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The Forsaken (18) (JS. (‘ardone. US. 2()()l ) 90 mins. Sean (Kerr Smith) is driving cross-country to deliver a vintage Mercedes and attend his sister’s wedding when he picks tip a hitchhiker. Nick (Brendan l‘ehr). whojust happens to be a vampire hunter. tracking down a group of youthful vampires that feed on unwary travellers. As the plot thickens. they run into Megan. (Isabella Miko) who has been left for dead. Showcase Cinema. (ilasgow; Showcase. Paisley.

The 400 Blows (Les quatre cents coups) (P(i) ooooo (Francois 'l'ruffatit. l‘rance. l‘JSO) Jean-Pierre Léaud. Albert Remy. ('laire Maurier. l()l mins. Still amazingly fresh after all these years. 'l‘ruffaut’s debut abotit a thirteen-year-old Parisian boy‘s odyssey through his depressing family life is intensely moving and startlingly perceptive about childhood. Time has revealed this to be a masterpiece. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

Get Carter ( IS) moo (Mike Hodges. UK. 1071) Michael ('aine. Britt likland. John ()sborne. l 12 mins. (iv! ('urier stands otit as a highlight in the artist formerly

known as i‘vlicklewhite's career. His superbly

controlled performance as the relentless avenger on a score-settling trip to the North liast of lingland only makes you wish ('aine

horror movie the feeling of an acutely observational romp. lsabelle‘s blossoming nymph sprouts a tail after a werewolf attack. but after much perplexity begins to bear it with fortitude spreading her infection with her sexual favours. As her slavisth devoted sister tries to intervene. (iinger transforms from empowered teen to tragic monster. Despite llollywtxxl's long flirtation with lycanthropy. liawcett's funny. tragic film still coiitrives to be original. ()deon. Glasgow. Girl Crazy (U) (Norman Taurog. US. l9-l3) Judy (iarland. Mickey Rooney. (iuy Kibbee. 9‘) mins. liastem boy Rooney is sent west to college. where he meets tip with (iarland. Based on the (iershwin Broadway hit. the songs are great and the Busby Berkeley-directed rodeo iiriale ‘l (iot Rhythm' is just fab. (il’l‘. (ilasgow. Gohatta(15)(N;igis;i()sliiiiia. Japan/lirance/l 7K. I‘J‘J‘J) Takeshi Kitano. III] mins. ()ne ofJapan's linest directors returns with a tough movie which has a stab at deflating machismo while exploring gay desire to its fullest. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

Le Gout Des Autres ( IS) ooo

(Agniis Jaoui. France. 2001) Jean-Pierre Bacri. Anne Alvaro. (ierard l.anvin. l l2 mins. Britain doesn‘t have exclusive rights on the provincial class comedy. 11' gm?!

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shows the workings of a small town. which are brought into focus when Jacques (‘astello (Bacri) falls for actress and linglish tutor (‘lara (Alvaro). a bohemian looking for love but hardly expecting it from Bacri's crude factory owner. There are a number of other sub-plots that shows Jaotii borrowing as readily from farce as the provincial comedy. The surprise is that they're combined to make for something more wistfully winning than either form usually offers. The Lumiere. lidinburgh. Greenfingers ( I5) 0. (Joel llershmann. UK. 2001 ) (‘live ()wen. Helen Mirren. Natasha Little. 8‘) mins. 'l'ransferrcd to an open prison in the (‘otswolds. convicted murderer (‘olin (()wen) discovers

a remarkable aptitude for horticulture. and his imaginative efforts in building a garden attract the attention of local TV celebrity (ieorgina Woodhouse (Helen Mirren). (ireeii/ingers might just be the quaintest British film of 2()()l. even though it was inspired by a New York 'limes article and written and directed by American Joel llershmann. A tale of comic redemption which provides a supremely benevolent view of the penal system. See review. (ieneral release.

A Hard Day’s Night (I') .00 (Richard Lester. UK. NM) John Lennon. Paul Mc(‘artney. (ieorge Harrison. Ringo Starr. 87 mins. This re-release of the Beatles' screen debut. complete with digitally restored soundtrack. sees the Fab Four supposedly preparing for a live TV ix-rformance. Actually. jigging with the

Hello Dolly (t') 0.00 ((iene Kelly. US. l()()()l Barbra Streisand. Walter Matthau. Michael Crawford. 12‘) mins. New York. in the late Nth century. and widowed matchmaker (Streisand) makes a play. or rather a musical. for a well heeled grain merchant (Matthau). lixtravagant sets. epic musical numbers and a cameo from the late. treat Louis Armstrong make this sumptuous. if not particularly sensible. viewing. (il’l'. (ilasgow.

Help! I’m A Fish (I‘) 000 (Michael llegner. Stefan lijeldmark. l)enmark/ (iermany/lreland. 2()()l ) Voices of Alan Rickman. 'l‘erry Jones. 'l‘eryl Rothery. 78 mins. This cheerful offering involves three kids: pesky l’ly. his sweet little sister Stella and their geeky cousin ('huck. After sneaking out (if the house they L‘otttc across a secret tunnel by the sea. in which lives a professor (voiced by Jones) who's created a formula to turn humans into lisli. Lo' and behold our junior heroes are soon swimming with the lishes. trying to find an antidote and doing battle with an evil pilot- fish (villainous Rickman). Younger children should enjoy it. btit if you're looking for humour or any real moments of high drama. you'll be disappointed. (icneral release.

High Fidelity ( l5) 0... (Stephen l-‘rears. LS. 3000) John (‘tisack. lben lljejle. Jack Black. II} mins. Nick llornby's story of a vinyl junkie who's more interested in his music collection than his relationships with women is practically a British institution. Yet. (‘usack and co- writer/producer pals l).\". l)e\’incentis and Steve Pink have drawn on their own pasts to make a film that‘s as funny and profound as the book. But the great script. cast and music wouldn't have meant a thing without a lilmtnakcr of lirears‘ calibre taking charge. (‘ameo. lidinburgh.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (P( i) .0. (Steven

had played more villains. llodges grimly effective direction proves that you don't need to be as worthy as Ken Loach to make a document of social history. (‘ameo, lidinburgh.

Ghostbusters (PG) 00. (Ivan Reitman. l’S. l‘)84) Bill Murray. Sigourney Weaver. Dan Aykroy-d. 105 mins. Three wacky unemployed parapsychologists pursue a little private enterprise as exterminators in ijmk-infested Noo Yawk. Wildly over-rated comedy. (irosvenor. (ilasgow.

Ginger Snaps ( IS) 00.. (John l’awcett. Canada. 200! ) Katharine Isabelle. liniin Perkins. .‘vlimi Rogers. [()8 mins. Writer-director liawcett's sardonic treatment

of the American bourgeoisie gives this exuberant energy of youth and the fearless

arrogance of those who are adored. they

l dodge their manager. taunt their fans and " make a playground of the streets. Lester’s WE % mock documentary received two Academy Award nominations. 'loday. the camera

tricks may seem less than impressive. but

i the innocent upbeat humour comes as a WHAT CHANGES NEEO TO BE MAOE TO OUR WHISKEY.

timely relief. ('ameo. lidinburgh. Heartbreakers ( l5) 0... (David (SHORT MEETING, lONG CELEBRATION)

Jennifer Love Hewitt. (iene llackman. 133 mins. Max and Page (‘onners are a 7th/8th Sept 7th/8th Sept

mother-and«laughter team of con artists. Max reels in a wealthy sucker and gets 12th/I3th Sept 12th/13th Sept

him to pop the question. Soon after the wedding. the groom is caught in a compromising position with Page and a lucrative annulment follows. llaving lieeced Ray Liotta's New Jersey chop- shop owner in this manner. the pair head for Palm Beach. Florida. where they target tobacco billionaire William B Tensy (llackman). Like its protagonists. I[earth/“(ulcers is both cheerfully amoral and charming. cynical and sweet. The cast


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30 THE LIST Ii Sop '20 Set) 7001

are quite obviously having a ball and their enthusiasm is delightfully infectious. (ieneral release.

OHedwig and the Angry Inch ( I5) 0... (John (‘ameron Mitchell. US. 2(Xll ) John (‘ameron Mitchell. Miriam Shor. Stephen Trask. 9| mins. In order to escape communist liast (iermany. young llansel marries a gay (i.l.. which involves undergoing a sex change operation. This is botched leaving llansel. now lledwig. with just an ‘angry inch'. Jump forward a few years and lledwig is touring middle- America with her punk rock band named after his phallic stump. She’s also stalking former lover and musical protege Tommy (inosis. who‘s stolen lledwig's songs and hit the big time. Mitchell. star of the cult rock musical. gives it his all once more. directing. writing and acting in this lively and liberating film version of his stage col- laboration with Trask. ()deon. (ilasgow; (‘ameo. lidinburgh.

Spielberg. LS. 1089) Harrison l‘ord. Sean Connery. Alison Doody. Denholm lilliot. l27 mins. The third and supposedly linal instalment of Spielberg's blockbUstcr series. in which the archaeological adventurer is joined by his father ((‘onneryl for a romp through the Middle liast in search of the Holy (irail. hotly pursued (as ever) by the Na/is. A rather dodgy quasi-('hristiaii morality and a more-of-tliesame-(sh plot are offset by strong performances from l-‘ord and (‘onnei'y and technical bravura. liilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (l’(i) 0... (Steven Spielberg. US. WS-i) llari'ison l-‘ord. Kate ('apshaw. Kc lluy Quan. Amrisli Purl. I IS mins. Again the foreigners find it hard going keeping tip with the Joties. as master entertainer Spielberg piles on the action sequences. This time. however. the frantic pace has cy ct) less credibility than Rattlers had. l'ilmhoUsc. Iidinburgh.