout for help c co-operate fully

e other (please specifyi

21 Have you actively sought anyone out for a violent encounter?

ll yes, describe the most recent example

22 Has anyone actively sought you out for a violent encounter?

a yes

b no

it yes. describe the rnosl recent example

23 Have you or anyone you’ve been with ever carried a weapon?

a yes

b no

If yes. what was the situation?

24 Should the British bobby be armed?

a yes

b no

25 Have you ever been a victim of road/air rage

a yes

b no If yes. describe the most recent example

26 Have you ever been a perpetrator of road/air rage?

a yes

b no

l yes. describe the most recent example

27 Do you, like President Bush, believe in the death penalty?

a yes. absolutely

b only in extreme cases o no, absolutely not

28 If you are for the death penalty which method of execution would you prefer was used?

a hanging

Clockwork Orange ,"

' \

b electric chair c gas

d lethal injection e firing squad

29 Which one of these people makes you the most angry?

a Dalai Lama

b Anthea Turner

c Margaret Thatcher

d Tommy Sheridan

e Marilyn Manson

3O Whose death made you most upset?

a Freddie Mercury

b Diana Spencer

c Jill Dando

d Aaliyah

e Reggie Kray

I Send your completed forms. free of charge, to Violence Questionnaire, The List FREEPOST EH 2877.

74 High Street, Edinburgh EH7 OAH by Wednesday 72 September.

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