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The things you simply have to do this fortnight


Theatre David Mamet's tale of scheming and betrayal in the shady world of real estate is brought to life by a cast of Lyceum heavyweights. See preview. page 57.

Lyceum, Edinburgh.

.MOULIN ROUG Film Baz LU'.-i." ;-.-' l' 'l' his, damndew ' the musical r- .~ ' hhlp EV]. :.'. i/‘N -’ ill: ,' and Nicole Kit M iii. ix

feature, page 1'3 girv: review. Datie :1 ,1. ( 2i ii [1/ nMxme

Music Having just about survived her raw experience in

the film world, the I ' Icelandic pixie

.. I ' ' i 1'4 ' ' returns to musical . i. " . ,, - - v 1 form With

Vesperti’ne. See review. page 103. One Little Indian.


STANLEY KUBRICK Music Rodney Smith ceiitinues his Video E ting c" t"-;‘- rig-32:: 'ii-inirtgz ‘s "Hertz ' campaign to make British hip hop a .'.:,i»\:; i" : ii‘v’l) a :ixssl‘ {71)x set credible international force. See l)f(3‘.’l()‘.‘/.

: " xiii ":1: . i'>§’:5‘- v.1," :. ‘;: ‘e . t]. page 1’16. Arches. G/(isgbw; La Bt’)i'/(3 Ange/e. Adi/ibii/‘g/i.

TOTAL OBJECT COMPLETE WITH MISSING PARTS Art Tramway’s new visual arts season kicks off with a major exhibition of new and recent work by international artists featuring Simon Starling. Joao Penalva, Angela Bulloch and Mariele Neudecker. See preview. page 84. Tramway, Glasgow.

DON MCCULLIN Books The British photo- journo has collected his stark imagery from the battlefields of Vietnam to the wilderness of Glencoe. And it‘s great. See review, page 100. Jonathan Cape.

GAS ATTACK .. .. _ y. i _ a , TV This True i ,,::i I: ; Stories tale of ..

asylum seekers h. and mayhem ' . . m At .I O“ a G'asgow A .. .. . ,. , .‘ MAX PAYNE

estate is painful Game Ceiii 4521er

in its timeliness t*!t’0fit‘)t‘:1.iiitil‘iiu'ii:

See review, Opera Wagner's Ring cycle continues with Scottish

.. “.ltflt" ti'll‘t‘“: v'il'li‘ ' page 108. Opera giving you five hours of majestic art. See review, i ,. V” y, H .1. rm“ ‘3. , Channe/ 4. page 47. Theatre Royal, G/asgow. " M,“ In”, i