The following details are for regular free weekly dates: see main listings for one-off or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to- date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.


I June Love and Alan Pike tiat l)rink Man Woman. 34 King Street. 553 9337. 8pm. Mainstream ja// with meals. I Paul Gallacher ('oriuthian. 191 Ingram Street. 553 1101. 10pm 3am. Piano classics. from Broadway to Beethoyen.

I Danny Thompson Bahy (irand. 3 7 Iilmhank (iardens. 3-18 40-13. 10.30pm. .-\ wide selection from tltis lounge pianist.


I Andrew Mann ('orinthian tsee Thu). 6pm 3am. Piatto and liye yocals.

I Bobby Wishart & Band Borders Books. Mttsic and (are. 98 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7.30 9.30pm. Mellow. I Stephen Duffy Tri The Supper (lab. 70 :\lhion Street. 553 3300. 8pm. Ja/./ while yott dine from \ocalist and pianist Dull} leading this ja// trio in a .\'at (‘oIe/1)iana Krall style.

I Tap Moi-La Brewery Tap. 1055 Sauchiehall Street. 331 5580. 9.30pm. Playittg Northern soul attd l'tmky ja//.

I Danny Thompson Bahy (irand (sec Thul. 10.30pttt. Lounge pianist.


I Jim McQuat and the Jazz Corporation La Mirage Bar. Millennium Hotel. (icot‘gc Sqttare. 333 671 1. 3 5pm. Sit hack and enjoy ja// numhers l'rom tltis Scottish hand with a drink or lttnch ttwo courses for £5 ).

I Harry Margolis’ Miller Band L'.»\ttache. 37 \Valct'loo Street. 33l 33 H). 3 5pm. Big hand in tlte (ilenn Miller win. I Lauder’s Big Band Lauder's. Sauchieltall Street. 331 5180. 3 5pm. The hig hand sound. with meals from Heather Whitel'ord.

I Bobby Campbell Quartet (‘hamhers Bar. (icot'gc Square. 553 1740. 3.30 5.30pm. Mainstream and mellow ja/l sounds with liddie Toal on \ocals.

I George McGowan Orchestra t-Lat Drink Man Woman tsee Thu). 3.30 6pm. liighteen-piece hig hand.

I Willie Hitchel (‘orinthian tsee Thu). 6pm 3am. Willie llitchel and other residents supply the [it e piano and meals. I Shelagh Buchanan and The Sandy Taylor Trio The Supper (‘luh tsee Thul. 8pm. linjoy ja// l'rom tltis renowned Vocalist accontpanied hy one ol- Scotland‘s linest pianists while you dine hooking on the numhet‘ ahoye.

I The Blue Notes (‘al‘e Rouge. John Street. 553 4-133. 8.30 10.30pm. The hlues and other ja// sounds.

I Live Jazz Blackt'riars. 36 Bell Street. 553 5934. 0.30pm. Modern ja// from guitarist Morph on Sat 8 Sep and ltmky coyers. soundtracks and original nttmhers lrom Button [p on Sat 15 Sep.

I Johnny Logue Brewery Tap. 1055 Sattcltiehall Street. 33‘) 06—13. 9.30pm. Liye ja// ltlltk and coyers.

I Kurt Wylie Bahy (irand tsee 'l'hul. 10.30pm. Lounge pianist.


I Kenny Paterson Quintet I91 11. 1534 Pollockshaws Road. 633 0161. 3pm. Scottish ja// singer Paterson leads tltis quintet featuring Bohhy l)eans on s;t\. Sttn 16 Sep only.

I Chris Clark Trio Drum and Monkey. St Vincent Street. 331 6636. 3.30 6.30pm. Mellow tttainstreattt ja/I w itlt meals.

I Michael Deans Jazz Quartet ('ottiers Bar. 03 Hy ndland Street. 357 5835. 4 7pm. Traditional ja/l.

I Sunday Jazz with Bobby Wishart MacLachIan's. 57 West Regent Street. 333 0595. 6pm. Liye ja// eyery Sunday.

I David Jones Pitcher attd Piatto. 1): West (ieorge Street. 353 3003. 8 10pm. (‘ontemporat'y ja/I piano.

I Live Jazz The Supper ('luh tsee Thu). 8pm. Music while you eat w ith \arious pianists and singers prot iding some mellow ja/l and easy listening hooking on the nttmher ahoye.

I Live Jazz Blackli‘iars. 36 Bell Street. 553 593-1. ‘).30pm. Modertt ja// from young saxophonist Brian Molley on Sun 1) Sep. With l'unky rockier sounds l'rom Raymond Harris on Sun 16 Sep.

I Kerry Tracey ('orinthian tsee Thu 1. 10pm 3am. (‘lassic ja// piano in the lilla l-‘it/gerald mould.

I Jazz DJ Bahy (irand tsee Thu 1. 10.30pm.


I Fionna Duncan with The Bonnie Rae Trio .‘yte(‘huill‘s. 40 High Street. 553 3135. ()pm. Mainstreattt ja// tunes with tltis renowned singer.

I Kerry Tracey (’orinthiatt tsee Thu 1. 10pm 3ant.('1a.ssic. laid-hack ja//.


I Bobby Wishart 8: Band Russell's Bar (are. 77 Bytes Road. 3.3-1 4973.

8 I 1pm. Mainstream attd modertt.

I Live Jazz The (‘lockwork Beer (0. 1153 1155 ('athcat't Road. 6-11) 0184. 8.30pm. The l 1 Sep sees The Boh l)a|e Sottnd. an old sty 1e crootter with his hand.

.v\nd on Tue 18 Sep the Ian Jenkins ('omho.

traditional ja// led hy sa\ophonist Jenkins.

I Paul Gallacher ('orinthian tsee Thtil. 10pm 3am. Hot R&B on piano.


I Ruth Lambert liat Drink Man Woman tsee Thur. 8pm. Perl‘orms pure ja// iii the sly le olilulie London.

I Tom Urie/Shona Fraser (‘orinthian tsee Thut. 10pm 3am. Jax/ piatto. from easy listening through to ctintemporary.



I Live Jazz Henderson's. 35 'l‘ltisllc Street. 335 3605. 8pm. Artists yary.

I The First Take Blues Band 'l‘itnherhttsh Bar. 38 Bernard Street. Leitlt. 476 8080. 0pm. :\ selection oljax/ and hlues mmthers.

I The Third Men Maison Hector. ~17 l)eanhattgh Street. 333 5338.1)pm. Blues guitar duo.

I Live Jazz ('ellat' .\'o. 1. I (’hamhers Street. 330 «1398. 10pm lattt. Please note that ('ellar .\'o. 1 is closed for rel'urhishmettt o\ er Sep.

I Live Jazz lil Barrio. 104 Westport. 33‘) 8805. 10pm 3am. Latin. hossa noya and

ja// jamming session with \at'ious guest



I Live Jazz Henderson's tsee Thu 1. 8pm. Artists \ary.

I Live Jazz 8: Blues W. J. (’hristies. 37 3| West Port. 331 109‘). 9pm. Various artists proy ide the sounds.

I Bill Kyle’s Backbeat Band (‘ellar .\'o. 1 tsee Thut. 10pm lam. Hot. l'ttnky. electric ja//.

Saturdays I Toto And The Dexters Harry ‘s Bar.

jazz listings Music

Randolph Place. 53‘) 8100. 3.30—6pm. Mainstream. with yocals from Fay Leyy.


I Live Jazz The Dome Bar and (irill. l-l (ieot‘ge Street. 634 8634. 1— 5pm. Various artists.

I The Duo Howies. 4/6 (ilanyille Place. 335 5553. 1-4pm. Terrific tunes with yery little l‘uss.

I Mel Zebra’s Jazz Jam Bannet'man's. 313 (‘ow'gate. 556 3354.

5 10pm. 1)] Kaiso kicks off proceedings spinning the choicest jazz cuts. Followed. at 7pm. hy an informal jazz jatn session hosted by Miss Zebra herself.


I Gary’s Notebook ('ellar No. 1 (see Thu). 10pm. Liye jit/J. from this new weekly residency.


I Swing 2001 Malt Shovel. (‘ockhurn Street. 335 68-13. 9pm. Swing at the longest residency in Iidinhurgh.

I Mystery Jazz Night (‘ellar No. 1. (see l't'i ). 9.30pm- 1am. An eclectic selection from an eyer-changing line-up of tnusiciatts.

I Live Jazz llutnan Be-ln. 3/8 West (‘rosscauseway 663 8860. 9.30pm. With two new alternating residencies: blues.

jazz, and soul meals from Rowena on Tue

1 1 Sep and Lazyhones. a jazz standards trio on guitar. say and meals. on Tue 18 Sep.

I Felicidade lil Barrio tsee Thu). 10pm 3am. Hot dattce sounds from this Latin. salsa rhtttnha attd sort hand.

Wednesdays I Live Jazz Henderson’s (see Thu). 8pm. Artists yat‘y.

Laura McDonald plays as part of the Islay Jazz Festival, Sun 9 Sep }

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