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The Crimson Rivers ( I 5) COO

replaced meaningful communication in (Mathieu Kassovitz. France. 200! ) Jean I

Reno. Vincent (‘asseL Nadia Fares. 105 mins. Kassovitz's fourth film as director is a gruesome. glossy .S'ei'en-style murder mystery adapted by Jean—(‘hristophe (irang from his own bestselling crime novel. Reno and ('assel's police detectives are investigating two seemingly unrelated cases: a brutal murder outside an Alpine university town and the desecrated grave of a child in suburban Sarzae. The action and suspense sequences are very slick. but once the mystery is solved the film looses impact. and ultimately fails to deliver the shocking denouement that sealed Seven’s place in cinema history. Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy.

Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles (PG) 0 (Simon Wincer. US. 200i) Paul Hogan. Linda Kozlowski. Serge (‘ockbum. 94 mins. lf Mick Dundee was a Crocodile. he would be put down. In this belated. lame third adventure Mick‘s longtime companion journo Sue (‘har‘leton (Kozlowski. aka Mrs Hogan) is called to LA when her father needs someone to edit a newspaper. The couple head to (‘alifornia with son Mickey ((‘ockburn) where they become embroiled in a smuggling operation involving dodgy-looking liast liuropean filmmakers. Mick goes undercover and finds work on the set of lethal Agent 3. a sequel so bad that no one can understand why it is being tirade (oh the irony!) Let‘s just hope that no one comes up with another sequel. or ~ no. please a prequel. (ieneral release. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (12) moo (Ang Lee. (‘hina/US. 2000) Michelle Yeoh. (‘how Yuri-Pat. [hang '/.iyi. (.‘hang (Then. 12()mins. Jane Austen meets Bruce Lee in Aug ‘Sense And .S‘enxihilitv‘ Lee's astonishing martial arts period drama. In a fictionalised version of early 19th century (him. a world of heroic warriors and deep philosophical values. Lee seatnlessly interweaves the stories of two

sets of lovers. and a revenge tale with a feminist twist. The fight scenes are groundbreaking. as choreographed by expert Yuen Wo Ping. At once breathtaking and beautiful. (‘rouehingliger’s also a cinematic landmark: its fusion of the best elements from liast and West cinema has created something wholly new. The Lumiere. lidinburgh; MacRobert Arts (‘entre. Stirling. The Groupier ( IS) .00. (Mike Hodges. 11K. l997) ('live ()wen. (iina McKee. Alex Kingston. 9-1 mins. Jack (()wen) is a struggling writer who takes tip a

job in a London casino where he quickly

proves himself to be an accomplished croupier. But he finds himself assisting Jeni

Jennifer Lopez flashes her Angel Eyes at Jim Caviezel

(Kingston). a South African gambler who‘s apparently in debt to a gang of criminals. Hodges‘ taut. intelligent and darkly amusing drama combines cinematic flair and thematic substance. unfolding in a dream- like. hall-of-mirrors world. peopled by con- artists. card-sharks. and inveterate liars. Propelled by ()wen's impressively watchful and poised central performance. it boasts a delicious ()edipal twist in its denouernent. (‘ameo. iidinburgb; Adam Smith 'Iheatre. Kirkcaldy.

The Cup (PG) mo (Khyentse Norbu. Australia. 1999) ()rgyen Tobgyal. Neten (‘hokling. Jamyang Lodro. 93 mins. The ('14,) scores a hat trick of firsts: first film directed by a lama. in the Tibetan language with a cast soley comprised of monks. And it‘s about football. specifically the footy fever that grips the monks of(‘hokling Monastery during the I998 World (‘up. liliciting spirited performances from his cast. Norbu achieves his goal in creating a simple. humorous. humane film. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD (U) “0 (Gordon l‘lemyng. UK. 1966) Peter (‘ushing. Bemard (.‘ribbins. Ray Brooks. 81 mins. The great (‘ushing is Dr Who as the I)alcks makes merry hell on our planet. (‘heck out the remarkable shots of a ruined London. llokey fun. (il’i‘. (ilasgow. D" Chahta Hai (PU) (India. 2001). Asian

modern society. U(‘l. liast Kilbride. Fairytale: A True Story (U) 0.0 ((‘harles Sturridge. UK. 1997) Florence Hoath. lilizabeth liarl. Paul McUann. 98 mins. ln telling the story of two lidwardian girls who cause a sensation when they capture a photographic image of fairies. Fairytale manages to be more coherent and less downbeat than the similar Photographing Fairies”. A carefully judged film that provides moving entertainment for the family audience. Carlton. Stirling.

0 The Fast And The Furious (l5) 0”. (Rob ('ohen. US. 2(X)l) Paul Walker. Vin Diesel. Michelle Rodriguez. IOX mins. Roaring off the start line in a cloud of burning rubber. (‘ohen‘s stripped— down illicit street-racing movie was a deserved ‘sleeper' success in the US. deliv- ering the pure. adrenalised entertainment that over-powered. poorly-tuned auto movies such as Gone In ()0 Seeonds and Driven only promised. Through the associ- ated clothing. music and slang. it also cap- tures the mutli-cthnic. tribal flavour of a distinctive urban sub-culture built around fast cars. sex and defying authority. That said. this is strictly ‘B‘ movie stuff. so don't go expecting originality. (ieneral release.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (PG) 0... (llironobu Sakaguchi. Montonori Sakakibara. [IS/Japan. 2001) Voices of Ming-Na Wen. Alec Baldwin. Steve Buscerni. 105 mins. Final fantasy unquestionably represents a quantum leap for animation. Adapted from the phenomenally successful Japanese role- playing computer game series. The Spirits Within tells a new story in which the liarth of 2005 has succumbed to an alien invasion. (To-produced by a Japanese and American crew. co-directed by game creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and voiced by Hollywood talent. the liastern spiritualism and questing element of the game is given the standard Hollywood blockbuster treatment. The results are mixed ~~ human movement is still problematic - but often astonishingly believable. The future of film has arrived. Selected release.

Finding Forrester ( 12) CO. ((iUs Van Sant. US. 2001) Sean Connery. Rob Brown. 130 mins. A troubled young genius finds a mentor in an older man with demons of his own. Sound familiar? Well. Van Sant‘s new movie is a blatant copy of his first mainstream success. (iood Will Hunting. This time around. however. rather than a maths prodigy and his shrink. the prickly pair are a teenager from the Bronx and a reclusive Salinger-like writer. The jazz score is excellent, ('onnery breathes life into a

character constructed almost entirely from cliches and Brown gives a naturalistic and affecting twrformance. but the film's mix of indie pacing and camera work with Hollywood gloss and sentimentality never really gels. ()deon. Kilrnarnock.

The Flintstones (U) 0. (Brian Levant. US. 199-1) John (ioodman. Rick Moranis. lilizabeth Perkins. Rosie O'Donnell. 92 mins. Fred is promoted to an executive post at the quany. but only as a stooge for his boss‘s corporate rip-off; nevertheless. money and power go to the l‘lintstones‘ heads. caUsing friction with the

cinema presentation. in Hindi without subtitles. ()deon At The Quay. Glasgow. Dolphins (U) (2000). The producers of the most successful IMAX movie ever. Everest. take us undersea into the aquatic home of dolphins. With narration by Pierce Brosnan and music by Sting. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow.

Dr Dolittle 2 (PG) “0 (Steve (farr. US. 200]) liddie Murphy. Kristen Wilson. voice of Lisa Kudrow. 87 mins. A Mafioso racoon turns up at the doc‘s home and demands that he visit Beaver. Godfather of the forest creatures. Beaver‘s problem is that

two nasty humans want to ‘develop‘ their home. if only Dolittle can mate endangered species bear Ava (voiced by Lisa Kudrow) with circus dude bear Archie. then by law

Rubbles. The movie keeps to the TV series' prehistoric parody of modern suburban life. adds bright and chunky sets and a post- yuppie morality tale on greed that doesn‘t

quite sit right. and comes otit a little plot- heavy. The one-liners will be picked up by adults. kids will get bored. But it‘s no the yabba-dabba dodo it could have been. (‘ineworld. l’alkirk.

0 Forbidden Planet ( P( i) 0... (Fred M. Wilcox. l'S. l956) Walter Pidgeon. Anne l‘rancis. Leslie Nielsen. Warren Stevens. 98 mins. A classic sci-ii

the forest will be protected. Simple. cheesy and eco-friendly. (ieneral release. Dr T And The Women (12) 0”

clubs 0 theatre - arts 0 C I . . (Robert Altman. US. 200]) Richard (iere. . ' . Helen Hunt. Farrah l"awcett. 121 mins. 75- . year-old veteran director Robert Altman. in

tandem with ('ookie 's Fortune screenwriter Anne Rapp. delivers an uneven. yet frequently enjoyable satire on Dallas

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society. and in particular its expensiver pampered females. A loose riff on the biblical story oflob. the patriarch whose patience was tested by bizarre events. Dr 'I' And The Women sees Altman use his trademark overlapping dialogue and fiuid tracking shots to express one of his favourite

version of The lent/test in deep space. Nielsen arrives on the remote planet and encounters the Prospero figure of Pidgeon. his daughter and their robot (Ariel). Soon all are plunged into the struggle against (‘alibarr (let the picture? lixeellent special effects and acting make it worth seeing.

themes how meaningless chatter has l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

28 THE LIST 6 Sop 20 Set) 2001