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Maeculln Femlnln (15) (Jean-Luc Godard. France. 1966) l 10 mins. Somewhere between a sociological essay on Godard’s Marx/Coca-Cola generation theory and a true romance. this sees both the director and his star Jean-Pierre Leaud on top form. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Me, You, Them (Et, Tlu, Elee) (PG) 0.. (Andrucha Waddingtott. Brazil. 2001) Regina Case. Lima Duarte. Stenio Garcia. 106 mins. Me. You. Them was apparently inspired by a real-life study of a Brazilian woman who lived with her three husbands under the satne roof for a decade. In different hands this might have been turned into a lusty. bed-hopping farce. yet director Waddington and screenwriter Elena Soarez have carefully fashioned a low-key and gently amusing fable about an alternative family unit and the way its members cope with the day-to-day business of cohabiting in a menage a quartre. Case. a huge television star iit Brazil. deserves the plaudits for her portrayal of the earth mother figure. whose appetite for life isn't diminished by unprepossessing material circumstances. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Le Meprle ( 15) O... (Jean-Lac Godard. France. 1963) Brigitte Bardot. Jack Palance. .Michel Piecoli. 103 mins. Godard's comment on international filmmaking is re— released in a new print. A scriptwriter is increasingly despised by his wife as he tries to set up a film in Rome to be directed by Fritz Lang. The breakdown of a marriage contrasts with the chequebook wedding that marked so tnuch collaborative filmmaking during the 60s. while the Mediterranean photography makes this the most handsome film Godard ever made. GET. Glasgow; Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy.

Merci Pour Le Chocolat (Night Cap) (PG) 0.. (Claude Chabrol. France. 2001 ) Isabelle Huppert. Anna Mouglalis. Jacques Dutrone. 99 mins. Old man of French cinema Chabrol has cast his favoured performer. Huppett. as a femme fatale named Mika. ()r is she‘.’ Sparky young piano student. Jeanne (Mouglalis). can't decide either when she comes to Mika's home to meet husband Andre (Dutronc) aitd his son. Andre. with whom she was nearly switched at birth. Huppert's heiress to a Swiss chocolate-making company is a stone-faced businesswoman who gives little of herself away. It's that which creates the palpable sense of unease that pervades Chabrol‘s film. Adattt Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy.

Metropolle (PG) eeeee (Fritz Lang. Germany. 1926) Brigitte Helm. Alfred Abel. GUstav Frolich. 12-1 mins. ()ne of the greatest films of all time. here in its longer- length. uncolorised version. free from Giorgio Moroder's tacked-on rock soundtrack. The cityscapes remain unsurpassed. although the allegory against totalitarianism is a bit naive. l’ilmhouse. Edinburgh.

Mlldred Plerce (PG) eeee (Michael Curtiz. LS. 1945) Joan Crawford. Jack Carson. Zachary Scott. 1 13 mins. Crawford excels (she won an Oscar) as the titular woman who turns her back on her husband

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Kathy Burke and Lee Evans play mum and dad In The Martina

and becomes a successful restaurateur. while lighting her own selfish daughter for the heart of a playboy (Scott) and getting embroiled in a ttturder plot. Viewed by some as the sort of strong woman's role that is so elusive today. its suggestion that death follows when a woman abandons the kitchen sink is actually pretty patronising. The Lumiere. Edinburgh.

0 Moulln Rouge (12) eeeee (Bax 1.uhrmann. IS. 2001 ) Ewart McGrcgor. Nicole Kidman. Jim Broadbent. 128 mins. l.uhrmann's follow-up to Romeo + Julie! is a wildly unrestrained. gloriously camp. mUsical love story that re-invents the fortn from the Golden Age Hollywood song and dance spectaculars tip. 1.uhrmann has trans- formcd the eponymous l9th century Parisian dancehall-eum—brothel into the rave capital of Europe. weaving 20th century pop music hits into the fabric. the very dialogue of the filtn so that it becomes almost opera. And spiralling around a fairytale romance between McGrcgor‘s idealistic poet and Kidman's dance girl is a barrage of riototis imagery and design. There's no middle- ground with l.uhrmann's film; if you abatt- don yourself to it it'll leave you intoxicated with pleasure. Sec featttre and review. General release.

My Heart (tbc) (Bae Chang-Ho. South Korea. 1999) 1 14 mins. Beautifully shot period drama in which a sixteen-year-old girl marries a chap six years hcrjunior. And then he cheats on her. So. she slowly fittds herself. Filmhouse. Edinburgh. Myeterlee Of Egypt (1') (Bruce Neibaur. 2001) ()marSharif. Kate Maberly. ()mar Sharif stars in the first National Geographic film to appear in IMAX. imparting tales of tombs. treasures and the amazing achievements of this ancient civilisation. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow.

Nurse Betty ( 18) O... (Neil l.aButc.

LS. 2000) Renee Zellweger. Morgan Freeman. Greg Kinnear. l 10 mins. When smalltown Kansas waitress Betty (Zellweger) witnesses the murder of her white trash car salesman. she suffers a reality shift that leaves her believing the cheesy melodramatic world of her favourite daytime soap. A Reason To Live. to be real. Much of the film's humour is derived from the disparity between melodrama and real life; the occasions when they intersect are simultaneously hilarious. painful and poignant. Not as misanthropic as LaBute's first two films. Nurse Berry is nevertheless far tnore vital than other Hollywood comedies. Cameo. Edinburgh.

1 01 Reykjavik ( 18) O... (Baltasar Kormakur. Iceland. 2001 ) Hiltnir Snzer Gudnason. Victoria Abril. 88 mins. Hlynur (Gudnason) is a twentysomething who still lives at home with his single mother. drinking the long days away and surfing the internet for pornography. But Hlynur gets the wake tip call of his life when he beds his mother's beautiful Spanish friend. Lola (Abril ). only to discover she's his mum's lesbian lover. When the infidelity is revealed. the film becomes a comedy of unease. charting similarly queasy territory as David 0. Russell (Spanking The Monkey). It's a smarting black comedy with a snow- white background and the pulsating score by Danton Albarn emphasises the film's cool credentials. Selected release.

A One And A No (Yl Yl)(15)

0... (Edward Yang. Taiwan. 2001 ) Wu Nianzhen. Tnag Ru-yun. Elaine Jin. 173 mitts. Remarkable study of a middle class Taiwanese family in crisis. A One And A Two unfolds in present day Taiwan. where company exec .\'J is having woman trouble: his mother-in-law's in a cotna. his wife‘s left him fora religious sect and an old flame has appeared after 30 years. Meanwhile. .\'J's son is having trouble at school and his

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daughter's finding her first love. Deservedly the winner of the Best Director Prize at Cannes. Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy. The Parole Office” 12) eee (John Duigan. L'K. 2001) Steve Coogan. Om Puri. Lena Headey. 95 mins. As with many of Coogan's better known television characters. The Parole Officer. concentrates on the comic possibilities that result from someone not being up to theirjob: Simon Garden is a hopelessly inept probation officer who has only helped three people go straight. So Garden's employers transfer him to the Manchester office. where he promptly gets framed for murder and has to pull off a bank robbery to prove his innocence. Unfortunately. what would be a fine Christmas TV special doesn't have enough glass for the big screen. despite the best efforts of the brilliant Coogan. Selected release.

Pearl Harbor(15) ee (Michael Bay. US. 2001) Ben Affleck. Josh Hartnett. Kate Beckinsale. 180 mins. Affleck and Hartnctt play lifelong buddies. Rafe and Danny. who end up in the American airforce as pilots. The boys are based in Pearl Harbor. Hawaii. but Rafe volunteers for a posting tojoin the Battle of Britain. though not before falling for nurse Evelyn (Beckinsale). When Rafe is reported lost. missing-in-action. Danny slips into the bed of the fair Evelyn. And thenjust to bugger it all up. Rafe returns from the ‘dead‘ and the attack by the Japanese gets in the way of sorting love affairs out. Pearl Harbor is over-long and over-sentimental. and in going for the broadest audience Bay has Vaselined the unpleasantness of war away. lessening its impact. FTH Cinema. Falkirk. Plerrot Le Fan (18) O... (Jean-Luc Godard. France/Italy. 1965) Jean-Paul Belmondo. Anna Karina. Dirk Sanders. Raymond Devos. Samuel Fuller. 1 10 mins. Among Godard's most ambitious efforts. and one which almost succeeds in integrating every idea on a seemingly endless agenda. On the simplest level. it's an amourfou road movie. but the central storyline sweeps with it a huge range of styles and moods before its tragic showdown. and sustains an ironic existentialism to its final frame. A work of flawed brilliance. and a turning point in Godard's career. GFT. Glasgow.

Planet Of The Apee (12) eee

(Tim Burton. L'S. 2001) Mark Wahlberg. Tim Roth. Helena Bonham Carter. 1 19 mins. Burton‘s remake of the science fiction classic retains more of the entertaining social satire of Pierre Boulle's source novel than the 1968 original. Nevertheless. the films share a similar plot: An astronaut (little Mark Wahlberg taking the place of manly. be-loinclothed Charlton Heston) is marooned on the planet and captured by the war-like apes. He meets a liberal female chimpanzee (Helena Bonham-Carter). who helps him escape. and leads a revolt against the simian oppressors. As you might expect. Burton‘s Apes exceeds the original film in make-up while paying respectful homage to it. However. the plot. tone and pacing is a mess and this is the least Bunon-esque of Burton‘s films. General release.


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