Suzhou Riven 12) 0... (Lou Ye. (’hina. 2000) '/.hou .\'un. Jia lIongsheng. Yao Anlian. 83 mins. Stu/um River is the .Asian Ii'rltgu. but don‘t expect Hitchcock-sly lc camerawork in Yes lilm. In the vanguard of (‘hina's new ‘(ith (ieneration' lilmmakers. Ye's sty le is shaky hand-held camerawork representing the video diaries (ii a lonely

\ ideographer (a cipher tor (‘hina's disillusioned youth‘.’). who lives on the epony motis Shanghai waterway. The plot. however. (tits on Hitchcock's classic about obsession and mistaken identity. lior cineliles and social obsct‘\ers alike. this is a clever. contemporary lilm which bodes well for the ()th (ieneration. 'I‘he I.umiere. Iidinburgh.

Swordfish i l5) .0 (Dominic Sena.

IS. 200! i John Travolta. litiin Jackman.

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Nicole Kidman plays showgirl seductress Satine in Moulin Rouge

llalle Berry. ()0 mins. Opening with a magnificent L‘.\pl()sl()li which occurs during a batik robbery and I’Bl siege. Sword/iin llashes back in titne to tell us how matters came to a terminal Iiead. ('riminal mastermind (iabricl Shear ('l’ravolta) hires top computer hacker Stanley Jobson (Jackman) to help him steal billions of dollars from the Drug Iinl'orcemerit Agency 's money -laundering scheme. Berry play s Shear's partner (linger. a role that naturally calls for her to remoye her bikini top in a laughably gratuitoUs scene. I‘ltimately. inst another big. brassy and pointless ‘actioner' Irom Ilollywood .nogul Joel Silver and hired-hand director Sena. (ieneral release. Tears Of The Black Tiger (Fa Talai Jone) l (S) .000 (Wish Sasanatieng. Taiwan. 2001) Stella .\la|ucchi.



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(‘hartchai Ngamsan. I000 mins. This gor- geous ‘Thai western' cleverly parodies John Ford and Sergio Leone. while drawing on Thai melodramas from the 50s and ()0s. The pacing. however. is as dynamic as a John Woo bullet ballet. Likewise. the story evokes Thai cinema's past. but blends the traditional tale of Rumpoey and Dani‘s impossible love (her father's the local gov- ernor: Dum's alter ego is Black Tiger. top gunman ot' the bandit chief. Fai) with mod- ern cynicism and existential angst. Iixuberant. camp and thoroughly. wonder- fully Name. The resurgence of Thai cinema starts here. (il‘T. (ilasgow; Cameo, Iidinburgh.

Thomas And The Magic Railroad (i') O. (Britt Alleroft. ifK/t'S. 2000) Voices of Alec Baldwin. Peter Fonda. Michael Ii. Rodgers. 7‘) mins. This adaptation of the Reverend Wilbur Awdry books is aimed squarely at under tens.

Whilst children will be lapping up the tale of

Thomas The Tank Iingine aiding The (‘onductor (Baldwin) against the evil I)iesel train. accompanying guardians will be wondering what hapPCned to Allcroi‘t's classic series narrated by Ringo Starr. Surely it was never thisjuvenilel I'(‘l. lidinburgh: I'(’l. liast Kilbride.

Thrill Rideii’U) (Ben Stassen. IS. 2001). A mix of computer graphics and live action. proy iding a scientific. but fun look at the history of rides. from their early origins in I7th century Rtissia to today‘s ride simulators. l.\IAX Theatre. (ilasgow.

A Time For Drunken Horses (PG) 0... (Bahman (iltobadi. Iran, 2000) 80 mins. In (ihobadi's remarkable lilm. as in Samira .\Iakhmalbal"s Block/manly border crossing out of linancial necessity (looking for pupils in lJ/ut'k/mun/s: smuggling goods here) carries risks beyond rough terrain and weather so appalling even the horses in (ihobadi‘s lilm have to take a drop of spir- its. There are also mines lrom the Iran/Iraq war to worry about as twelve-year-old

index Film

Ayoub tries to earn enough money to pay for his handicapped brother's operation. (ihobadi may have said of his film that 'the screenplay is completely constructed and structured'. but clearly we're talking a con- struction closer to document than con- trivance. (iI’T. Glasgow; Filmhouse. Iidinburgh.

Togethert 15) 0000 (Lukas .‘yloodysson. Sweden. 2000) Lisa Lindgren. (iustal' Iiammarsten. Sam Kessel. 106 mins. Set in the mid-70s, Moodysson‘s follow-up to the highly-rated Show My Love gives a gentle. comic dig in the ribs to the hippy ideal. When Iilisabeth (Lindgren) and her children take refuge from a violent husband with her placid brother (ioran (Ilammarsten) at his commune. named Together. their lifestyles are not the only ones that end up being reassessed. lmportantly. the lilm eschews both nostalgia for the period and mockery of it. despite the retro soundtrack (Abba. naturally) and embarrassing contemporary clothing. (‘ineworld. l’alkirk. Traffic ( 18) 0... (Steven Soderbergh. IS. 2000) Benicio Del Toro. Michael Douglas. (‘atherine Zeta-Jones. H7 mins. This ambitious. multi-layered epic drama exposes the confusion. hypocrisy and sheer futility oi‘America's war on drugs. Three interwoven storylines - involving decent cop Del 'l'oro, conservative ()hio judge Douglas. the country's newly appointed new drug war. and well-heeled society wile Zeta- Jones show how the drug trade touches and corrupts every level of society on both sides of the I'S-Mexico border. L'sing dil'terent lilm stocks and techniques. Soderberin provides each of these storylines with a distinct look while linking them with persistent tise ot‘ hand-held cameras. which gives the film an air of documentary authenticity and gripping immediacy. Intelligent and provocative. 'I'niflir avoids sermonising. but in scene after scene. the message gets through. ('ameo. Iidinburgh.

i \

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