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Raldora Of The Lost Ark (PG) .0... (Steven Spielberg. L'S. l98l) Harrison Ford. Karen Allen. l 15 mins. Ford plays adventuring archaeologist lndiatta Jones. who almost bites off ntore than he can chew when he turns tip the Ark of the Covenant in Nazi-infested wartime Egypt. Return to the breathless excitement of the Saturday morning serial with this rollercoaster of a ntovie. probably better than either of its sequels. Tongtte lteld very firmly in cheek. Filmhouse. Edinburgh. The Hallway Children (L') 000 (Lionel Jeffries. CK. 1970) Dinah Sheridan. William Mervyn. Jenny Agutter. l08 ntins. A trio of youngsters find that their involvement with the railway that runs past their garden is to lead them into adventure. Pleasing fantily film with an old-fashioned. comfortably British feel that sets it apart from contemporary kids movies. OFT. Glasgow.

Rugrata In Paris: The Movie (L') .0. (Stig Bergqvist. Patil Demeyer. L'S. 2(X)l ) Voices of Christine Cavaitatiglt. Susan Sarandon. Debbie Reynolds. 77 mins. The antics of those diaper—clad under-5s. Tontnty. Chuckie. Dil. Phil aitd Lil. aitd tormenting big cousin Angelica. ntake a great kids cartoon. Better than its predecessor. Rugrals In Paris has the gang descending on Euroreptarland (read Eurodisney). where conniving Angelica fixes up motherless Chuckie and his gullible father. Chas. with the villainous Coco La Bouche who hates children. To save Chuckie the kids hijack the giant robotic Reptar and race for Notre Dante to stop the wedding. Lively. well-paced entertainment for younger children. and just stttart enough for ntost adults. ()deon. Duitfertttline. Rush Hour 2 ( 12) 00. (Brett Ratncr. LS. 200] ) Jackie Chan. Chris Tucker. Zhang Ziyi. 89 ntins. Chan and Tucker re-teant fora big-budget sequel to their mediocre action-comedy hit. The basic set up remains the same. btit with the roles

Returning all

reversed. Tucker is a fish-out-of-water LAPD cop bemused by the language attd customs of Chan‘s home turf. Hoitg Kong. The mis-matched buddies are meant to be on holiday. but the bombing of the local L‘S embassy leads workaholic Cltan to John Lotte. his late father's ex-partner iit the Hoitg Kong Police. now a Triad gangster. While the action remains itt Hoitg Kong. the verbal humour and slapstick action play well; btit once it sltifts to Las Vegas. Jeff Nathanson's script runs otit of steam. However. Crone/ting ’li'ge): Hidden Dragon star Ziy‘i. as Lone's vicious ltenchwontatt. makes quite an impression. (ieneral release. Saturday Night Fever ( 18) 00. (John Badltaitt. LS. 1977) John Travolta. Karen Lynn (iorttey. Julie Bovasso. l 19 ntins. Remember the Bee (ices music. the wltite suits. the days when Travolta was a promising young talent'.’ Nostalgia rules again with the revival of tltis rather ordinary teen rebellion/dance mini-classic iit which an ordinary working-class youth finds the only meaning iit his life during his energetic peregrinations oit the weekend dance floor. (irosveitor. (ilasgow.

Scary Movlo 2 ( l8) 0 (Keenan Wayaits. 200l ) Tim Curry. James Woods. 82 ittiits. In a cinematic environment where pastiche. hontagc. paying tribute (call it what you will) is positively encouraged. this is clear evidence that the trick is very ntuch knowing when to stop. See review. (iciteral release.

L0 Secret ( 18) .0. (Virginie Wagon. France. 200l ) Anne Coesens. Tony Todd. l()7 ittiits. Btisy Marie (Coesens) is a white 35-year—old married Parisian who. pretty successfully. sells encyclopaedias door to door. Her new lover. Todd's Bill West. is a 50-year-old black New Yorker living iit Paris who seems to ltave no ties. Wagon's film might bring to mind torrid 70s sleaze epics like .Wandingo aitd Drum. btit it's linked much ntore obviously to films like Romance aitd other examples of abject

36 THI LIST 6 Sap-20 Sep 2001


by Marianne Faithfull

12 September - 6 October

“retains the honesty ant lyrcism ofiiEhfslbOokum sharpens it up into a r stream of cackling dial

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I'I'IIENS 'l'llEll'lll

The Scotsman

rite of passage. For what Marie needs is liberation; a retreat front the constraints of well-rehearsed selling techniques aitd middle-class fantily life. See review. Filitthottse. Edinburgh.

Sea Spot Run (PG) .00 (Joltit Wltitesell. ['S. 200] ) David Arqtiettc. Michael Clark Duncan. Paul Sorvitto. 96 ittiits. This shaggy-ish dog story is about Agent II. the l’Bl‘s greatest sniffer dog . . . who is wanted by the Mafia after takittg a bite otit of the boss‘ balls during an arrest. Running alongside this story is that of hapless mailman (iordon (Arquette) who is iit love with his beautiful neighbour Steplt aitd will do anything to impress her attd her soit James. Things start to get all too predictable when (iordon eitds tip looking after James for several days and the two become the owners of a stray dog who. surprise. surprise. is Agent l l.just escaped front an attempted Mafia assassination. Selected release.

Shoot The Planlat (Tlraz aur la planlata) ( )5) 0000 (Francois 'l’ruffaut. l‘rance. I960) Charles Azitavour. Marie Dubois. Nicole Berger. 80 ittiits. [ix- concci't pianist A/llin’ttlll'. now working seedy Parisian bars. gets involved with vengeful gangsters when he tries to help his two petty-crook brothers escape front the lteat. .'\'oi(t'elle lague adaptation of David (ioodis concentrates ntore oit a bree/y camera style than on tltc despondeitcy of the original source. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

Shrek ( l7) .0... (Andrew Adamson. \r'icky Jenson. L'S. 200l ) Voices of Mike Myers. Cameron l)ia/. liddie Murphy. 90 ittiits. .Vll‘t‘k‘ will have Walt Disney tttrning itt his cryogenic free/e tank. This truly sttbversivc animated film takes pot shots at fairytale lttylltttlttgy-‘ while singling otit anle Wall's beloved Snow ll'liilt'. Cinderella. Pinieeltio. et al. L'nder the guise of a quest to rescue a princess front a dragon undertaken by the eponymous green ogre (which kids w ill love). .S'ltrek also ruthlessly pillages corporate Disney. satirising its theme parks aitd executives. And who's behind all this'.’ Producer Jeffrey Katzcnberg of Disney rival sttidio DreamWorks. also formerly ltead of. yep. Disney. (ietteral release.

Slldlng Doora(15)0000 (Peter Howitt. L'K. I998) (i\\')'llclll Paltrow. John Hannah. John Lynch. 99 mitts. Mousy- haired PR executive Helen gets fired aitd discovers her handsome lrish boyfriend is a two-timer. Blonde PR woman Helen is tttore successful and dates a handsome Scot. This sharply observed romantic comedy splits Helen‘s life iit two when she ittisses/catches a tube train. t'tterly entertaining. aitd one of the best British movies of I998. ()deon. Dtatfcrntliitc. Small Soldlara (PG) 00 (Joe Dante. l'S. I998) Kirsten Dunst. (ircgory Smith. Denis Leary. I I0 ittitts. Dante plunders his anarchic live action cartoon tale. Gremlins. substituting toys for little devils and adding state-of—thc-art computerised effects. L'nfortunately. Small .S'oldiers displays none of the sadistic

mischief. nor the knowing Capra-esquc whimsy of its antecedent. Sanitised. blattd attd banal. L'(iC Cinemas. Cilasgow; l'CiC Cinemas. Edinburgh.

Space Jam ([7) 0. (Joe Pytka. t'S. I996) Michael Jordan. Btigs Bunny. Wayne Knight. 87 ntitts. Nasty alien cartoons have captured Bugs Bunny attd are going to enslave the l.ooney Tunes itt their antusetttent park on Moron Mountain. btit Bugs has the brainwave of challenging them to a basketball gatttc aitd enlisting the taleitts of Michael Jordan for his tcaitt. Lacking the class of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” and the pace of a real basketball gantc. Space Jam sltould divert the kids on Saturday mornings. even though the jokes and effects are tired frottt over-Lise. (irosvenor. (ilasgow.

Spy Klda (t.‘) 0000 (Robert Rodriguez. LS. 200] ) Antonio Banderas. Alan Cttttttttiitg. Carla (iugino. 87 ittiits. Like any young children. Carmen attd Juli Corte/ harbour hopes of tttadcap adv enture. btit unlike most children their apparently normal parents are top international super- spies. When they 'rc kidnapped as part of a dastardly plot to destroy the world. cooked tip by kooky ittastermind l't'giltt liloop (Ctiitttttittg). it falls to the cltildren to save the world. Rife with fantasy. special-effects wi/ardry' aitd high-octane thrills. Spy Kids is particularly enjoyable because it's the children aitd not the adults that ultintately save the day. Cineworld. l‘alkirk. ( IS) 000 (Christine Hedegtis. Jehane Notiiaint. l'S. 200|) 107 tttiits. Buddies since ltigltscltool. Kalcil lsa/a Tit/man aitd Tom llerntait pool their entrepreneurial expertise and launch a startup interitet coittpany (iov\\' Btit having raised millions of dollars it) venture capital. the co-founders find tactical aitd strategic problems are sooit troubling the business. This verite documentary finds an engrossing ltttntan interest story iit an account of the rise and fall of a high-profile venture. l'sittg extensive footage and intintate access to the participants. the filmmakers ltave constructed a salutary tale of a life-long friendship being jeopardised by the cut-throat world of business. See preview and review. l'(iC Cinemas. Edinburgh.

Suaplcloua Rlvar ( (8) 0.. (Lynne Stopkewich. Canada. 2000) Molly Parker. Calltmt Keitlt Rennie. 92 ittiits. Trapped iit a loveless ntarriagc. Parker's young ittotel receptionist yearns to leave her remote Canadian hometown. To raise ltiitds she sells sexual services to customers from work. which is ltow she encounters aitd falls iit love with the violent drifter (iary (Rennie). A troubling. opaque work. .S'us/iieious River is less concerned w itlt depicting the sexually ittasochistic acts of its protagonist than iit conveying (ltc state- of-miitd of a woman numbed by childhood trauma. Parker delivers a deliberately soittnaittbulistic perforittance. although the film's bleak detachntent militates against the v ievver's emotional engagement with tlte material. See preview aitd t‘cvicw. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; l‘ilitthouse. lidinburgh.

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